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Chapter 3260: 3260
Chapter 3260 Men Can“t be Shared 10

“Yeah, I’ve always felt that . ”

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“How did your dad survive so many years?” Qin Ning was curious .

“You don’t understand it, eh? My mom’s incredibly loving towards my dad . She’s like a gentle sheep in front of him . She’s only like that towards us . ”

“Um… alright… your mom’s good . ”

“Of course! If she doesn’t have a few tricks up her sleeve, how could you defeat all of the other suitors and claim the title as the Tang Family Madam?”

“Battle for the throne?” Qin Ning was speechless .

“Yes, what do you think? Are you scared?”

“Why would I be afraid?” Qin Ning was confused .

“What if some woman tries to steal me away from you? Hehehehehe…”

“Easy, I’ll break your legs . ”

“What?! She’s seducing me… Shouldn’t you break her legs?” Tang Chuan was speechless .

“But breaking her legs would be useless . After her, there will be tons more for me to take care of . I can’t kill all the side chicks in this world… But I can start with you . If I break your legs, no one would want you . After all… you won’t be able to do anything…”

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“What?! Then wouldn’t you be married to a living dead man?” Tang Chuan couldn’t believe what he was hearing .

“No, no, no, don’t worry about me, I can still find another man . ”

Tang Chuan: “…”

“Little Ning, you sure are ruthless…” Tang Chuan was truly speechless .

“You’re too kind . ” Qin Ning laughed proudly .

“Nothing impresses me as much as you, haha . Women really are mean…”

“Women should not only keep themselves in line but their men too . ”

“What magazine did you get that line from?”

“That’s from the quotations of Qin Ning . ” Qin Ning kept a serious face .

Tang Chuan: “…”

Just like that, the couple continued to enjoy their intimate time together .

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– Su Yu’s mansion –

Su Yu returned home late after a meeting with one of his clients . The man was one of his oldest clients and they kept a close relationship .

They hadn’t met for a long time so they had a few more drinks than usual .

When Su Yu returned home, his head was dizzy and An had to help him into the living room…

“You’re back?” Zeng Rou was donning her pajamas, drinking coffee, and watching a show in the first-floor living room .

“Yeah . ”

“He’s drunk?” Zeng Rou asked quietly at the sight of a staggering Su Yu .

“Yes, he met up with an old client . He drank a lot . ” An nodded .

“Then take him to rest first . I’ll brew a cup of tea for him . ”

“Alright, thank you, Miss Zeng . ” Su Yu always disliked Zeng Rou but An didn’t mind her .

Ever since their last conversation, Zeng Rou became normal .

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The three of them lived in the mansion in excellent order, all respectful of one another’s spaces .

Now with Su Yu drunk, she even offered to brew him tea . An thought that she was a nice girl .

After the tea was ready, Zeng Rou passed it to An . “Give this to him . ”

“Why don’t you give it to him?” An was curious .

“I’m afraid that he’ll vomit even more if he sees my face . ”

With that, Zeng Rou turned around and left upstairs with her phone in her hand .

With a slightly heavy heart, An brought Su Yu the cup of hot tea .

“President Su, drink some tea . ”

“Okay . ” Su Yu nodded and took the teacup, still feeling dizzy .

“President Su, rest after you finish the tea . It’s really late . ”

“An, wait . ”


“Do you think that… a modded Mustang’s too cheap of a gift for Mian’s younger brother’s wedding?” Su Yu asked, tilting his head .

“Boss, you think something that costs more than 2 million yuan is cheap? I really don’t know what to say…”

“What if… I give him a new one? Is Lamborghini better… or Tesla… or Ferrari better? Do you know what Zhixin likes?”

Su Yu seemed to have placed Zhixin’s wedding on a pedestal .

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