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Chapter 3256: 3256
Chapter 3256 Men Can“t be Shared 6

“Don’t… I’ll tell you everything . ” The man was scared beyond his wits .

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“Speak . ” Lu Yan’s patience was running out, and her appetite was completely ruined .

“A security guard below us made me do it . He threatened to shoot me if I didn’t . ”

“Shut your mouth . Do you expect us to believe a security guard’s that powerful?” One of Lu Yan’s men slapped the chef across his face, making him see stars .

“He might not be lying . I mean, those people could fake their way in as security guards,” Lu Yan said .

“What’s the guard’s name? Which floor? Do you remember?”

“I remember . He was white and very tall… more than 2 meters… and he has a scar at the corner of his eye . ”

“You, go check it out . ”

“Yes, Boss . ” One of Lu Yan’s men turned around and went downstairs .

“Boss, let me kill this bastard for you . ” Amy pulled out a knife, wanting to end the head chef’s life .

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“No, he’s still useful to me . ” Lu Yan stopped Amy .

Amy was taken aback by Lu Yan’s request… feeling a bit awkward…

No one knew what Lu Yan had in mind .

Other than Qiao Fei, no one really understood her .

– Inside Tang Chuan’s mansion –

“Baby, are you really leaving?”

“Yeah . ”

“Then I’m going with you . ” Tang Chuan hugged Qin Ning’s waist, clingy as could be .

“My dad only bought tickets for him and me . ”

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“My father-in-law is so mean… no wonder people say that in-laws are natural enemies… It’s definitely true…” Tang Chuan sighed .

“What the hell are you saying? Don’t blame my dad . I’m going back to resign and hand over my work to someone else, and my dad already allowed me to be with you . What else do you want?”

“Then how long are you going for?” Tang Chuan rubbed the tip of his nose against Qin Ning’s nape, tickling her, making her giggle .

“Hey… don’t! It’s really ticklish! It’ll be fast this time… I think I’ll be back in around 10 days . ”

“What? 10 days?! No… that’s way too long,” Tang Chuan protested .

“Please, it’s only 10 days . ”

“But I’ll miss you to death in 10 days…”

“We can video call . ”

“There’s a time difference, alright? A night and day difference . We can’t video call every day . Don’t try to fool me . ”

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“Haha, I’m not trying to fool you . I’m serious . ”

“That won’t do . Since you’re going away for so long this time, you have to give me a treat . ”

“What treat?” Qin Ning acted dumb .

“Are you acting dumb with me, little girl?”

With that, Tang Chuan moved his hands from Qin Ning’s waist and slipped them into her t-shirt, feeling her up and down…

“Hey, Little Chuan, stop it right now!”

“Little Ning, you’re about to leave me alone for 10 days! You’re still not going to give me a consolation prize? You’re so heartless…”

“I… I… I…” At the sight of the pitiful, pouting Tang Chuan, Qin Ning actually came up short .

“I should really eat you before you leave… so I don’t end up suffering every night…”

With that, Tang Chuan pushed Qin Ning down onto the pile of clothes behind her…


Before she could scream, the man in front of her crashed down on top of her, giving her endless kisses, clouding her inexperienced mind .

“Tang Ch…”

“Shh, don’t talk, go with your heart . ” Tang Chuan effectively covered her mouth .

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