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Chapter 3255: 3255
Chapter 3255 Men Can“t be Shared 5

“Forget it, you won’t understand even if I told you the plan . ” Lu Yan decided to stop explaining .

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Qiao Fei rolled his eyes, deciding to stop trying . The duo returned to their meal, slowly eating their steak and sipping their wine .

“The soup is ready . ” The chef brought out two bowls of soup .

“Please enjoy it while it’s still hot . ” The chef spoke perfect English .

Qiao Fei and Lu Yan each took one glance at the soup and then looked at one another meaningfully .

Lu Yan smiled and turned around to look at the chef .

“Are you the head chef here?”

“Yes . ”

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“You made this soup?” Lu Yan asked again .

“Yes, I promise it’s delicious . ”

“Is that right? I never believe what others tell me . Why… don’t you take a sip for me?” Lu Yan smiled at the chef .

At that, the chef looked absolutely terrified .

“Here, have some soup… and I’ll give you a 10,000 dollars tip . ”

Lu Yan brought the bowl of soup to the chef, but the latter kept retreating…

Just as he was about to run, two of Lu Yan’s men grabbed his shoulders, stopping him right in his tracks .

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“Why are you running? Isn’t free soup a good thing?” Lu Yan continued to smile .

With that, Lu Yan pried open the man’s mouth and began pouring…

At the sight of Lu Yan’s seriousness, the man stopped fighting and screamed in English, “The soup is poisonous . I’ll die if I drink it . ”

“Haha, really? If that’s the case, why do you want us to drink it? I’ve never met you before, have I? We have no bad blood, right? I didn’t murder your entire family, right?” Lu Yan pressed .

“I’m just doing what I was told . ” The head chef had his head down, trembling in fear .

“Oh? Why don’t you tell me who’s behind all of this?” Lu Yan smiled .

“Boss, how did you know that the soup’s poisonous? What about your steak? Was that safe?” One of Lu Yan’s men thought that she had been poisoned .

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“That’s what makes this so clever . If they had poisoned our food from the beginning, I would’ve been suspicious . They wanted to wait until I let my guard down . ”

“Then how did you know about the poisonous soup?”

“Are you dumb? Both my parents are world-renowned medical geniuses . I learned thousands of medical ingredients by the time I was five and know all the medicine in the world, from the east to the west, like the back of my hand . Although I didn’t go into medicine in the end, I can still sniff out most ingredients . Someone put snake poison grass in this soup and even mixed in some accelerants . It’s covered up by the taste of the soup but I can still catch its distinct smell . I ate a lot of snake guts when I was younger . Although my dad didn’t teach me anything else, he definitely taught me this . ”

“Wow, that was close…” The subordinates were covered in a cold sweat after hearing that .

“Wait, Boss, it makes sense that you smelled it… but why was Mr . Qiao also so apprehensive?” Lu Yan’s men didn’t understand how Qiao Fei figured out that something was wrong .

“I saw the chef’s face when he brought us the soup . He looked unnatural and his pinky was shaking . So, I suspected something was up… and after I saw the look Yan gave me, I understood what was going on . ”

Qiao Fei couldn’t be bothered to explain further; not every one of Lu Yan’s men was smart enough to understand .

Lu Yan picked up the fork with which she used to eat steak and walked over to the head chef .

“So, are you going to tell us who’s behind all of this? Or should I poke 100 holes in your body with this?” Lu Yan asked .

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