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Chapter 3252: 3252
Chapter 3252 Men Can“t be Shared 2

“Get out of here . Huo Mian wouldn’t . ” Su Yu was confident in Huo Mian .

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“President Su, how much are you planning to gift them?”

“Money is so overrated . Zhixin doesn’t look like he needs it anyway . ”

“Well, you can’t go there empty-handed, right?”

Su Yu rested his hand on his chin and pondered for a while . “What about my modified Ford Mustang?”

That was a racecar Su Yu personally re-modeled . Any car enthusiast would fall in love at first sight with it .

Action-packed and beautiful, the car was a majestic sight to behold . Just like its name, it was reminiscent of a wild stallion .

“Ugh… are you thinking about giving him the Ford Mustang?”

“What? Do you think it’s too cheap?” Su Yu asked .

“No, I think it’s too fancy . I want to be Huo Mian’s little brother too…” An said quietly .

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“Haha, when you get married, I’ll gift you a Ferrari . ” Su Yu patted An’s shoulder .

After hearing the news of Zhixin’s engagement, Su Yu was completely unable to focus on anything else .

So, after the morning meeting, he immediately sent Huo Mian a Wechat message .

“I heard that Zhixin’s getting engaged?”

“Oh? Well, aren’t you well-informed,” Huo Mian replied .

“You didn’t even tell me about it? I have to ask you myself?”

“What, are you blaming me? I didn’t get the chance to, alright? Yesterday, I went to bed right after getting home . I didn’t even talk with my husband about this yet . Today morning I was busy putting together the menu and ordering the outfits for the event . ”

“So the kid’s really getting engaged to that employee?”

“What? You’re unsatisfied?”

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“Why would I be unsatisfied? It’s not me who’s getting engaged . Haha . ”

“You’ve been living it up recently, haven’t you? Even hanging up underwear on the balcony? I didn’t know you had that fetish…”

“Get out of here . Don’t believe everything you hear on the news . ”

“They have pictures to prove it and you’re telling me that they’re making it up? Tell me, are the underwear yours or An’s?”

“…” Su Yu was speechless .

“Haha, alright, alright, I’m teasing you . But if you really have a girlfriend, don’t hide her from us . How long have we known each other? Bring her over and let us meet her!”

“Alright, I’ll bring her to Zhixin’s engagement party,” Su Yu agreed without a second thought this time .

Truthfully, Su Yu had his own agenda .

Once he showed everyone his ‘girlfriend’, people would no longer question his relationship with Huo Mian when they meet each other . In turn, Huo Mian wouldn’t get as much bad publicity .

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Although it wasn’t the most honest thing to do, Su Yu couldn’t help but feel this way .

“That’s great . Keep your promise!”

“Of course! When have I ever lied to you?”

“Alright, then come early on Sunday . Help me with the setup . ”

“Alright . ”

– Brazil –

After Lu Yan finished off her enemies, she didn’t leave . Instead, she stayed in Brazil for a couple of days, having the time of her life, and even getting a dark tan . Sometimes, when she was in a good mood, she’d get tipsy and perform a samba routine, making Qiao Fei completely speechless .

“Boss, when are we leaving Brazil? I heard that Ian’s men are already here…”

“No hurry, I’m not done having fun yet . ” Lu Yan sat in the yacht, a glass of red wine in her hand as she was feeling the breeze, relaxed as could be .

“Amy . ”


“In your opinion, what’s the only thing on earth a woman cannot share?” Lu Yan suddenly posed a strange question to her only female follower .

Amy’s expression shifted ever so slightly . She looked up quietly and observed Lu Yan’s face carefully .

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