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Chapter 3248: 3248
Chapter 3248 Zhixin Finally Got Engaged 8

“Mom, why are you bringing this up again?” Huo Mian was speechless .

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“I’m saying this for your benefit . If Su Yu was married, people wouldn’t gossip as much, but he’s not dating anyone . He cares about you so much, even Pudding and Little Bean are aware of it . This can’t go on . Qin Chu may be a man of few words but he keeps a lot inside . You have to be careful . ”

“Alright, Mom, I know, I know . I’ve known Su Yu for how many years now? I know what kind of guy he is . And Qin Chu and I? We’ve been together since high school . I know him too well . Stop believing and spreading all the gossip…”

“I don’t know what to do with you…”

“Oh? Sis, you’re back . ” Zhixin returned to his mother and sister sitting in the living room .

“You’re just in time . Your sister wouldn’t eat before you came home . ”

“Sis loves me that much?”

“I’ve always loved you this much!” Huo Mian laughed .

“Mwah mwah!” Zhixin blew kisses towards his sister .

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“In such a good mood, eh? Did something good happen?” Huo Mian could tell that there was something different about her little brother .

“Oh, right, I forgot that our Doctor Huo’s a genius . ”

“I’m actually Vice Director Huo now,” Huo Mian corrected him .

“Haha, alright, our Vice Director Huo’s intelligent and bright . Everyone loves her and all flowers bloom in front of her . ”

“Stop sucking up . Hurry up and tell me what happened . ”

“I’ll tell you later,” Zhixin said mysteriously .

He took off his jacket as he hummed a tune .

Seeing that the kids were back, Yang Meirong brought out the dishes .

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“Sis, where’s Pudding and Little Bean?”

“They’re still at piano class . ”

“Oh . Why are you back suddenly? You didn’t even send me a message . ”

“What, I have to get your permission to come home now?” Huo Mian laughed .

“That’s not what I mean . I miss you! If I knew you were coming, I would’ve bought more fruit . Mom’s really frugal normally . She doesn’t buy expensive fruits even if I give her the money . She always buys me grapes… that are on sale . ”

“You’re lucky to have anything to eat! When I was a child, we didn’t even have radishes to eat . ” Yang Meirong chimed in .

“Alright, let’s stop here, haha . ” To prevent his mother from going on and on about her difficult childhood, Zhixin decided to stop the topic there and then .

“Alright, let’s eat!” Zhixin washed his hands and sat down next to Huo Mian .

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“Sis, eat more meat . Have a big chubby boy, haha . ”

“Did you coat your mouth with sugar today?” Huo Mian looked at her little brother .

“I’ve always been sweet . Don’t you think that I’m a big, warm-hearted man?”

“I don’t know about the warm-hearted part but you’re definitely big . You grew quite a lot,” Huo Mian teased .

“Haha, Sis, can you be serious?”

“What good thing happened? Hurry up and tell us . We’re waiting . ” Huo Mian wanted to know what Zhixin was so happy about . Actually, she already had an idea of what it could be .

Zhixin was a simple man with a simple life .

He had a couple of good friends, a good relationship with his co-workers, and a stable girlfriend .

There were actually many girls interested in him in GK . After all, popularity was expected as he was the brother-in-law of the president .

Zhixin kept his love life simple… and Huo Mian really appreciated him for that .

“Mom, Sis, Bella and I… we’ve discussed it… We want to get engaged soon . ”

“Engaged?” Yang Meirong was startled .

“Why engagement? Why not marriage?” Zhixin and Bella weren’t getting any younger so Huo Mian thought that it was only natural .

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