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Chapter 3244: 3244
Chapter 3244 Zhixin Finally Got Engaged 4

“Then what do we do?” Su Yu looked beyond lost .

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“How should I know? It’s not like I can stop it with a pad…” Zeng Rou rolled her eyes .

“I’ll… call 911…” Su Yu grabbed his phone .

“Are you dumb? What if I die before the ambulance gets here? Isn’t your Lamborghini fast? Take me to the hospital… I don’t want to die here… I haven’t even made a will yet…”

“Knock on wood . Don’t die here . How am I supposed to live in my mansion if you die here? I wouldn’t even be able to sell it,” Su Yu said .

“Wow, that’s what you’re worried about right now?!” Zeng Rou was speechless .

The woman really didn’t look like she was pretending… so Su Yu wasted no time, sobering up almost instantly .

He got his Lamborghini from the garage…

Hearing the sound of its engine, An woke up too, running out of the mansion .

“President Su, what’s wrong?”

“This woman’s on… her period…”

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“What?!” An was dumbfounded .

“Well, no, I don’t know how to explain it . Her nose is having a period… basically, she’s bleeding and I need to get her to the hospital . ”

“I’ll go with you,” said An .

“Sure . Take another car . ” Su Yu accepted An’s offer as he sped off with Zeng Rou in his car .

An followed closely in a BMW Z4…

Su Yu’s home was actually closer to the First Hospital… but for whatever reason… possibly Huo Mian… Su Yu decided to go to South Side .

– South Side Emergency Room –

Su Yu paced anxiously .

“I hope she’s fine… If something happens to her, I might have to take the blame…” Su Yu mumbled .

“That shouldn’t be… I just had a drink with her last night . She should be… fine?” An wasn’t very confident either .

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Ten minutes later, the resident doctor came out of the room .

“Who is Zeng Rou’s family?”

“Ugh, I’m her friend . ”

“Are you the boyfriend?” The doctor didn’t recognize Su Yu .

“I’m not…”

Before Su Yu could reply, the doctor asked, “What kind of boyfriend are you? Not only did you let her drink a lot of alcohol, but you also let her have a lot of lychees too . Don’t you know that it causes nosebleeds? Her nasal canal’s already so sensitive…”

“Then… will she be alright?”

“Yes, she’ll be fine . There’s just a lot of heat in her nasal canal . She can go home tomorrow morning after she’s finished the I . V . ”

“I see, that’s good, then . ”

“Do you know how much lychees she ate?” The doctor glared at Su Yu in anger .

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The latter shook his head .

“She said she ate an entire box…six pounds…” said the doctor .

“Ugh…” Su Yu was truly speechless .

Six pounds?! Was she even human?

“Ugh… did she say that herself?” An asked the doctor .

“That’s what she said . I gave her a shot to induce vomiting and she puked out quite a lot . What kind of boyfriend are you? Even if she loves lychee, you can’t get them by the box . Are you trying to kill her?”

“I didn’t think she’d eat so many!” Su Yu looked so innocent .

“Alright, alright, go in and see her . Young people nowadays… valuing food more than their life . Your girlfriend’s like that girl who was so enticed by the food she fell into a pothole…”

The doctor sighed as he walked out the door… leaving behind two absolutely speechless men .

“President Su, go inside . I’ll wait for you at the door . ”

Su Yu nodded, pushing open the door to the IV room .

Zeng Rou lay there, quietly receiving her I . V . The good thing was that her nose had stopped bleeding .

“You ate six pounds of lychees?” Su Yu walked over to her, his face serious .

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