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Published at 14th of June 2020 05:10:05 AM
Chapter 3212: 3212
Chapter 3212 Do You Dare to Hit Me? 2

“Auntie Su . ”

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“Rou, how are you doing?”

“I’m okay . ”

“Where did you sleep after Yu kicked you out?” Aunt Su was worried about the girl’s safety .

“Oh, I stayed in a hotel . ”

“About the news this morning…” Aunt Su stopped midsentence .

Zeng Rou explained hurriedly, “Aunt Su, I didn’t know how they took the photo, but the person on Weibo is me . I just want to take the opportunity to restore his reputation and stop the rumor that he’s gay . ”

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“Haha! It’s a good idea . Yu’s mother and I like it . Rou, our Yu’s temper…”

“Yeah, I saw it . His temper is very foul, as foul as a rock in an outdoor toilet, totally not in harmony with his handsome face . He almost hit me last night…” Zeng Rou chuckled .

“His temper was worse before and has softened a bit after meeting Miss Huo… Forget it . Anyway, Yu is a good boy; you must work hard because he will be quite a challenge . But once you conquer him, you won’t be disappointed . ”

“I know . Aunt Su, as the people say on the internet, anyone who wins Su Yu wins the world . But it’s not easy to win the world, right?”

“Haha! I like your sense of humor . You must take good care of yourself and don’t make your parents worry about you . If you need anything, just call me . If I’m in a meeting and can’t answer your call, you can call Yu’s mother . I’ve asked her to take good care of you . ”

“Okay . I’ll be fine, Aunt Su . It’s not as if I’m in a foreign country . Nowadays, we have nothing to worry about so long as we have cellphones and wallets on us . ”

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“Good . You keep working on your relationship with Yu . I’ll go over after handling the things at hand and have a chat with Yu . ”

“Okay . Aunt Su, goodbye . ”

Cheerfully, Zeng Rou ended the call and continued bickering with the fans on the internet .

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“President Su, you’d better spill the beans . We’re old friends, so you don’t have to conceal it from me . ” With a straw, Tang Chuan sipped the yogurt that Su Yu had prepared for Pudding, looking ridiculous .

“Get out . Don’t mess with me . I’m very busy . ” Su Yu handled his work while dealing with Tang Chuan’s badgering .

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“If you did nothing with her, then why did she get verified on Weibo? That’s strange . ”

“How would I know?” Su Yu looked innocent .

“But to be honest, her figure on the candid photo was quite gorgeous although her face is blurry . What does she look like? You can bring her out and meet us,” Tang Chuan continued to harass him .

“I’ll say it again: I don’t know her… I don’t know that crazy woman . My aunt sent her to me . ” Su Yu felt he’d never get people to believe him .

In the dressing room for the list actresses in Imperial Star, Nie Lingxuan took a glass of water from an assistant during a break after a session of photo shooting .

“Hey! Did you hear that President Su has a girlfriend?” Some staff members were gossiping .

Nie Lingxuan’s hand shook slightly and spilled water on her white dress .

“Miss Xuan, are you okay?” Her assistant immediately tended to her .

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