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Chapter 3210: 3210
Chapter 3210 A Woman Appeared on the Bed 10

“Someone spread rumors about him? Why are you asking about this?” Huo Mian didn’t understand her daughter’s question .

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“You didn’t see the news?”

“I did . ”

“Don’t you feel it’s weird?” Little Bean asked, looking like Sherlock Holmes who was bent on cracking a case .

“No . Your Uncle Su is an adult . It’s natural for him to have a girlfriend . ”

“She’s not his girlfriend . It’s a one-night stand,” Little Bean corrected her mom .

“Ahem… Little Bean, you’re still a child and can’t say words like this . ”

Huo Mian knew her daughters were unusually mature and knew lots of things, but she still felt weird when certain words popped out of their mouths .

“I told the truth . I don’t care if it’s a one-night stand . But according to what I know about Handsome Su, I don’t think he’d have such a high-profile woman . Look, Mom, this bit*h even opened an account on Weibo and posted such a shameless comment . Even I, a brazen girl, can’t bear to read it out loud . ”

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Little Bean opened the Weibo app on her cellphone and found the woman’s Weibo account to show it to Huo Mian .

Interested, Huo Mian glanced at it .

“Um… Is it a fake account?” Huo Mian said .

“No! Of course not! Mom, you’re becoming dumb after you got pregnant . ”

Huo Mian: “…”

“Look at the yellow V sign for verification; it means her identity has been verified by Weibo . Read the verification description: the woman who has spent a night in Su Yu’s house . I think social media is so low that it even verified such a thing . ”

It was obvious Little Bean had principles and was indignant about this whole incident .

“Ahem… You’re still young and shouldn’t read the worthless junk on Weibo,” Huo Mian told Little Bean .

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“I didn’t want to read it . I wouldn’t have minded it if it didn’t involve my Handsome Su . This woman seems to have a secret agenda . The moment she left his house, someone took her candid photos; and the next thing she did was go public on Weibo . I think she’s a scheming bit*h . No, I must warn my Handsome Su…”

Grabbing her cellphone from Huo Mian’s hand, she ran off, leaving Huo Mian standing there speechless .

In fact, Huo Mian didn’t care about Su Yu’s private life .

As her friend, Su Yu could have a girlfriend or even just have a one-night stand .

After all, he was a man over thirty years old and had a man’s needs; if he always stayed away from women, it would seem abnormal .

Little Bean reacted violently to the incident and babbled about it for the whole morning; she even called Su Yu about it .

In contrast, Pudding was calm and didn’t speak much during breakfast . Then she went upstairs and changed into a little flax dress .

“Pudding, are you going out?”

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“Yeah . I have an appointment with Handsome Su for lunch . ”

“Um… You want to see him because of that thing?”

“Which thing?” Pudding looked up at her mom innocently .

“The thing on the news… Pudding, you’re a kid and must stay out of the business of the adults . Uncle Su is a normal man and it’s natural for him to have a girlfriend . We’re his friends and must be happy for him, right? We can’t make trouble for him,” Huo Mian said patiently .

“Mom, what are you talking about?”


“I won’t make trouble for him . I have an appointment with him for business . I won’t interfere with his private life . Besides, the woman is a bit*h, definitely not Handsome Su’s type . I won’t be as paranoid as Little Bean . ”

A typical calm girl, Pudding kept a clear head with the whole thing .

“Sister-in-law! Big news! Hahaha! Su Yu spent a night with a woman…” Qin Ning, the late riser of the family, saw the news and ran downstairs in slippers, eager to tell on him .

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