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Chapter 3205: 3205
Chapter 3205 A Woman Appeared on the Bed 5

“Yeah, but I don’t want to check its gender . ”

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“Why not? If you know its gender before birth, we can prepare clothes for the baby . You can buy blue if it’s a boy and pink if it’s a girl . ”

“I think any child we have is a special part of Qin Chu and me . So, no matter if it’s a boy or a girl, I’ll be grateful as long as we have it . ”

Huo Mian’s words were sincere . She hadn’t thought about gender when she was pregnant with the twins .

For her, this baby was a precious life and their child, no matter if it was a boy or a girl .

“You have such an open mind . No wonder my Yu likes…”

Realizing it was not proper to mention it before Qin Chu, Mrs . Su coughed embarrassedly and immediately changed the subject, “I’ll go and let them prepare lunch . You must stay for lunch . ”

“Okay . I’ll help you . ” Huo Mian got up and got busy with Mrs . Su .

Pudding sat on the sofa and was engrossed in the financial books she had found in the house .

Getting bored with playing, Little Bean climbed onto Qin Chu’s lap .

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“Were you angry or jealous when you heard Grandma Su’s words?”

“What words?”Update by Listnovel . com

“Heihei . Don’t play dumb with me . You know what words I’m talking about . ” Little Bean smirked slyly .

“Kiddo, you’re such a gossip . You even dare to gossip about your parents?”

“Dad, I think your younger daughter has the potential to be a paparazzi,” Pudding raised her head and said .

“Get out . I’m talking with Dad . Don’t interrupt us . ” Little Bean gave her elder sister a dirty look .

“Your Grandma Su didn’t mean to say those words; how can I get angry because of it? Do you think your dad is such a jealous guy?”

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“But Mom told us you used to be very jealous . Whenever you noticed a guy who took in interest in Mom, you’d get rid of him… without drawing attention to yourself . ”

“Did your mom tell you that? When was that?” Qin Chu looked at Little Bean with a smile .

“Um… She said it was when you were in school . ”

“Oh, I was like that at that time…”

“How about now? Are you angry that Handsome Su likes Mom?”

“Nope . ”

“Really? You’re so generous?” Little Bean obviously didn’t believe him .

“He can like her, but your mom will never be with him . So, nothing will come out of it . You like Brother Xiaolu (TL note: a celebrity) and like to watch his shows, right? You like him, but does he like you?”

Little Bean: “…”

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“So, no matter who likes your mom, no one but I can be with your mom,” Mr . Qin concluded overbearingly .

“Dad… I find you’re indeed deep and crafty . ” Little Bean was impressed .

“So, you and your sister are just like me…” Qin Chu laughed .

“Yeah . Since you put it this way, I’ll have no objections . ” Little Bean laughed and threw her arms around Qin Chu’s neck .

Su Yu had planned to have lunch with Huo Mian and her family when he knew that they went to his home .

Then a client came to visit him unexpectedly, so he took his lunch in the company .

Finishing the work in the afternoon, he went out for a drink with Tang Chuan and his other buddies; when he got home, it was almost half-past ten .

Entering his dark bedroom, he flicked on the lights and shivered with a start .

Because he saw a woman in his big bed .

She lay with her back to him with her long black hair draping on the back exposed by her revealing sleeping gown .

Su Yu almost thought he had seen a ghost . It looked like a scene from a horror movie .

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