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Published at 9th of June 2020 03:45:07 AM
Chapter 3192: 3192
Chapter 3192 You“re Pregnant, so You are the Boss 2

“Handsome Su, are you crazy? Killing people is against the law…” Little Bean cut in .

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“Haha! You’re right . I’m just kidding… Don’t take it seriously . ”

As the kids were with them, Su Yu didn’t dare to say more about the issue about Huo Siqian and decided to ask Qin Chu about the details later in private .

During the meal, he took a picture of Huo Mian without her notice .

In the photo, she was drinking a glass of lemonade and showed only half of her face, but the general look was still obvious .

He then posted it to his Moments with the comment, “I’m having lunch in a restaurant and found this woman looks quite like Dr . Huo . ”

In less than one minute after his post, comments flooded in .

Tang Chuan: “Fu*k! She indeed looks like my sister-in-law but even younger . Where did you see her?”

Qin Ning: “I think she is my sister-in-law…”

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Tang Chuan replied to Qin Ning, “Baby, I understand how you feel; right now, you would take anyone as your sister-in-law . ”

Qin Ning replied to Tang Chuan, “Fu*k off . ”

Zhu Lingling: “This woman… Tsk, tsk! She looks like our Mian so much . Su Yu, where did you see her? Give me the address . ”

Gao Ran: “Someone is up to something . Don’t be so smug . ” Gao Ran knew the truth, but he had to keep the secret to handle Huo Siqian, so he hadn’t even told Lingling yet .

Wei Liao: “Mr . Su, the make-up girls at your company are awesome and can do face transformations now . Tell me, which make-up girl did that?”

Jiang Xiaowei: “Mian is back? I want the address too . ”

Zhixin: “Big Brother Su Yu, she… is my sister, right? Where did you see her? Did she talk to you? Did something happen to her and she lost her memory and doesn’t remember us? I’m so worried; my mom has almost gone crazy from anxiety… Hurry up and bring her to our home .

Ni Yang: “President Su, don’t mess around . She’s my sister . Where’s she? Is she back? Where’s my brother-in-law?”

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Chen Jie: “I also think she’s our sister Mian . President Su, where are you guys?”

Seeing the comments, Su Yu didn’t reply; instead, he chuckled .

“What are you laughing about?” Huo Mian asked .

“He’s up to no good, otherwise he wouldn’t chuckle so sinisterly…” said Little Bean .

“Hey! Little girl, you dare to say I’m sinister…”

“Sinister is a positive word . I used it to compliment your intelligence, Handsome Su…” Little Bean smirked .

“Damn it… Come on, tell me when the word ‘sinister’ became a positive word? Don’t kid me . Do you think I only graduated from elementary school?” Su Yu was in a good mood and bickered with Little Bean .

Meanwhile, many people sent Su Yu private messages and his cellphone beeped again and again .

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“Hahaha! These guys… are so eager . ” Su Yu didn’t give any replies .

He didn’t even answer Gao Ran’s call .

Qin Chu lowered his head to glance at his Wechat Moments circle and immediately saw what was happening .

He handed the cellphone to show it to Huo Mian . She said with a chuckle, “Mr . Su, are you up to no good again?”

“I’m trying to piss them off on purpose, ha…”

“It’s not good . Are you sure they won’t beat you up when they find out about the truth?” Huo Mian asked .

“I will enjoy the moment first and don’t care what they will do . ” Su Yu was having a good time .

Finally, Qin Chu took pity on the guys and replied to all the comments under Su Yu’s post, “Mian is fine . Don’t worry . I invite all of you to South Hill Manor for dinner tomorrow . Please be on time . ”

Seeing his reply, the guys went wilder .

Qin Ning was the first one who called Qin Chu’s cellphone .


“Big Brother, you guys are back?” Qin Ning was thrilled .

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