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Chapter 3185
Chapter 3185 Su Yu is a Crybaby 15

“Why did you ask me such an awkward question?” Qiao Fei glanced at Lu Yan .

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“It’s not awkward . I just wanted to ask . ”

“What can we do even if I miss home? Will you go back to Russia with me?”

“Okay . I’ll retire in Russia with you, eating big bread loaves and drinking hard-core alcohol . Haha!”

“Yeah . Dreams are beautiful, and reality is harsh . ” Qiao Fei lowered his head to continue playing on his cellphone .

“It’s not so harsh . Are you worried about the bastard Qiao Nan? I’ll handle him for you…”

“Forget it . Don’t you think we have enough enemies?” Qiao Fei reminded her .

“Ha! We have so many enemies, so it doesn’t matter we have one more . Anyway, I have nothing to lose…”

“Get some rest . You’ll get busy when we arrive in Brazil…”

“Psycho Qiao, what do you think of my subordinate Amy?” Lu Yan suddenly asked him in a mysterious way .

“Good . Very seductive with big breasts and ass . Very curvy . ”

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“Fu*k… Do you dare to say that again?” Lu Yan was piqued .

“Your question is sly . Can’t I return the favor?” Qiao Fei looked cold .

“I just asked you a question . You sound as if you’ve swallowed a bullet and tried to anger me . ” Lu Yan knew Qiao Fei didn’t mean what he had said .

“If you don’t trust me and ask me such a stupid question, what do you expect me to say? How could I reply to it nicely?”

Lu Yan: “…”

“Forget it . ”

She had wanted to talk about Amy with him, but seeing his disinterest, she decided not to bring it up .

The private plane flew directly to South America .

Lu Yan’s spirits were low due to her parting with her sister, making the life of her subordinates very hard .

Meanwhile, Huo Mian enjoyed herself very much . To make her happy, Qin Chu took her on a one-day tour in Sydney after breakfast .

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Qin Chu drove a Porsche racecar and took her to see the views along the road by the seashore . Update by Listnovel . com

They took photos at the gates of the scenery resorts and then watched koalas and kangaroos . It was a busy day .

As she fed a koala, Huo Mian said, “Honey, hurry and take a picture of me with this little thing, okay?”

She looked back and didn’t see Qin Chu .

“Huh? Where’s my husband?”

“Madam, I’ll take the picture for you,” one of the bodyguards offered .

“Where’s my husband?” Huo Mian was puzzled .

“President Qin got a phone call . It’s probably business . ”

“Oh, I see…” Huo Mian nodded and didn’t say more; she turned back to feed the koala .

On the other side, Qin Chu was talking to one of his subordinates in a low voice .

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“President Qin, those guys haven’t made a move; they’re probably afraid of our force . ”

“No, they’re just afraid of Lu Yan . Maybe they don’t know that Lu Yan has left,” Qin Chu said .

“Um… Ian is quiet; it doesn’t feel right . ”

“It’s nothing unusual . Ian is a sly guy . Now that the men he sent out were all killed, it’s natural that he doesn’t want to move rashly . ”

“President Qin, what do we do then?”

“We’ll go back to China . ”

“Now? How about Huo Siqian? Do we lock him somewhere or…?”

“I won’t be able to rest well if we lock him in another place . I must take him back with us . ”

“Okay . We’ll do as you say . ”

After the talk, Qin Chu returned and smiled gently as he saw Huo Mian was still feeding the koala with great interest .

“Honey, we leave tonight and will be home in the morning . ”

“Excellent!” Hearing that they’d go home, she was as happy as a child .

“Do you want to call home and tell the news to the kids?” Qin Chu asked .

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