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Chapter 3164: 3164
Chapter 3164 Mian, I love you 4

“I have some things to take care of . ”

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“Are you going to find Huo Siqian?” Huo Mian was smart and could easily guess her husband’s thoughts .

“Yeah . ” Qin Chu didn’t try to conceal it from her .

“You’re going to that island?”

“Yeah . ”

“Did you catch Riley?”

“No . Riley is sly and got away . But we caught one of his men, John . ”

“You caught John?” Huo Mian was surprised .

“Do you know him?”

“Kind of . He’s one of Huo Siqian’s men…”

“Yeah . So you go to Sydney and wait for me . When I finish this business, I’ll go to Sydney and join you . ”

“No . I want to go with you . ” Huo Mian held Qin Chu’s arm and wouldn’t let go .

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“You better not go with me . I’m sure you don’t have a good impression of that island . I’m afraid you’d…”

Huo Mian interrupted him . “Yeah, I don’t like that nightmarish island and would never want to go back in my life . But I don’t want you to go there alone . ”

“I’m not alone . I have many men with me and can handle Huo Siqian with ease . ” Qin Chu smiled and reached out to touch her face .

“No . I don’t like it . Huo Siqian is crafty; I can’t let you take the risk by yourself . ”


“Don’t try to dissuade me . I’ll be with you wherever you are and never part from you . ”

Huo Mian was determined .

Having just reunited with her husband after a long separation, she hadn’t fully enjoyed her time with him yet; besides, she was worried when he said he’d go and deal with Huo Siqian .

Huo Siqian was extremely familiar with the island; how could Qin Chu deal with him with ease?

What if something were to happen to Qin Chu?

Huo Mian was troubled by her thoughts and decided to go with Qin Chu no matter what .

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“Fine . Come with me then . ”

Seeing her determination, Qin Chu gave in and helped her out of the car lovingly .

“Let’s go and get into the helicopter . ”

“Good . The trip will be fast in a helicopter . ” Huo Mian smiled .

“Where’s the guy named John? Bring him out and let him lead the way . ”

“Yes, President Qin . ”Read more chapters at Listnovel . com

Then, John was brought out . He had been about to take the boat with another guy to the island and take care of Huo Siqian .

But before he could leave the town, he was caught by Qin Chu’s men; other than Riley who had fled, the others all died in the shootout .

John was a smart man and told Qin Chu the location of the island and Huo Siqian’s current condition .

“Miss Huo…” seeing Huo Mian, John greeted her .

“John, lead the way and don’t play tricks, or we’ll show no mercy on you . ”

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“I got it . Miss Huo, I’ll help President Qin find Huo Siqian,” said John .

“Get in the helicopter now . ”

Qin Chu helped Huo Mian get into one helicopter while John was brought to another one .

There were altogether seven helicopters; it was a grand sight .

– A hotel suite in a Middle Eastern country –

Dressed in a bathrobe, Ian was holding a wine glass containing sticky and smelly crimson liquid .

On the huge soft bed, an Asian woman lay in the bed with wide eyes, dying; blood was still oozing from the wound in her neck . It was a terrifying sight .

“Vietnamese women don’t taste good . Don’t bring them to me next time…” Ian said as he walked over to dump the wine glass into a trash can .

“Boss, urgent report . ”

“Speak . ”

“Boss, Kevin, and his men…”

“What about Kevin?”

“We can’t reach them . I don’t know what happened to them . ”

Hearing his words, Ian paused in the middle of untying his bathrobe .

“You can’t reach them? What do you mean?” Ian looked up coldly .

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