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Chapter 3143: 3143
Chapter 3143 Finally Found You 13

“Well, what a coincidence . I’m not a patient man, either…” Qiao Fei stood up slowly .

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The old guy lunged at him, but before he could touch Qiao Fei’s collar, Qiao Fei caught his neck with a tight grip .

“What… what do you think you are doing?”

“You can’t see it?” Qiao Fei glanced at the old guy’s face coldly .

“I’m going to call in my bodyguards…”

Before he could finish his words, Qiao Fei put the dog leash, which he had been playing with, around the old guy’s neck and then pulled hard .

“Ah… Ahem…” Smith wanted to yell for help but couldn’t get the sound out .

“I won’t kill you; I’ll just hang you here,” said Qiao Fei .

He dragged Smith’s big body into the wardrobe and pulled him up by grabbing the chain, hanging him on the rod .

He couldn’t die but felt extremely painful and couldn’t make a sound .

Instead of leaving, Qiao Fei dragged a chair over and sat in front of him .

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Then, he took out a cellphone and began playing small games to kill the time .

Smith had never expected he’d encounter such a terrifying and cold man after damaging so many oriental boys .

Qiao Fei dealt with him with neat movements without giving him any time to yell for help .

Hearing no struggle in the room, the bodyguards outside the door didn’t know anything unusual was going on .

“Wu…” Smith looked like he was suffering .

Meanwhile, Qiao Fei played the mobile card game Fight the Landlord calmly .

15 minutes later, someone sneaked into the room from the window .

“Young Master Qiao . ” Lu Yan’s female subordinate was a very slippery assassin .

“Where’s she?”

“The boss is not here . She told me to come and help you out of here . Are you okay?”

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“I’m fine . Let’s go . ”

“Should we kill him?” She seemed to hate this old guy very much after watching him flirt with Qiao Fei .

“No . If we kill him, it will bring us lots of trouble . ”

“Are we leaving just like this? Won’t he die hanging here?” Not understanding Qiao Fei’s plan, she looked a bit worried .

“No, he won’t . In half an hour, his bodyguards will come in and check up on him when they hear no sounds in here . ”

“Okay, then let’s go . ”

Before he left, Qiao Fei walked to stand before Smith and said slowly, “In a while, your men will come in and help you down . But you must be smart and don’t come looking for trouble with us, or I’ll raze your house to the ground . It’s not an empty threat; I think you know how many bombs Lu Yan has, right?”

Smith couldn’t speak but his eyes showed his fear .

Then, Qiao Fei and Lu Yan’s subordinate left Smith’s house .

“Where can we find her?”

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“The boss said you’re tired . At her order, I made a reservation in a restaurant for you to have a good lunch . ”

“What’s she doing now?” Qiao Fei asked .

“From the documents, the boss found five suspicious islands and has flown to them in a helicopter . ”

“Well… She’s so impatient . Couldn’t she wait for me?” Qiao Fei was not pleased .

“The boss said you… um… are tired after doing the mission; she asked you to wait for her in Sydney . ”

Qiao Fei: “…”

“The boss left me here to protect you . I’ll bring you to lunch first, Young Master Qiao,” said the female subordinate .

“No . I’m not hungry . ”

“Do you want me to book a hotel for you to rest?”

“No . I’ll walk around by myself . You can go now . ”

“No . The boss ordered me to protect you . ” She was stubborn .

“You protect me? Was Lu Yan drunk?” Qiao Fei was piqued .

Lu Yan must be crazy to leave a female subordinate to tag along with him .

Not far from them, a man wearing sunglasses sat in a black Toyota and watched them quietly .

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