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Chapter 3139: 3139
Chapter 3139 Finally Found You 9

Despite Huo Mian’s warning, the young white guy didn’t stop .

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Pushing Huo Mian to one side, he grabbed the box and opened it eagerly .


Instantly, something bit on his finger…

He immediately dropped the box .

When they saw the little thing in the box, they paled in fear .

“Little baby, are you startled?” Huo Mian squatted and picked up the small insect .

It was a centipede as thick as a thumb; its red body sent chills down their spines .

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“Ahh… Boss, it hurts…” The young guy dropped to the ground with a pale face and held his bitten finger, looking like he was in extreme pain .

Riley saw Mathew’s whole arm had become dark…

“What bit him?” Riley looked at Huo Mian .

“Didn’t you see it? It’s a poisonous centipede . ”

Huo Mian touched the centipede as the men retreated in fear .

“Boss… It hurts so much . Help me… Help me…” The guy looked at Riley and asked for help in despair, rolling on the ground .

“Miss Huo…” Riley looked as if he wanted to ask Huo Mian for help .

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“I can’t help him . I told him not to touch my stuff, but he didn’t listen,” said Huo Mian .

“Give him the antidote for the poison . He didn’t do it on purpose,” said Riley .

“Hehe… He didn’t do it on purpose? Besides, there’s no antidote for centipede poison, so you guys must stay away from me . If my pet bites you by mistake, no one can save you . ”

As she spoke, she brandished the centipede before Riley, forcing him to retreat in fear .

At this moment, the young white guy lying on the ground had foam around his mouth, dying .

Someone moved forward to help him up, but Huo Mian warned coldly, “You’d better not touch him . He’s covered in poison; go ahead and touch him if you want to die . ”

Hearing her words, they all backed off, moving far from Mathew .

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“Boss, what do we do?” someone asked Riley .

Looking at Matthew helplessly, Riley took out his gun . “Brother, I’ll end your pain . ”

With a bam, Riley shot his head and red blood spilled out onto the ground .

“Why doesn’t it bite you?” Someone asked Huo Mian in English when he saw the deadly centipede lay in Huo Mian’s palm like an obedient baby .

“Because it’s my pet…”

“You’re a psycho…” Riley felt chilly inside as he looked at Huo Mian .

“I’m a psycho? Hehe, thank you for your compliment . But I’m not one-tenth as psychotic as your boss Huo Siqian… I’m doing it to protect myself . What do you think of my proposal? If John goes with me, I’ll give him the antidote, but if you continue the standoff with me, it’s hard to say how long before the poison gets you . ”

Huo Mian wasn’t someone to be outmaneuvered by others, and she always surprised people at the critical moments .

After the incident of the poisonous centipede, no one dared to get close to Huo Mian because they didn’t know what other poisonous things she had .

They were afraid she might pull a cobra out of her bag or something next .

“Fine . I agree . ” Finally, Riley gave in again and agreed to Huo Mian’s terms .

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