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Chapter 3131: 3131
Chapter 3131 Finally Found You 1

“Boss, agree to her conditions, or we’ll be finished…”

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“Yeah . Boss, let the woman go . We should focus on surviving first . ”

“What’s this poison? It’s horrible . Things are beginning to pop out on my legs…”

Before Riley could speak, his men had fallen apart; after all, it was human nature to avoid death .

Finally, after being in a standoff with Huo Mian for a long while, Riley decided to agree to her conditions .

“Okay . I agree . ”

“Mr . Riley, I knew you’re a smart guy who wouldn’t get yourself and your men killed just because of your stupid loyalty to your master . Now things are simpler . Who drove the boat here?” Huo Mian glanced around at their faces and asked softly .

“I’ll drive it . But you have to detoxify me first,” Riley said .

“Not you . ” Huo Mian smiled .

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“Why not? I can drive a boat…” Riley was a bit furious .

“All of them can be the driver of the boat except for you because you’re their leader . Choose a minion whom I can control . But I advise you not to waste my time; you must obey me until we leave the island, otherwise, the poison would strike fast and you’d still die even with the antidote . ” Huo Mian continued to frighten them .

The men didn’t know medicine and had no idea what poison she had used, so they had no choice but to obey her .

“Boss, let’s do as she says, okay?”

“John, you drive the boat . ” Resentfully, Riley looked at a skinny white guy .

“Okay, Boss . ”

Meekly, the guy walked up from the rear of the group .

When he walked past Riley, Riley whispered to him, “Be a smart guy and find a chance to get all of the antidotes . Then tie the woman up . ”

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“Okay, Boss . ”

Riley had something else planned . He wanted to get the antidote, and he also wasn’t planning to release Huo Mian .

Indeed, if Huo Siqian woke up and found Huo Mian was gone, Riley would end up no better than death .

Unfortunately, they had underestimated the fragile oriental woman .

“Miss Huo, I’ll drive the boat . Give me the antidote . ” John extended his hand to Huo Mian .

Huo Mian glanced at him and took out a small vial .

“This is half of the antidote which can restore some of your strength for you to drive the boat . But the toxin won’t be completely removed . I’ll give you the other half when I’m safe on land and free to go . ”

“This…” John was stupefied and realized that the plan his boss told him was now in vain .

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“I do it because I’m afraid you’d go back on your words in the middle of the trip and harm me . I… don’t trust strangers,” Huo Mian said slowly .

Hearing her words, John sneaked a glance at Riley .

Everyone thought this woman was very crafty . With only half the antidote, John wouldn’t dare to do anything to her because his life was still in her hands .

“What are you waiting for? You plan to stay here until the poison strikes?” Huo Mian sneered .

“The boss has good taste in choosing his woman . Miss Huo, you’re good . ” Riley admired the woman from the bottom of his heart .

As a fragile woman, she faced more than ten strong men with guns; they could kill her at any moment .

However, Huo Mian showed no fear and thought of every detail and all the possibilities .

Even a tough man like Riley admired her intricate plans and bravery .

“Mr . Riley, thank you . I just want to protect myself . Now that we’ve reached an agreement, let’s get on board . ” Huo Mian smiled .

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