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Chapter 3129: 3129
Chapter 3129 Doctor Huo is so Domineering 19

The sun on the island got even hotter, and Huo Mian saw through the window that Riley and his men were drenched in sweat .

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“Boss, I’m thirsty . Let’s go get some water . ”

“Wait . ” Riley stopped him .


“Don’t get water from the cottage . ”

“Boss, you don’t trust that woman?”

Riley didn’t reply; instead, he asked his men, “Did we bring water this time?”

“No . You only told us to bring Mr . Huo’s wine and some daily stuff such as formula milk…”

“Okay . I got it . ”

“Boss, where should we get water then?”

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“I saw Boss had stored the bottled mineral water in the basement; you can take out two boxes . ”

“Okay . ”

“Wait…” Riley still looked worried .

“Don’t take the top ones; get the boxes on the bottom,” Riley instructed .

“Got it . Boss, we’ll go now . ”

Then some of the men walked toward the basement .

Standing in the cottage, Huo Mian relaxed as they entered her trap .

Riley was as cautious as Huo Siqian, but she had tampered with both the water on the top and on the bottom .

Sure enough, after drinking the water, they began to feel stomachaches in less than one hour .

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And then after that, tiny red spots appeared on their skin .

“Boss, we seem to have been poisoned,” one man looked at the spots on his arms and said .

“Go and get the woman,” Riley said furiously .

“You don’t have to catch me . I’m coming . ” With a smile, Huo Mian walked out of the cottage .

“Did you poison us?”

“Yeah . ” Huo Mian remained smiling .

“Do you believe me if I say I’ll shoot you now?” Riley picked up his pistol and aimed it at Huo Mian’s head .

“I do . But if I die, no one will detoxify you guys… In twelve hours, you’ll die of the toxin before you can leave the island and find a doctor . ”

“Woman, I’ve indeed… underestimated you . ” Riley finally remembered Jack’s words in the basement .

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The woman Huo Mian was a formidable enemy .

“So, are you going to wait to die or kill me and wait to die?” Huo Mian asked .

“What do you want?” Riley knew Huo Mian did it for a purpose .

“Oh . Can we do a deal now?” Huo Mian asked .

Riley and his dozen or so subordinates held their stomachs and looked at her with pain on their faces and hatred in their eyes .

“Tell me what you want . ” Riley glared at Huo Mian .

“I want to leave the island . ”

“In your dreams . ”

The moment Huo Mian said it, Riley refused; after all, he couldn’t take the consequences of letting the woman leave the island .

Soon, his boss would wake up and when he saw Huo Mian was gone, he’d cut Riley into pieces .

“Is it so? Then we’ll have to die together . ” Huo Mian looked indifferent .

“Don’t think I don’t dare to kill you… Don’t make me . ” Riley was getting desperate .

He had never met such a woman before; he had the urge to shoot her on spot . As the poison spread in his body, his arms now felt numb .

“I don’t think you don’t dare to kill me . As Huo Siqian’s subordinate, you probably have killed countless people . But killing me will gain you less than you’ll lose . Only I can detoxify you and your men . Anyway, I’ll be satisfied that you all will die with me, so I won’t end up dead on this deserted island all by myself . ”

Hearing her words, Riley and his men turned pale…

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