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Published at 24th of May 2020 10:25:05 PM
Chapter 3127: 3127
Chapter 3127 Doctor Huo is so Domineering 17

Riley opened the door and walked in slowly .

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He was a German and didn’t speak Chinese, but Huo Mian had told him to use the real-time translation software on his cellphone .

With it, he had understood the words Jack said to Huo Mian .

Seeing Riley walk in, Jack’s expression changed drastically and he instantly took on another look .

“Riley, hurry up and release me . Don’t listen to the bitch; I’m your boss,” Jack ordered Riley in standard English .

“That’s ridiculous . At this moment, you even claim you’re Huo Siqian?”

That said, Huo Mian took out an empty bottle and said to Riley, “Huo Siqian ran out of his medicine . I think he hadn’t expected his illness would come so soon and didn’t tell you to deliver the medicine sooner, which is why this psycho resurfaced . I think you know Jack’s personality . Now you’re in charge since you have weapons and people . It’s your call if you believe his words or my words . ”

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Huo Mian looked calm . She knew she’d achieve the opposite effect if she tried too hard to explain and looked too eager for Riley to believe her .

“Bitch… You set me up?”

Jack finally realized that Huo Mian had made Riley wait outside while she forced him to lose his temper; in this way, Riley would know he was Jack or Huo Siqian .

“Riley, don’t believe a word she says . Lock up this bitch . I’m your boss; come on and unlock me . ”

Eager to get out, Jack placed all of his hope on Riley .

When Riley just looked at him without speaking, Jack said anxiously, “I’m truly your boss, Riley . Do you remember we used to have steak and beer at the RG Restaurant in Germany? I told you I dislike Ian and Nalo; and you told me that Ian killed your younger sister and you wanted to avenge her . Did you forget all these things?”Read more chapters at Listnovel . com

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Jack tried to use Huo Siqian’s memory to make Riley believe that he was the real Huo Siqian .

But Riley looked unmoved .

Jack knew something was not right .

At this moment, Huo Mian turned her head and said to Riley with a smile, “I told you Jack is a psycho with a high IQ . It’s very creepy that he and Huo Siqian share a memory… I was once tricked by him, but now that I know his tricks, I’m not afraid . ”

“No, you’re not my boss . ” Riley looked at Jack calmly .

“Huo Mian, damned woman, what did you tell him?” Jack turned his anger to Huo Mian again .

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“On the way here, I told Riley your condition, including what you’d say and what tricks you’d use . ”

Jack was stunned by Huo Mian’s strong logic and careful thinking; this woman was scary .

“Are you surprised?” Huo Mian smiled .

“Ahh—I’ll kill you… Bitch…” Jack struggled against the chains .

But Riley punched him in the stomach, and he slumped and slid down the wall slowly .

“Be quiet, damned fellow . ” Riley looked at Jack angrily .

“I think you can feed him the medicine you brought . After 24 hours, your real boss will come back . ”

Riley walked over and pried open Jack’s teeth before pushing the pills into his mouth .

“Take them away! You wastrel… Get off of me! Don’t touch me…” Jack tried to resist, but Riley finally forced the pills down .

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