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Chapter 3123: 3123
3123 Doctor Huo is so Domineering 13

“Of course not, Riley is here to deliver medicine to Huo Siqian . ”

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“Ha, I see . So that’s why you wanted me to let you go before they landed . ” Huo Mian finally understood the reasoning behind Jack’s restlessness .

“Okay, I told you what I know . ”

“Good, thank you . ” Smiling, Huo Mian rose .

“Haha, I thought you were a kind woman . With Qin Chu and Su Yu risking their lives for you and also having Huo Siqian infatuated with you… You’re just like the others, when you’re behind their backs, your true nature is vile and disgusting . ”

“No, you’re wrong . I was never kind, my kindness is only towards people I love… My husband knows what I am like, it’s not your place to judge . ”

After speaking, Huo Mian left the basement with the box .

When she walked out, she slowly opened the box and smiled at a cute grasshopper sitting inside .

“Little guy, thank you for your help…”

Afterward, the little grasshopper was released by Huo Mian .

There wasn’t really a poisonous centipede inside the box . That was psychological warfare to scare Jack .

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In reality, Jack was really scared . He was terrified .

So, he told Huo Mian what she wanted to know .

That was what Huo Mian wanted . She suddenly felt that her days trapped on the island were almost at its end .

Huo Mian joyously hummed a song and walked towards the cabin .

Within 24 hours, Huo Siqian’s men will land…

Then, everything will change . She will never ever let herself spend the rest of her life on this abandoned island .

Furthermore, she was carrying the fruit of her and Qin Chu’s love .

She wondered how Pudding and Little Bean would feel about the child .

She also wondered about her mother, Zhixin, Xiaowei, Lingling, Ni Yang, Chen Jie, Rick, Xixi…

When she thought about how many friends she had, she felt warm on the inside .

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She didn’t feel hopeless…

This time, no matter what, she was leaving the island .

Huo Mian was holding a glass bottle in her hand . It was half-filled with a clear liquid .

“This has been decided by fate . This time, no one can stop me from going home… No one,” Huo Mian said in a low voice .

– In China, at the Shen Corporation –

“President Shen, Young Mad no, Ms . Wei is here . ”

“Let her in . ”

When he heard his secretary, Shen Mingxi put down his work .

Looking at Wei Ying walking in made him a little nervous and excited . He had never felt that way before .

“Big Brother Mingxi . ”

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“You’re here . ” Shen Mingxi rose .

“Mhm, have you been busy?”

“I’m fine . ”

While he spoke, Shen Mingxi walked towards Wei Ying .

Wei Ying was dressed casually today . She was wearing cropped jeans with a luxury brand white shirt .

The casual getup made Wei Ying look like a young university student .

“Sit, sit,” Shen Mingxi politely said .

At that moment, the female secretary knocked and brought in two cups of coffee .

“It’s too hot, can I get it cold with ice?” Wei Ying smiled .

“Of course, just a moment, Ms . Wei . ”

“Thank you . ” Wei Ying nodded her thanks to the secretary .

Shen Mingxi had never seen Wei Ying as quiet and gentle .

He didn’t know why Wei Ying changed from her old irritable self .

“Mingxi, I got a lead on what you asked me to do . Take a look . ” While speaking, Wei Ying pulled out a stack of documents from her handbag .

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