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Chapter 3120: 3120
Chapter 3120 Doctor Huo is so Domineering 10

“No . ” Pudding looked innocent .

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“So I was planning on borrowing from you . ”

Su Yu was speechless…

“Handsome Su, are you considering not lending to me?” Pudding blinked her big cute eyes rapidly .

“Ha, no way . I’ll lend it to you . ”

“Mhm, so I need you to compile the data for me . ”

“Okay, I’ll get someone at the company to make you a detailed report . But…” Su Yu paused .

“But what?”

“Even though the Huo Corporation is a mess right now, there are still a lot of people after it…”

“I believe in your ability to take the Huo Corporation for me . ” Pudding was very confident .

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“True, but the name on the legal document… Whose name are you planning on using? You’re too young and your parents’ names would catch the eyes of the media . ”

“I thought about it, I’m going to use my grandma’s . ”

Su Yu didn’t say anything…

“Not a lot of people are familiar with her name . Furthermore, Huo Zhenghai had wronged her all those years ago…”

“Okay, you win . ” Su Yu didn’t think that a child would think about everything .

“If so, it is done . I’ll give you the report tomorrow and try to get it for you as soon as possible . ”

“Mhm . ” Pudding nodded .

“You should go to sleep, look at the time… Be careful of getting eyebags . ” Su Yu felt tired, but the little girl was still very active .

“Handsome Su . ”


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“My daddy, he went to Australia overnight . ”

“Australia?” Su Yu paused .

“Mhm, he seems to have found where my mommy is…”

“Damn, why didn’t anyone tell me about it?” Su Yu was a little surprised .

“You know my daddy, he didn’t tell anyone . He just briefly asked my auntie to take care of stuff . I found out after he left . ”

“If I go now, will I get there in time?” Su Yu was anxious .

“Don’t go, Handsome Su . Watch the backlines for him, my daddy is scared of someone going after my sister and me . ”

“Who would dare? I’ll skin them alive…”

“I just wanted to tell you not to worry, I know that Mommy will be back safely very soon . ”

“Of course, your mommy is the mighty and dominant Dr . Huo . ” Su Yu smiled gently .

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Of course, every time Huo Mian was mentioned, Su Yu felt like his heart was blooming .

“My daddy’s trip to Australia must have been carefully planned . He’ll have back up there . We just need to wait for Mommy’s return . ”

“Mhm . ” Su Yu nodded .

“Goodnight, Handsome Su . When the report is ready, get your secretary to send the digital copy to my email . I’ll discuss it with you after . ”

“Okay, our little entrepreneur…” Su Yu teased .

He could see Pudding’s business capabilities . It looked like there would be someone to take care of Qin Chu’s legacy .

Su Yu was suddenly very envious of Qin Chu as a father .

He even secretly imagined when he would have a child of his own… He wanted it to be a daughter .

– On the island –

Seeing the time approach made Huo Mian go to the basement again .

“Mian, what are you trying to do coming down here like this?” Huo Siqian smiled .

“Don’t you feel off?” Huo Mian tilted her head and asked .

“What do you mean?” He frowned .

“I mean, Jack, are you having fun pretending to be Huo Siqian?” Huo Mian softly smiled .

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