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Chapter 3112: 3112
Chapter 3112 Doctor Huo is so Domineering 2

– In South Hill Manor –

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After the guests left, the house immediately felt empty .

“Sir, you’re not fully recovered yet . Go up and rest . I can handle this . ” Uncle Li walked over .

“I’m fine, Uncle Li . I’m back on my feet already, so please don’t treat me like a patient . ”

“No . You just had surgery . Go up and rest, please . ”

Qin Chu nodded and went upstairs to his study .

Sitting down, he conjured up a string of digits from his memory .

He took out his cellphone and dialed the long number…

Ten seconds later, a girl’s image appeared in midair .

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“Hello, this is Lu Yan . ”

“Where are you now?”

“What? Even you are interested in my whereabouts?” Lu Yan smirked .

“No, I’m not . I just what to see how far you are from the place I want to go . ”

“I’m in the sky in my private plane . ” Lounging on the leather sofa in the inner cabin, Lu Yan stuck her tongue at him playfully .

“Where are you flying to?”

“Brazil . I’m going there to collect debts . ”

“Collect debts?” Qin Chu frowned slightly .

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“She’s going there to collect some lives,” Qiao Fei cut in .

“Get out . Don’t interrupt me . ” Lu Yan glared at Qiao Fei .

“What on earth is happening?”

“Um… I found the whereabouts of an old enemy . Someone saw him in Brazil, so I’m going there to kill him,” Lu Yan said airily as if killing a man was as easy as killing a chicken .

“Don’t go there . I have a more important thing for you to do . ”

“Go ahead . ” Hearing Qin Chu’s tone, Lu Yan knew it must be a big issue .

The big issue in Qin Chu’s eyes was definitely related to her sister .

“I found some clues which might lead to your sister’s location . ”

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“Really?” Lu Yan stood up, not able to suppress her elation .

“Ah-Cheng said Sydney . It means they are somewhere around Australia . Check all the big and small private islands around that area . Find which island belongs to a Chinese man . No, Huo Siqian is sly and must have used another name, not even a Chinese name . He probably uses a foreign name . Anyway, you check all the islands near Australia . ”

“Australia . It’s indeed not far from here . Where did you get the information? Is it reliable?” Lu Yan sounded doubtful .

“Don’t ask me where I got it . But I’m sure it’s correct . They are somewhere near Australia . ”

Qin Chu was sure that the last piece of information that Ah-Cheng told him was absolutely true, not some nonsense he thought of randomly . It was just human nature .

“Okay . I’ll go and check them . But I don’t think it will be easy,” said Lu Yan .

“You’re right . He might have installed some devices to block electronic signals around the island . So, you must find the locations of the islands in the ancient files . Pay special attention to the islands that have frequent visitors . I think you might find some records about it . There are many surveillance cameras in Australia, and I’m sure one of them has captured some of his movements . I don’t believe Huo Siqian is so careful that he doesn’t leave any trace behind…” Qin Chu was sure Huo Siqian had left some clues behind .

“Got it . If the information is correct and my sister is truly in Australia, I think I will find her in less than three days . ” Lu Yan sounded smug .

“Three days is too long . ”

Lu Yan: “…”

“I’ll fly there tonight; we’ll meet in Sydney,” Qin Chu said .

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