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Chapter 3109: 3109
Chapter 3109 The Real and Fake Huo Siqian 9

“President Qin, I have something to tell you . ” Ah-Cheng’s voice shook a bit .

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Qin Chu didn’t speak as he turned his head slowly .

“Although I don’t know where Huo Siqian’s private island is, I… know some pictures are locked in a drawer in his study . ”

“What pictures?” Qin Chu looked at Ah-Cheng calmly .

“Pictures of an ocean island”

“But all the ocean islands in the world look alike; it’s hard to recognize which one it is . ” Qin Chu was a bit disappointed .

Yes, when you take a picture on the beach of Bali, Maldives, Phuket or Saipan, you’ll find that they all look alike and that you can’t tell one from another .

“But I noticed one picture was taken in a city with a recognizable landmark . I think it must be related to the island since this picture was together with the pictures of the island . ”

“Which place?” Qin Chu raised his eyebrows .

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“Sydney Opera House . ”

“Australia?” Qin Chu suppressed his elation and appeared calm .

Ah-Cheng nodded .

“But Huo Siqian never took us with him when he went abroad . I think he has men over there,” Ah-Cheng added .

“I see . ” Qin Chu nodded .

“I don’t know if the information is useful or not . The searching area still looks big . ” Ah-Cheng lowered his head in shame .

“No . You have told me enough . Thank you, Ah-Cheng . ”

“No . President Qin, the favors you did for me are…” Ah-Cheng looked uncomfortable .

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“Don’t mention it . It’s all in the past . Take the bag and leave the place as soon as possible . Sooner or later, I’ll solve the problems between Huo Siqian and me . ”

“Okay . I hope you can find Miss Huo… Oh, I mean… your wife… soon . ” Ah-Cheng had worked for Huo Siqian for a long time and had always called Huo Mian “Miss Huo” .

But he realized it wasn’t right to call Huo Mian “Miss Huo” in front of Qin Chu .

Qin Chu watched Ah-Cheng as he left South Hill Manor .

He knew Ah-Cheng would never come back and get involved in the battle again .

He had indeed used a special method with Ah-Cheng; you may call it a trick or emotional influence .

After all, Ah-Cheng had worked for Huo Siqian for years and couldn’t know anything about his secrets .

Qin Chu had asked him and Su Yu had asked him when Qin Chu was in a coma, but Ah-Cheng didn’t say anything .

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The reason was simple . After working for Huo Siqian for a long time, Ah-Cheng still had some feelings for his old master and didn’t want to tell every secret about him .

Huo Siqian was one man, but his enemies were many; Qin Chu was a formidable enemy and now Su Yu was helping him .

Once they found Huo Siqian, they’d cut him into pieces .

Not wanting his previous master to end in such a tragic fate, Ah-Cheng had concealed the information about the island .

But in front of Qin Chu’s gentle attack, he surrendered .

For some people, you can’t scare them with beating or torture; Ah-Cheng was not a coward, so he must be dealt with a special method .

He was almost fearless, but he was actually most afraid of other people being nice to him .

Maybe it was because Qin Chu discovered his weakness, he used this method on him . Sure enough, under the pressure of guilt after Qin Chu showered him with so many favors, Ah-Cheng spilled the beans .

He knew with Qin Chu’s intelligence, he would find Huo Mian quickly even if the description of the location was vague .

After Ah-Cheng left, Qin Chu stood at the window and said in a low voice, “Australia? Huo Siqian, we’ll meet again very soon . ”

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