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Chapter 3105: 3105
Chapter 3105 The Real and Fake Huo Siqian 5

“Big Brother…”

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“Go home… Now!” Wei Liao looked very scary when he lost his temper .

“Whoa . It’s my first time seeing Uncle Wei lose it . It’s scary…” Little Bean said .

“He’s very angry, or he wouldn’t act like this . ”

“Well, Sis, your future father-in-law has a temper,” Little Bean joked .

Pudding gave her a dirty look and didn’t answer .

“Auntie, go home; my dad looks really mad . ” Wei Yunchu tugged at Wei Ying’s skirt hem .

“I know . Good boy . ”

Wei Ying reached out and touched her nephew’s head; looking at Shen Mingxi apologetically, she lowered her voice and said, “Mingxi, I’ll go to your company tomorrow and talk with you about that thing . ”

“Okay . ”

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“Don’t come close to my Uncle Shen again . We don’t like you . ” Tiantian put in again .

With complicated feelings, Wei Ying glanced at Tiantian and got up . “Brother, calm down . I’ll go . ”

“Old Wei, what are you doing? You must force your sister to leave?” Tang Chuan couldn’t bear it anymore .

He had wanted to intervene but was stopped by Qin Ning, who thought it was Wei Liao’s family business and it wasn’t proper for outsiders to intervene .

“I did it for her own good,” Wei Liao said .

“Okay . Now that she’s gone, can we have dinner now? I’m starving . ” Tang Chuan tried to lighten the mood .

“Good . Everyone, come into the dining room . Dinner is ready,” Qin Chu announced as the host .

Everyone walked toward the dining room .

Rick held Xixi’s arm as they walked . Visit website our Listnovel . com

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“Xixi, how far along are you now?” Zhu Lingling asked curiously as she looked at Xixi’s belly .

Xixi was wearing a peacock blue dress of the loose Korean style; it was very fitting for pregnant women to wear .

She wore a pair of flat-heeled shoes, which showed she and Rick were careful with the baby .

“Almost three months…” Xixi smiled .

“So far along? Three months? Then it’s almost as old as the baby in Mian . You two can be in-laws, then,” Zhu Lingling continued to gossip .

Hearing the mention of Huo Mian’s new baby, everyone fell silent .

Qin Chu looked calm .

But Su Yu couldn’t bear it . Rubbing his eyes, he strode into the dining room so he wouldn’t hear the conversation between Zhu Lingling and Xixi .

“Lingling, don’t talk about Mian; people are sad to hear that…” Gao Ran reminded her .

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“Why not? Mian is fine, right? She’ll be back in a few days . I’ve prepared many tiny clothes for the baby . She’s not dead; why can’t I talk about her?”

Compared with others’ melancholy moods, Zhu Lingling was more cheerful about the whole thing .

She was sure Huo Mian was fine and would come back, so she had no qualms to talk about her .

“Auntie Lingling is right . My mom will be back in a few days…” behind them, Little Bean said sweetly .

As everyone walked in, Shen Mingxi stayed at the door with Tiantian .

Pudding noticed it and her hand halted in Qin Chu’s hand .

“Daddy . ”

“Yes?” Qin Chu looked down at his daughter .

“Look, Uncle Shen looks as if he doesn’t want to come in,” Pudding informed her dad .

Qin Chu looked back .

Shen Mingxi had a box in his hands; he must have returned to his car to get the box .

“President Qin, this my gift to celebrate your recovery . ”

“President Shen, you’re too kind . ”

“No, no . I did many things that I’m ashamed of, but you and Doctor Huo are generous enough to forgive me . Today, I just wanted to see you and didn’t expect Wei Liao would be so agitated . I’m sorry to disturb your dinner party . ” Shen Mingxi looked at Qin Chu apologetically .

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