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Chapter 3088: 3088

Chapter 3088 The Whole World is Looking for Huo Mian 8

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“Someone you don’t know,” replied Qin Chu .

“Damn it! Of course I don’t know, or I wouldn’t have asked . Who is this person? It sounds to be a woman . Well, is she the mistress you had in the U . S . ?” Gao Ran joked .

Qin Chu: “…”

“I was just kidding . Don’t look at me as if you want to eat me, okay?” Gao Ran was guilty .

“Don’t joke about it . It’s not as simple as you think . The whole thing is complicated, and I’ll explain it to you later . ”

“Okay . Lord Qin Chu, the proudest, strongest, bravest, and toughest man in history, I congratulate you for your recovery . Let’s declare war against the big psycho Huo Siqian; I swear when I see him, I’ll take off my cop’s uniform and gave him a good beating to vent my anger . He’s garbage!” Gao Ran cursed through gritted teeth .

Compared with Gao Ran’s violent curses, Qin Chu looked calmer .

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Ever since he woke up in the hospital, he hadn’t said or done anything violent .

Having been unconscious for so long, he had thought he would die and leave this world .

When he woke up, he knew he still had things to do in this world, and Mian was waiting for him to rescue her .

However, due to his strange personality, his unexpected calmness made people around him afraid that he would do something extreme .

“Okay . Chief Gao, I’ll depend on you…” Qin Chu smiled .

“No problem . We’ve been pals for so many years; your problems are my problems . Your parents are my parents, your children are my children, and your wife is my…”

Seeing Qin Chu’s murderous eyes, Gao Ran stopped joking and said, “Ahem . Your wife is like my own sister… Ha!”

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“That’s more like it . ” Qin Chu looked at him through the corner of his eyes .

The news about Qin Chu’s awakening soon spread out, and people all came to visit him .

Other than Rick and Gao Ran, who were his long-time pals, Su Yu also came to see him .

He had come at noon when everyone had gone out for lunch; Qin Chu was alone in the ward .

He had just finished the porridge his mother had cooked for him and was about to drink some water .

When he found the glass was empty, he put it down .

Su Yu walked in, took the glass from the table to fill it, and handed it to Qin Chu .

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“Thank you . ” Qin Chu raised his head and glanced at Su Yu .

“How are you feeling?”

“Very good . I think I can get out of the bed in a couple of days…” Qin Chu smiled at him warmly .

“That’s good . Pudding and Little Bean will be happy to hear that,” said Su Yu .

“Thank you for taking care of them…”

“Don’t mention it . They are special to me . I’ve known them from their birth and then watched them grow up . They are not my daughters, but I love them like my own . So it’s my duty to take care of them . ”

Hearing his words, Qin Chu felt warm inside .

Su Yu had always been a man of honor and never lowered himself to play dirty tricks .

It was why Qin Chu was respectful of him .

“But, Qin Chu, I do want to give you a good scolding…” Su Yu said .

Qin Chu looked up in surprise, wondering why Su Yu wanted to scold him; was he blaming him for Mian’s disappearance?

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