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Chapter 3057: 3057

Chapter 3057 You Don“t Understand My Pain 7

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Ian was on top of a young girl…

When he heard the news, he immediately stood up .

“Sir…” The girl looked very hazy… She seemed to be looking forward to something .

Ian reached out for his robe and put it on . He didn’t respond to the girl .

“Where is she?”

“She’s in a cold storage room in the northern parts of the Mario Islands…”

“Both of them?”

“No, she’s there alone . ”

“Alone? Where’s Qiao Fei?” Ian was slightly surprised .

“We’re still investigating . ”

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“Idiots,” Ian scolded .

“Sorry, Boss . We’ll immediately have more people look into it . Once we confirm it’s not a trap, we will have you come . ”

“No, I’ll go right now . ”

“But Boss, we haven’t confirmed if this is Lu Yan’s trap,” his subordinate said anxiously .

“It’s even better if it’s a trap . I haven’t directly fought someone for a long time . I miss that girl dearly…” Ian grinned .

– At South Hill Manor –

“Good morning, Grandpa,” Pudding greeted when she saw her grandfather working busily at the dining room table .

“Good morning, Grandpa,” Little Bean said . She was behind Pudding and was in the same flowery princess dress as Pudding .

“Good morning . Just in time, breakfast is ready . ”

“Yay! What delicious food did you make for breakfast, grandpa?” Little Bean became giddy as soon as she heard the word “food” .

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The Professor was in a dark grey shirt and black sweat pants .

His appearance was clean and crisp and the color matched his age .

No one would expect that the great Professor Lu looked like any other ordinary old man .

There was an abundance of food on the table where Pudding and Little Bean sat down .

There were three bowls of green bean congee, three fried eggs, two sausages, and two baby corns .

“Grandpa, did you make all this?” Little Bean said with awe .

“Yeah . ”

“You’re amazing, just like Daddy,” Little Bean exclaimed .

“You even remember to bring up your daddy while praising me . Haha, you sure are his daughter,” the Professor chuckled .

“Grandpa, any progress last night?” Pudding asked as she cared about her father’s situation a lot .

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“Yeah . The antidote should be ready soon . There’s something missing and I don’t have any right now . I’m going to get that kid called Su Yu to get it . ”

“Whatever is missing, Handsome Su would be able to get it,” Pudding said .

“I know . I called him already . As soon as he comes, I’ll be able to make it . ”

“Grandpa, can I come with you to the hospital to see Daddy?” Little Bean said cutely .

“Do you miss your daddy?”

“Of course . Pudding went many times but I haven’t been there even once . I want to go! I want to go!”

“Okay, okay . I’ll take you . What about you Pudding?”

“Grandpa, I’ll pass today . If you and Little Bean go, I’ll be able to go to the stock trading center . ”

“Why? Did something happen with your stocks?”

“If I want to short the Huo Corporation’s stocks, it will involve a lot of issues . Handsome Su and I are going to deal with that . ”

“Okay, let’s go tackle our problems separately . When I come back tonight, I’ll make you spicy chicken . Can you two take spice?”

“Yes, yes, yes . As long as it’s edible, I’m good!” Little Bean raised her hands .

“You’re going to turn into a pig eventually,” Pudding said as she glanced speechlessly at Little Bean .

Then, the three had a hearty meal . After breakfast, the Professor took Little Bean to the hospital to visit Qin Chu .

Su Yu dropped off the medicine the Professor wanted and drove Pudding towards the stock trade center .

During the drive, Pudding was exceptionally quiet . She didn’t chat with Su Yu like how they normally do .

“What’s the matter, Pudding? Are you in a bad mood?” Su Yu asked as he drove .

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