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Published at 8th of May 2020 04:35:06 AM
Chapter 3051: 3051

Chapter 3051 You Don“t Understand My Pain 1 

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“So, Handsome Su, are you getting jealous?” Little Bean covered her mouth and chuckled .

“Nonsense . I’m never jealous . ” Su Yu didn’t want to admit it .

“Handsome Su, what are you doing?” Pudding changed the subject .

“I’m home missing you two, you two heartless little kids . You left without looking back . Look, your Grandma Su is crying . ”

Then, Su Yu turned the camera to his mother sitting behind him .

Sure enough, Mrs . Su was wiping tears from her eyes .

The twins had brought laughter to the house as they stayed there .

Now that they left, Mrs . Su wasn’t used to the quiet yet and thus missed them whenever she saw the stuff the twins had used .

When she saw the snacks that the twins hadn’t finished and their small toothbrushes, she couldn’t help crying .

“Grandma Su, don’t cry… We’ll visit you in a few days, and you can come and see us anytime . ”

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“Good, good . I’ll go and see you in a couple of days . ” Mrs . Su looked at the kids on the screen and wiped her tears immediately .

“Little eating machine, you can’t eat too much at night, especially sweets . Your mommy told you you’d have bad teeth if you did that, right?” Su Yu instructed .

“I know; I know…” Little Bean mumbled impatiently .

“Pudding, I have something to tell you . ”

“Go ahead, Handsome Su . ” Pudding turned the cellphone to her and looked at Su Yu .

“Didn’t you buy a lot of shares of Huo Corporation?”

“Yeah . ”

“Sell them all when the market opens tomorrow morning…” Su Yu told her .

“I know . Handsome Su, I already did it before you told me to . ”

“Good . Tomorrow, I’ll go to the company and discuss the issue of auctioning the broken Huo Corporation . When the news is out, the stock price will plummet . ”

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“Okay . I’m already prepared . ” Pudding nodded obediently .

“Whoa! Sis, that means you have lots of cash on hand?” Little Bean leaned to her and smiled slyly .

“What do you want?”

“Would you give me some money, my rich sister?” Little Bean flattered her .

“No . ”

“Qin Zhaozhao, you’re a miser . You haven’t sent me money in red envelopes on WeChat for a long while,” Little Bean yelled indignantly .

“You don’t need money . I’ll buy you anything you want . ”

“But how come you already achieved financial freedom, but I haven’t…” Little Bean pouted .

“Because I know how to invest in the stock market and make money…” Pudding said proudly .

“Alright you two, just stop arguing…” Su Yu felt a headache was coming .

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“Handsome Su, I want WeChat red packets . ”

“Okay, I’ll send you one . But you must tell me why you want it,” Su Yu teased Little Bean .

Before she could reply, Pudding said in disdain, “All her money is spent on buying toys for Gao Boyuan . ”

“Pshh… You’re not supposed to do that, Little Bean . After all, you’re a young madam from a noble family, how can you pay things for a guy? Gao Boyuan’s the one that should be buying you stuff . ”

“I didn’t…” Little Bean said in a huff .

“Hahaha… Gao Ran’s kid is so charming that our Little Bean has to figure out ways to get money for him?” Su Yu continued to tease her .

“Hey! Handsome Su, stop it . Do you know my sister bought cartoon books of Naruto on Taobao for Wei Yunchu?”

“Wei Yunchu gave me money and asked me to buy them for him . I didn’t pay for the books,” Pudding explained .

“You two are impossible… Okay, let’s get serious . I wanted to ask you if the old guy in your home mistreated you . ”

“You mean Grand…” Little Bean almost blurted out .

“Ahem…” Pudding coughed to remind her .

“Oh, you mean the old guy from abroad…” Little Bean said as she chuckled .

“Yeah . Did he mistreat you?” Su Yu still seemed to be hostile towards the professor .

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