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Published at 7th of May 2020 08:00:24 PM
Chapter 3038

Chapter 3038 The God-like Professor 18 

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Pudding dry-coughed like an adult to clear her throat . “That old guy said… you, an immature young brat, are so naggy and irritating . ”

Su Yu: “…”

“Hahahaha! I was just kidding! You bought it?” Pudding laughed out loud .

The usually proud and reserved Pudding suddenly became another girl, befuddling Su Yu .

“Are you becoming Little Bean this moment?” Su Yu was exasperated .

“No, no, no . I was just kidding . Don’t worry . The old guy said my dad’s case is not difficult . ”

“Did he say that?” Su Yu was dumbfounded .

“Yeah . ” Pudding nodded .

“Humph! Are you sure he’s not just boasting?” Su Yu was doubtful .

After all, it was a case that doctors, including the famous Professor Luo and many professors and elite students at Harvard Medical School, couldn’t solve .

However, this ordinary-looking old guy claimed it was not difficult?

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He sounded just like an old man who got drunk and boasted about his experience in the Long March and fighting alongside a marshal during the war .

“Of course not,” Pudding denied .

“Pudding, it seems you trust him?”

“Yes . ”

“Why do you trust him?” Su Yu leaned down and whispered into her ear .

“Because… I have no choice besides trusting him anyway . ”

Su Yu: “…

“You’re just trying to flog a dead horse?” Su Yu looked exasperated .

“But my dad isn’t a horse; he’s a super gorgeous guy,” Pudding retorted .

“I know; it was just an idiom . ”

“Okay . Let’s not talk about it . Handsome Su, come here; I need to talk to you about something else . ” Pudding waved her hand and began to play cute .

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But Su Yu knew if Pudding tried acting cute, she was up to something .

“What is it?” Su Yu said warily .

“Come here first . I’m a bit tired and must sit on your lap to talk to you . ”

Hearing her words, Su Yu was even warier as he walked to Pudding cautiously .

When he sat down, Pudding climbed up and sat on his lap before throwing her arms around his neck .

“Handsome Su, you like me very much, right?”

“Of course . ”

“Then you’ll let me do anything I want?”

“It depends . I can’t let you murder people or set fires . ” Su Yu was cautious .

“Of course, what are you talking about, I obviously wouldn’t break the law . How can I do those things?”

“Good, as long as it doesn’t break the law . ”

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“I need you to do me a favor,” she said mysteriously .

“What’s it?”

“You must promise you will do it first . ”

“Damn it . How can I promise you something I don’t even know?” Su Yu was bewildered .

“I don’t care . If you don’t promise you, I won’t tell you . ” Pudding continued to play a shamelessly unreasonable girl .

In fact, she had learned this tactic from her mom .

She had noticed her mom often used it on her dad and had never failed .

Pudding thought it should be useful with Su Yu too since he loved her and Little Bean very much .

“Um… What’s your game, girl? What are you trying to pull this time?”

“I’m not . I’m quite serious . Handsome Su, just promise me . It’s not difficult and I won’t ask you for one million yuan or something . ” Pudding smiled sweetly .

“Humph . It would be simple if you wanted one million yuan…”

Su Yu thought about it and decided the little girl couldn’t ask anything outrageous .

So, he nodded . “Okay then . Tell me . ”

“You agreed?” Pudding said in delight .

“Yeah . I did . ”

“Here is the thing . Little Bean and I will pack up and return to South Hill Manor to stay with Grand… the old guy from abroad . ”

“No . ” The moment Pudding said the words, Su Yu’s face fell .

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