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Chapter 3029: 3029

Chapter 3029 The God-like Professor 9

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Truthfully speaking, Su Yu was pleasantly surprised by Rick’s call .

He knew that Rick would take care of what he had asked before .

As long as Rick could find a skilled doctor in the U . S . , there would be hope for Qin Chu .

“Rick, how’s it going over there?” Su Yu asked .

“I asked many doctors and all of them said no . ” Rick’s tone was heavy .

“Then what do we do?”

“There is someone who can save him . ”


“Lu Yan,” Rick replied .

“Who’s Lu Yan?” Su Yu had no idea what he was talking about . The named sounded like it belonged to a woman .

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“Huo Mian never told you?”

“No,” Su Yu replied .

“Oh, it looks like she’s very careful about this…”

“Who’s Lu Yan?” Su Yu asked again, curious .

After all, Rick did say this was a person who could save Qin Chu… and Rick never exaggerated .

If Rick thought someone could save Qin Chu, this certain someone was definitely exceptional .

Su Yu was becoming more and more intrigued by the person named Lu Yan .

“How do I put this? This is really important and involves a lot of Huo Mian’s most private information . Without her permission, I can’t say too much . Basically, Lu Yan is someone we can trust and she definitely cares about Huo Mian and Qin Chu just as much as we do . The most important thing is that she has the ability . ” Rick sounded confident .

“Wow… that amazing? If that’s the case, contact Lu Yan! Tell her to come here and save Qin Chu!”

Su Yu didn’t want to pry for more information . All he wanted to do was get Qin Chu help .

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“Lu Yan’s hard to track . She always goes rogue so I can only try… I can’t promise that I’ll find her . ”

Su Yu: “…”

Su Yu really wanted to take the last five minutes of his life back . The call with Rick literally got nowhere .

He also knew, however, that Rick was just as worried about Qin Chu’s situation .

Rick had exhausted all options and Lu Yan was probably his only and final choice .

“Alright, I know you’ll do all that you can . You definitely will,” said Su Yu .

“Yes, I will,” characteristic of Rick’s personality, he only replied with a few words .

“That’s all then, keep in touch . ”

“I will return soon, whether or not I find Lu Yan . ”

Rick then hung up the phone .

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After his conversations with Ah-Cheng and Rick, Su Yu was completely dejected .

Although he learned about Huo Siqian’s island, he had no idea where it was located; he was basically looking for a needle in the haystack .

Finding Huo Mian seemed like an impossible task, especially in a short time frame…

Then, with Rick’s delivery of bad news, that there are no doctors in the U . S that could save Qin Chu, and that all their hope was now placed on some rogue named Lu Yan who they had no idea how to get into contact with, Su Yu suddenly felt helpless .

Su Yu blamed himself for his inability to do more for Huo Mian and Qin Chu in a time like this .

Other than caring for their children, he couldn’t handle anything else; he felt useless .

When Su Yu returned home in the evening, it was already 10 PM .

He peeked inside the twins’ room, thinking that they were already asleep .

To his surprise, he was greeted by Pudding and Little Bean arguing .

“Su Yu… you’re just in time . ” Little Bean didn’t look so good .

“What happened? Why aren’t the two of you asleep? What are you doing?” Su Yu was confused .

“Handsome Su, I want to go home . Take me home . ”

“What’s wrong, Little Bean?” Su Yu was taken aback by Little Bean’s request . He held her up into his arms .

“I miss Daddy and Mommy… I want to go home . I don’t want to stay here anymore . Pudding won’t go . She can stay here alone . ” Little Bean seemed a little bit angry .

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