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Chapter 3026: 3026

Chapter 3026 The God-like Professor 6

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Seeing the crowd grow, the man looked beyond embarrassed .

“Honey, what do we do?” The man tugged on the man’s hand .

“Get away from me . ” The man pushed the woman’s hand away, annoyed .

Finally, he clenched his jaw and walked over to Tiantian .

Tiantian hid behind Wei Ying in fear…

“Don’t be afraid . He’s the one in the wrong, not you . He’s the one apologizing . ”

Wei Ying turned around and led Tiantian forward .

“Sorry, kid, I take back what I said,” the man spat .

“Are you satisfied, Miss Wei?” the man asked, extremely annoyed .

“Yes . I hope that you’ll watch your words more carefully from now on . ” Wei Ying didn’t continue the argument .

Seeing that the show was over, the crowd dissipated as well…

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Wei Ying took Tiantian by the hand and looked around for Shen Mingxi, only to find him standing right behind them .

“I was looking for you . Keep an eye on her . There are a lot of people here and not all of them are good . ”

Wei Ying let go of Tiantian’s hand and led her to Shen Mingxi .

“Uncle Shen…” Tiantian immediately ran to Shen Mingxi .

“Tiantian, are you alright?”

“I’m okay . This auntie saved me . ” Although she didn’t know what had just happened, Tiantian could tell who was protecting her .

Shen Mingxi, on the other hand, had witnessed most of it .

If this were any other time, he would’ve rushed forward to beat the bastard up .

For whatever reason, he decided to sit back and observe this time . He wanted to see how Wei Ying handled a situation like this .

The results were satisfying, to say the least . Wei Ying definitely lived up to her status…

Shen Mingxi used to think that Wei Ying was bossy and unreasonable, trampling over people using her status .

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He only realized now that she had a just side too .

The fact that she was protecting Huo Yanyan’s daughter was even more impressive .

She knew it was Huo Yanyan’s daughter but she still stood up for the little girl .

Regardless of what other people said about her, Wei Ying’s courage was enough to move Shen Mingxi .

“Ying, thank you,” said Shen Mingxi .

“Don’t mention it . That bastard was clearly a lowlife . Look at him… and he’s bullying a child… how embarrassing . ” Wei Ying was unbothered .

“Be careful though… he’s clearly going to hold a grudge against you,” Shen Mingxi warned .

“Don’t worry, I’ll be careful . ” Wei Ying smiled .

“When are you leaving?”

“I’m leaving now . So tired…” Wei Ying yawned .

“Did you drive here?” Shen Mingxi asked .

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“No, my driver drove me here . ”

“Oh, okay, get home safely then . ”

“Okay . ” Wei Ying nodded and then turned around to leave .

Actually, Shen Mingxi was prepared to drive Wei Ying home if she had given him a different reply .

However, hearing Wei Ying say that she was driven there by her driver, he didn’t have a reason to offer to drive her home .

After Wei Ying left, Shen Mingxi also left the scene with Tiantian .

“Uncle Shen,” Tiantian softly said .


“Do you like that auntie?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Your eyes seem different when you are looking at her…”

“What do my eyes look like?” Shen Mingxi asked smiling .

“Your eyes look very kind . You used to look at Mommy that way… but afterward… I’m not sure when… Mommy changed… and you changed… everyone changed…”

As she ended her sentence, Tiantian looked down at the ground, dejected .

“Tiantian, your mommy and I…” Shen Mingxi didn’t know what to say .

Just then, a loud band sounded behind them… Shen Mingxi’s car was struck .

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