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Published at 7th of May 2020 08:00:28 PM
Chapter 3017

Chapter 3017 The Forgotten Deserted Island 17 

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“A bunch of wastrels…” Ian cursed in a low voice .

A sweet and exquisite oriental face appeared on the screen inside the cabin .

“Hello! Ian, long time no see . ”

“Here’s my beloved girl…” Ian smiled at Lu Yan’s image deviously .

“Due to our long-standing friendship, I’m going to give you a gift—skydiving . Are you delighted? Are you surprised?”

As she spoke, the plane began to shake violently .

The pilot handed an emergency kit to Ian .

“Boss, the plane is going to crash . We must jump now!”

Despite his reluctance, he had to do it if he wanted to live .

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After his subordinates put the parachute on him, Ian stood up .

“Have a nice dive…”

Lu Yan blew him a kiss .

Ian’s face turned from livid to white . In the past years, whoever heard of his name would shiver in fear .

Even the evil religious fanatic Leavis was respectful to him .

But Lu Yan, the exquisite-looking oriental woman, had held no regard for him .

She even played some fatal games with him, giving him all kinds of surprises .

He couldn’t decide if he loved her or hated her…

Before his plane could reach its destination, Lu Yan had hacked into its system, causing the engines to overheat to crash the plane .

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But Lu Yan knew Ian wouldn’t die of the crash . It was extremely difficult to kill him .

He had all kinds of talented people working for him . Even if he jumped into the ocean, he would be fine because rescue teams would come for him in less than ten minutes .

Standing on a cliff nearby, Lu Yan snapped her fingers as she watched the plane crash through her binoculars .


“Yan, you provoked Ian this openly, so… you are tired of living?”

With his arms crossed before his chest, Qiao Fei stood behind her .

She had been hunted down by Ian and his men; it was as if it wasn’t thrilling enough, she now exploded his plane, drawing his attention to her .

Qiao Fei felt in the whole world, only Lu Yan dared to challenge Ian in such a public way .

“No, I’m sick of living . ” Lu Yan looked back and smirked .

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Qiao Fei: “…”

“Ha! I was just teasing you . Look at your face… Don’t look at me as if I’m a moron, okay? I’m just distracting him . Dad will come soon, and I can’t let Ian know that, or there will be big chaos . Ahhh…”

“When will the professor come?”

“He’s on the way . I guess he’ll arrive in six hours . ” Lu Yan checked her watch .

To tell the truth, Qiao Fei was surprised .

When he was shot, the professor didn’t go to Russia .

Instead, Qin Chu went to Russia to perform the surgery on him .

It wasn’t that the professor didn’t want to go, but that it was hard for him to leave the U . S .

Without the FBI’s protection, the professor would attract all kinds of evil forces in the world once he steps out of the U . S . because the stuff that he was making could plunge the whole world into chaos .

Power is the greatest desire in the depth of humans . If they got the professor, they would get the greatest power .

So, he couldn’t fall into anyone’s hands; even Lu Yan hadn’t seen her father for more than two years .

Such a figure would really come to C City? Qiao Fei even began to feel like he was looking forward to it a bit .

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