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Chapter 3011: 3011
Chapter 3011 The Forgotten Deserted Island 11

“To tell you the truth, I just don’t believe Huo Mian is dead . ”

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Then, Su Yu turned and left .

Gao Ran admired Su Yu’s belief in Huo Mian; it was as strong as Qin Chu’s .

Thinking of Qin Chu who was struggling with death in the ICU, Gao Ran felt sad .

Leaving the Su Family Mansion, Lu Yan and Qiao Fei regrouped .

When they drove past a street full of nighttime food stalls, they parked their supercar at the roadside .

“Psycho Qiao, are you hungry?”

“Huh?” Qiao Fei looked at her questioningly .

“Do you want to have some snacks with me?” Lu Yan chuckled .

“You’re in a mood to have snacks, it means you’ve made some progress…” Qiao Fei knew Lu Yan very well .

“You’re smart . You’d never imagine what happened . ”

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“Is Professor coming back?” Qiao Fei asked in a leisurely manner .

“Fu*k… Did you eavesdrop on my conversation on the phone?” Lu Yan was frustrated .

“Sorry, but you’re wrong . I was keeping watch on the roof and was too far from you . How could I overhear your call?”

“Then how did you know?”

“I know you . ” Qiao Fei looked calm .

“Damn it . You’re so good at guessing my thoughts . Bingo . ”

“It’s not difficult . After all, only the professor can save Qin Chu,” Qiao Fei said feelingly .

“I regret my lack of abilities . I was only interested in bombs and such stuff . I wish I had my sister’s talents in saving people . But unfortunately, I’ve known nothing but killing people ever since I was a little girl…”

“Okay . Aren’t you hungry? Shall we go now?” Qiao Fei opened the car door .

They sat down at a table on the street with all kinds of food before them, such as big meat skewers, deep-fried chicken legs, sizzling squids…

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Lu Yan had always been a fan of food . Since she rarely came back to China, she stuffed herself to the brim before she left reluctantly .

Paul had prepared a well-decorated detached house for Lu Yan and Qiao Fei .

They were fatigued .

Ever since she landed, Lu Yan had done lots of big tasks in a sweeping manner, including killing many of Huo Siqian’s lackeys and kidnapping Yan Ruoxi .

Every one of them was shocking .

Qiao Fei knew Lu Yan suffered the most after Huo Mian was in trouble .

She blamed herself for not arranging more people to protect her sister .

Lying in the big soft bed, Lu Yan found that it was hard to fall asleep .

“Sis, I’ll find you . I will never give up,” Lu Yan murmured .

On the next morning, Lu Yan got up early and ate some breakfast with Qiao Fei before driving out with him .

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They raced all the way to the top of Yuewang Mountain .

With her long hair falling down her back loosely, Lu Yan wore a dark blue windbreaker reaching her calves .

When they reached the top, she squatted down to investigate .

“According to the information we got from those lackeys, this is the place where my sister fell from the cliff…” Lu Yan said .

“Yeah . But this place is indeed high . Falling from here, Sister Mian would have little chance of surviving,” Qiao Fei analyzed .

“Pooh! Doomsayer . ”

“I’m not a doomsayer; I just stated the truth . You have lots of battle experience and can see my analysis is right . ”

“I’ll do the investigation myself because I don’t believe any words that other people said about it . ”

Standing on the edge of the cliff, Lu Yan looked down at the surging ocean below .

After five seconds later, she leaped down .

“Lu Yan…” Qiao Fei’s heart almost popped out .

Lu Yan had jumped down the cliff without any warning, and it was impossible for him to grab her .

Qiao Fei could do nothing but watch Lu Yan jump down the cliff without hesitation .

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