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Published at 29th of April 2020 03:05:06 AM
Chapter 3009: 3009

Chapter 3009 The Forgotten Deserted Island 9 

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“Okay . ”

Pudding didn’t know what abilities her grandpa had, but she trusted her auntie .

Then Lu Yan pressed lightly on the buttons on the watch .

The phone ring came from the watch, showing that the call had gone through .

For one instant, Pudding felt a bit nervous .

“What is it?” The professor’s image appeared in front of the watch .

Dressed in a white coat and wearing a mask, he was obviously in a lab .

“Dad… Look who is here . ”

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Lu Yan turned the camera to Pudding’s little figure .

When the professor saw the little girl, his sharp eyes instantly softened .

“Are you Pudding or Little Bean?” the professor asked genially .

“Pudding, what are you waiting for? Greet your grandpa,” Lu Yan nudged Pudding’s arm and reminded her .

The little girl said sweetly, “Grandpa . ”

“Oh! Good, good… You’re Pudding . You look exactly like Little Bean . ” The professor had lots of photos of these two .

He missed his granddaughters in a bad way .

He had been thinking of finishing the current project soon and going back to see Mian and her children .

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“Grandpa, we don’t look alike . Little Bean is fatter than me,” Pudding said .

“Hahaha! Good, I will keep it in mind . The fat girl is Little Bean and the thin one is Pudding . ” The professor chuckled .

“Dad, this is Little Bean . ” Then Lu Yan turned the camera to Little Bean who was sleeping like a log .

“Oh, she’s asleep . ”Read more chapters at L isnovel

“Hey, Dad . Aren’t you curious why I’m back?” Lu Yan asked suddenly .

“Why did you go back? With Ian out there, you must be careful . ”

The professor didn’t want Lu Yan to return to China because he was afraid Lu Yan would bring trouble to Huo Mian and disturb her peaceful life .

“Dad… Something happened . I’ll tell you the gist . My sister was dragged down a cliff and we don’t know if she’s alive or not; her husband was shocked by the sight and is now in a coma after spewing blood . ”

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“What did you say?” The professor was shocked .

“Dad, everything I said is true . We’re running out of time . I can’t tell you all the details because I don’t want that despicable Ian to track my phone signals . You’ll know the situation after I send Qin Chu’s diagnosis to your email box . ”

“Okay . ” The professor was about to end the call when Lu Yan pulled Pudding to the camera again .

“Wait, Dad . Pudding has something to say to you . ”

Gazing at the professor with her watery big eyes, she said clearly, “Grandpa, please come back and save my dad . We can’t lose him . Only after my dad wakes up can we find our mommy . Little Bean and I don’t want to become orphans without Mom and Dad . ”

Hearing her words, the professor almost shed tears .

He was filled with sorrow when he saw the girl’s innocent big eyes .

“Don’t worry, baby . Your grandpa will handle everything . ” The professor couldn’t say no in front of his granddaughter’s pitiable face .

Hearing his promise, Lu Yan immediately cut in, “Dad, you agreed? Then come back as soon as possible . My brother-in-law’s condition is very critical . Bye . ”

Before the professor could reply, Lu Yan ended the call .

“Auntie, can Grandpa really save my dad?” Pudding asked seriously .

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