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1125 There Are Frauds in the Upper Martial Arts Realm Too

Mu Tianyan glanced at it expressionlessly and said, “A female cat suits you better.”

The golden pagoda instantly widened its cat eyes and its cat face was full of despair.

“Boss Yan, I thought you were wise, mighty, and domineering. I didn’t expect you to be a wife slave from head to toe! I really misjudged you!”

Mu Tianyan’s expression didn’t change. He raised his eyebrows and asked, “What’s wrong with being my wife’s slave?”

“Indeed, there’s nothing wrong.”

Before the golden pagoda spoke, Lu Zijia answered first. She leaned over and kissed her man. “Wifey slaves are the best. I like how you are a wife slave. The golden pagoda, this lonely single cat, won’t understand the charm of a wife’s slave. Let’s continue walking and ignore it.”

Lu Zijia said with a smile and continued to hold hands with her man, slowly enjoying a rare pleasure.

Not only was it stuffed with dog food, but it was also left alone. It bared its teeth at the backs of the two of them angrily.

After Master had Boss Yan, she despised it for being a third wheel. It was really too much!

“Hey, have you heard? Master Fan Ming, who has extraordinary feng shui knowledge, has appeared again.”

“Really? Where is he?”

“He seems to be not far ahead. I only found out after looking at my Moments.”

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go over there quickly. We might even be able to ask Master Fan Ming to read our fortunes!”

“Right, right, Master Fan Ming is super accurate. It’s a pity that Master Fan Ming doesn’t accept appointments and set up his stall as he pleases. Otherwise, I would have made an appointment long ago.”

Looking at the three people who passed by them, Lu Zijia couldn’t help raising her eyebrows and looking in the direction where the three of them ran.

About a hundred meters away, there was a group of people surrounding them, looking very lively.

“Wifey, are you interested?” Mu Tianyan saw the light in his wife’s eyes and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help smiling slightly.

Lu Zijia nodded. “I thought there weren’t Taoist Masters in the Upper Martial Arts Realm. I didn’t expect there to be one. I’m indeed a bit curious.”

She wondered if the quacks in the Upper Martial Arts Realm were also stronger than the quacks in the Lower Martial Arts Realm.

“Then let’s go take a look. We’re not in a hurry anyway.” Mu Tianyan said dotingly.

The golden pagoda, which was following behind, watched the two of them walk into the crowd and couldn’t help shaking its head and sighing. “Beauty is a hindrance. Beauty is a hindrance!”

In order to make his wife happy, he even forgot about serious matters. Boss Yan was really useless.

However, although the golden pagoda complained about the two of them crazily in its mind, it quickly followed them.

As the saying went, it would be a waste not to watch the fun. Only a fool wouldn’t watch.

… It had to be said that the two of them and the cat were the same. Neither of them could compare to the other!

“Master Fan Ming, Master Fan Ming, please take a look at my fortune. I’ve been in a daze for no reason recently. Besides, when I’m in a daze, people say that I’m stupid. The most terrifying thing is that I don’t even have that memory!”

“Huh? Why is your situation similar to what happened to me before?

“But I was lucky. I was chosen by Master Fan Ming last time. After I did what the Master said, I immediately recovered in less than a day. I haven’t had a relapse until now. So, I specially rushed here this time to thank Master Fan Ming.”

“Really? That’s great!

“Master Fan Ming, please give me some pointers too. I promise I’ll repay you well!”

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