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MGZ Chapter 81: A Last-Ditch Effort (2)

They were trapped here for a long time, and rarely encountered survivors, but those survivors often cried to ask them to stay, not only did this not bring the slightest advantage, but added a burden.

Xu Cai was the strongest, and naturally had become the leader of the group of survivors, although when he went out in search of food, he always brought an unlucky few along, but for the rest of the people it was a chance.

As long as the sacrifice isn’t me,  and I don’t have to see it …people think that even if there must be a sacrifice, I can get food, then it’s nothing to pick out some people as bait, as long as the role of bait doesn’t fall on their head.

Unable to resist their fate, and not having the courage to resist, they had become more and more numb, which is the mentality of the group of students now.

So when Xu Cai made such a suggestion, they where shocked for a moment, but quickly revealed a greedy and excited expression.

“Yes, they must have lied to us …”

“They brought so many good things, but give us nothing? Aren’t we classmates”

“That is, do they have the heart to let us starve to death? That’s too ruthless!”

“Let’s ask them first, if they won’t, we’ll take it!”

Listening to these students more and more intense discussion, Xu Cai’s face suddenly revealed a trace of a smile. Long-term hunger, and the shadow of death that could come at any moment, has caused them to become devoid of the last vestiges of sanity.  They are now a group of lunatics, only needing a little push, and you can make them go completely crazy.

However, at this moment, a shrill voice suddenly rings: “You say that they are going to escape from school, which means that before, they were stranded in school like us?  Even if the food has been collected over several days, how do you explain the three blades? Our school doesn’t allow carrying blades. ”

The person who asked this question, is a short girl, Xu Cai didn’t have a strong impression of this girl, only that she usually didn’t say a word, unexpectedly she dared to stand up against him.  The problem is, that girl hit the nail on the head, and the group of people who had just been interested in the theft immediately realized that something was wrong.

Xu Cai heart suddenly felt very disgusted with this girl, he wanted to rush forward and slap her, but at this time had to restrain restraint again, said with a smile…

” Perhaps it was quietly brought in, for after all, it’s not that strictly enforced. Did you forgot, on the news before the disaster? It said our city was searched and they found more than 5,000 prohibited guns and various knives, and then burned it all. Does this not explain the problem? ”

“Ha, also, who hasn’t brought something into the dorms that the school doesn’t allow?“

“That is, if we let them go, we might starve to death here.”

“I don’t want to starve to death. And maybe they’re willing to give us food? ”

Although these people have some doubts in their hearts, in contrast, they are even more reluctant to give up this precious opportunity.

Xu Cai only a slight smirk at the corner of his mouth, while he coldly watched the face of the helpless girl.

In fact, Xu Cai indeed not dumb, his could see clearly, these few people’s strength is absolutely not low, at least Shanna and Ye Lian should not be trifled with, after all, with just the three good weapons they had, it would be sufficient to take them all out.

If they were really weak, how could Xu Cai have shared so much food with the group? Even if they didn’t want to go along with his strategy, to take out Ling Mo and the others right away, they still ad value.(1) His purpose is only to use these students.

Then let them go ahead, and those who are strong will not be able to unscathed under the siege of so many people, and hiding behind a bargain, you can gain big…

The best result is that they will not only get food and weapons, but they may also have a good relationship with Ye Lian. Even if she is killed in the chaos, it’s fine as long as the face is not damaged.

“You did not take the road to heaven, but broke through the doors of hell, you can’t blame me for being ruthless, just blame your bad luck, I was forced ah …”

Having more than just a sneer in his heart, Xu Cai had his eyes locked onto the girl who questioned him. He pulled the girl over, when the girl was just about to scream, he reached out and covered her mouth, and then to the group of stunned people, exposed a hint of evil smile.

“I know you haven’t been with someone, in order to improve the success rate, we should practice in advance of going down, right?”

“This female classmate decided to sacrifice herself and let you enjoy yourselves, both for your bravery and for the battle encouragement. However those without courage can stand on the side and jerk off,  have courage come!”

As soon as he said it, the group of boys immediately showed very surprised expression, but from Xu Cai’s look, it was not a joke.

The girl mentioned was almost mid-air, eyes full of tears, showing a look of begging, watching the staring boys. Xu Cai did not wait for them to answer, and “rip” soon tore off the girl’s clothes.

“There are many of you who have never been in the meat! How, could you refuse?”

His provocative words, and the excitement of the scene, immediately unleashed the beast hidden in the heart of the group of people…… As the first person rushed rushed up, the scene suddenly became out of control.Even two other girls have not been spared.

Xu Cai Cold eyes suddenly turned to stand at the door of Teacher Luo, suddenly revealed a strange smile. Teacher Luo made eye contact with Xu Cai, and immediately shuddered all over. He took a deep look at the Xu Cai, eventually gritting his teeth, and joining in with the insane group of people …

[(1) Had a lot of trouble with this line, if anyone can find a better translation for(更不会耍这些手段,也不会等到凌默一行人离开,而是当场就出手了!) I can change it.]


I’m thinking of translating this, it’s relatively easy and I like the series so far(though Xu Cai choke on his own dick and several others) and the previous translator said anyone can pick up the series while they’re on hiatus.

As a reminder I machine translate, and I don’t know the language so it’s not going to be 100% accurate. Since I’m by myself I don’t know how often I can put out chapters but I’ll try not to make it too long. If you see any mistakes,point them out so I can fix it.

Also if anyone knows of resources on how to set up my wordpress to make reading and navigating more easy and fluid a link would be appreciated.

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