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Chapter 79: The Mutated Zombie In the Brushes (1)

X City University truly was a place that was worthy of housing 30,000 zombies. Even if they were in an area with relatively fewer zombies, the numbers they boasted would be enough to make a person's hair stand on end.

In the past, X City University was widely known for its beautiful surroundings. But at present, walking along this exceedingly spacious path that was filled with greenery was an extremely painful affair.

There were zombies in the brushes, on the road itself and within the buildings at the side of the path…

It's no wonder Lin Luanqiu's injuries were so severe. Definitely wasn't a place where an ordinary human could safely escape from!

What made Ling Mo most depressed was, due to him being unfamiliar with the surroundings, he had to adopt a more conservative approach and advance slowly so as not to attract the zombies in the vicinity.

In short, they had to watch every step they took! Lin Luanqiu leading the way did indeed allow them to proceed in a more relaxed manner as opposed blindly charging in, but the difficulty of the task at hand was still very high!  

This was especially so after Ling Mo found that mutated zombies couldn't completely disregard regular zombies. Now, for the sake of avoiding any mishaps, he was no longer willing to allow Shana and Ye Lian to charge forth in such an unrestrained manner.

Because of this, their advance was slowed. However, this was a safer approach. It also finally gave Lin Luanqiu, who still held some reservations about the strength of Ling Mo's group, a peace of mind.

From her observations along the way, Lin Luanqiu realized that Ling Mo's group of three not only had strength, they worked well together as well. Especially Ling Mo, who called the shots. The actions he took were both exceedingly calm and cautious.

And it was precisely this prudent attitude that gave Lin Luanqiu an ever increasing confidence in her decision.

Previously, in truth, Lin Luanqiu had joined up with Ling Mo to try her luck. As for her chances of success, she definitely had her misgivings.

After all, it hadn't even been a few days since she escaped from X City University. She still held a lingering fear of traveling back and forth amongst a group of zombies. Although Ling Mo's bearing gave her an easy-going feeling, in truth, he was a calm and cautious person. However, that was only her initial impression of him. One may know a person and how they look like yet not know their heart, so how could first impressions count for anything?

Only after seeing Ling Mo in battle was Lin Luanqiu's fears put to rest. She felt that following Ling truly gave her an opportunity to live!

En route to their dangerous destination, they came to  a fork in the road.

Originally, there weren't even five zombies around. Ling Mo had planned on sneaking past them, but little did he expect to run into a mutated zombie after making his way towards one of the school's buildings!

The shadow dashed out from the brushes at the back of the building with blinding speed, causing Ling Mo to immediately draw back. Lin Luanqiu's reaction was swift as well. With a tug of her hand, Shi Bin and she rapidly retreated to the side.

Since they resided in a zombie nest such as X City University, Lin Luanqiu and Shi Bin had naturally seen a mutated zombie before. As a psychic, Lin Luanqiu had even engaged one before, but the battle wasn't an easy one.

As for a regular person like Shi Bin, running into a mutated zombie meant death. It might even spell death for a group of people if they encountered one.

A mutated zombie like this wasn't something they could handle. Even if they were a little further away, they might still perish in an instant. The speed of a mutated zombie's attacks wasn't something a majority of regular zombies could match up to.

Although Ling Mo was given a fright by this zombie that had been hiding in the brushes, his spiritual tentacles had seen continuous use for half a day. Faced with sudden danger, he almost instinctively used them, obstructing the mutated zombie's frontal assault. While Ling Mo retreated, Ye Lian had already hurried to his side, her scimitar in hand as she hacked at the mutated zombie's neck.

However, from the looks of it, this mutated zombie's evolution was quite far along. It was probably just a step away from becoming an advanced zombie. It might even be on the same level as Ye Lian's from the way it immediately retreated two steps back after it recovered from Ling Mo's mental influence. However, this zombie had a natural defect, one if his legs were lame. In spite of this, he wasn't an opponent most normal people could face.   

With zombies all around their surroundings, Ling Mo didn't have the energy to tangle the mutated zombie. In the event that they were surrounded by over fifty zombies, the chances of them escaping with their lives were far too small.

Which was why Ling Mo gripped his short saber and went around when Ye Lian charged forward to attack.

Shana also lifted her long saber as she attacked from the side, forming a two-pronged assault with Ling Mo.

Three blades simultaneously flew towards the mutated zombie. Although the mutated zombie attempted to evade, Ling Mo's spiritual tentacles bound the zombie for a moment. This, coupled with his one unsteady leg, led to the zombie swaying on the spot.


The mutated zombie instantly became motionless when the three blades met flesh. Following that, immediately after pulling out her scimitar, Ye Lian had easily drawn out the gel within the mutated zombie's brain, slipping it to Ling Mo as she turned around.

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