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Chapter 76
Chapter 76: The Correct Method Of Using An Ability (1)

Ling Mo’s group walked past Music Emperor’s open doors several minutes later with Lin Luanqiu and Shi Bin following behind. Although her health was poor, she continued to persist as she walked on, only permitting Shi Bin to follow by her side so as to avoid dragging Ling Mo down in the event anything unforeseen happened.

Ling Mo was very satisfied with the arrangements she made. It wasn’t good to be either too strong or too weak.

Autumn had come, and as a result, dawn came increasingly later in the day. It was probably around 6 or 7 o’clock in the morning even though there was barely any light.

However, the early morning breeze was still cold. Ling Mo wasn’t affected due to the several improvements had body had received, but Shi Bin and Lin Luanqiu couldn’t help but shiver when they were buffeted by the winds.

Lin Luanqiu couldn’t help but cast another gaze at Ye Lian and Shana when she saw how they remained unaffected in spite of them dressing lightly.

Just how strong was Ling Mo if he had the ability to keep two outstanding girls by his side? Lin couldn’t help but guess to herself when she thought of that.

“Which part of the campus’ walls will we be jumping over?” Ling Mo didn’t take notice of Lin Luanqiu’s gaze. Instead, his brows were currently furrowed as he sized up the high walls around the campus.

Lin Luanqiu cast her gaze

deeper into the red light district and said, “I think it’s better if we bar to the part of the wall that we used to escape from. Although we’d need to travel further if we used this route, it’s still relatively safer compared to the other available ones. That’s right, could you return that sharpening steel bar to Shi Bin? That was originally my weapon…”

“Was this sharpened by you?” You must have been very patient.” The sharpening steel bar had always been in Ling Mo’s hands ever since he’d seized it, but it was true that served no purpose to him.

“Rest assured, I don’t plan on dying along with you. At the very least, I don’t plan on courting death. Isn’t that right, Shi Bin?” Lin Luanqiu followed up with another sentence before she turned to look at Shi Bin.

Shi Bin’s eyes were bloodshot after being left to simmer for an entire night and his face was ashen. A glint of anger immediately flashed across his eyes when he heard Lin Luanqiu trying to negotiate for the return of his weapon. However, he had not choice but to stifle his rage.

“En!” He let out a stifled snort with all his strength in place of a reply.

However Ling Mo thought in his heart, ‘I wouldn’t mind entertaining you if you plan on courting death…’ As he thought that, he handed over the sharpening steel bar in his hands.

Shi Bin’s hair stood on end when he saw a black shadow suddenly come

come hurtling towards him and hurriedly retreated. Lin Luanqiu on the other hand calmly stretched out her arm towards the rapidly descending weapon and securely caught its handle in her hand.

Shi Bin’s expression turned unsightly as his face flushed red. But when he furiously shot Ling Mo a glare, he realized Ling Mo wasn’t even paying him any attention.

“Let’s go.”

Ling Mo wasn’t intentionally trying to torment Shi Bin and had only done so in passing. Ling Mo lifted up his backpack and stretched his neck a little before he took the lead and walked in the direction that Lin Luanqiu pointed out.

Shana and Ye Lian followed closely behind him while Lin Luanqiu slowly fell in line as well after she cast her eye at him.

Although Shi Bin found it hard to bear, no one had made fun of him, so he depressingly followed alongside Lin Luanqiu and took the sharpening steel bar from her.

It was hard to running into another group of zombies yet again, but from the looks of things, these zombies had been attracted from other areas due to the scent of blood on scraps of clothes and a few relatively newer skeletons. Even the recent rain wasn’t enough to return them to their former colours.

Ling Mo went around the half destroyed remains of a skull that still had some flesh which hadn’t been gnawed off, but what was left of it had rotted by this point and the skull was only left with a sunken hole

sunken hole and a layer of taut skin.

Shi Bin’s expression changed as he hurriedly stood in front of Lin Luanqiu. Several zombies who were swaying about suddenly sped up and dashed towards their group when they spotted them.

But Lin Luanqiu’s expression was tranquil as she looked at Ling Mo’s party. With their strength, how much of a problem could a few zombies pose? Not to mention Ling Mo’s own psychic ability.

Ling Mo took a step back as he looked at the group of zombies charging towards him and immediately sent out his spiritual tentacles.

So as not to reveal the true nature of his ability, Ling Mo didn’t just rely on one method of attack. Instead, he used his spiritual tentacles to distort the zombies’ vision and slowed their movement. As that happened, Ye Lian and Shanan flanked them from the sides and efficiently cut down 4 zombies in succession. The remaining zombies, having just recovered, were influenced by Ling Mo’s ability once again as they staggered about, nearly falling to the ground.

Seizing the opportunity, Ye Lian stabbed her scimitar into the back of a zombie’s head. A cold glint flashed as Shana struck out with her long saber, opening up a long, gaping wound in its chest. The resulting fog of blood continuously sprayed out of it till it collapsed backward onto the ground.  

“It reeks of blood…” Shi Bin’s eyelids jumped as he surveyed the scene while Lin Luanqiu’s eyes lit up.

Their coordination really was impressive… these two girls these two girls were exceedingly capable when it came to close quarters combat and there wasn’t the slightest bit of hesitation when they killed the zombies. It was clear that they had superior mental fortitude as well. Also, Ling Mo’s psychic ability evidently belonged to the spiritual category. Similar to her own bullet time ability, they both relied on the user’s spiritual strength to function. In fact, on the surface, both of their abilities seemed to give rise to the same result. Lin Luanqiu’s bullet time allowed her to slow down the movements of opponents within her field of view, but in truth, their movements weren’t affected at all. Her ability was actually acting on her own body.

Ling Mo’s ability, on the other hand, was able to directly act upon his enemies and influence both their speed and direction of attack.

At first glance, although there were some similarities, Lin Luanqiu felt that Ling Mo’s ability was much stronger than her own. She might end up becoming even more appalled if she found that the true form of Ling Mo’s ability was the power to control zombie puppets.

Lin Luanqiu couldn’t help but say, “Your ability is incredible.”

Ling Mo turned to face her and laughed, “Actually, your ability is pretty good too. It’s just that…” Speaking up to this point, Ling Mo hesitated a little, but still continued speaking in the end, “if you continue to evolve and expand upon your ability, it should be able to become even stronger.”

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