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Chapter 88: Sila's Treasure Room

T/N: I've made change the term used for 'clothes' as it's a full body clothing. I will be using 'clothing' for this term from now on. (Basically, the Beginner Clothes will become the Beginner Clothing from now on.)

After Bluebird had been trampled until he was battered without anyone stopping, it was decided that Sila's banquet, which would cover the entire city, would inevitably happen. It was impossible to cancel the banquet and get the refund. Thus, Sila had no choice but to let bygones be bygones.

"Hey, Big Brother Blue, if Big Brother Sila didn't win, what would you do?" Burapha asked.

"Fufu, Burapha, this is what I call trusting in a friend. Even if I didn't spectate Sila's battle, I was confident that Sila would become the winner," Bluebird replied, stretching out his chest.

"But, shouldn't you ask Big Brother Sila first whether Big Brother Sila wants to have a banquet or not?"

"There is no need to ask. This is also called trusting in a friend," Bluebird replied, cunningly using the word 'trust.'

"All right, Blue. This one is fine. But, after this, please discuss with me if you want to do something like this," Sila said.

"No problem. Anyway, I organized this banquet with the thought to help you."

Everyone was curious. How could a banquet help Sila?

Bluebird explained, "It is to give you a good reputation. At first, in order to spread the news about you quickly, I had to spread bad rumors about you. Now, the time to make you a good guy has come. If your image is good, we will be able to connect to people more easily. You might be unable to see the result now, but I guarantee that it will be beneficial to you in a long term."

As Bluebird explained, everyone started to look at him with a slight change of heart.

"Master, would you like me to guide your guests around the mansion?" Julia said.

Sila thought for a while before saying, "That's a nice idea. I have never walked around this mansion myself. Oh, by the way, Julia, please allow Burapha access to the item maintenance room."

"Roger, permission accepted, Mister Burapha can now enter the item maintenance room. You have to inform me if you want to take something with you, though."

"All right, Miss Julia," replied Burapha.

Julia was an AI responsible for everything happening in the mansion. Every activity needed to be permitted by her unless done by Sila himself. The sequence of authority in the mansion was Sila, Julia, and Sebastian respectively.

Luckily for Sila, Julia could properly handle her duties, which was expected considering how expensive she was.

"Speaking of the item maintenance room, Master, new items arrived earlier. I have already categorized them. However, some of them are broken."

"New items? How come?" Sila wondered. He didn't remember bringing items back to the mansion recently.

"Mister Head Butler is the one who brought them here. By the way, he just withdrew Master's money with him amounting 800,000 gold. I analyzed that it's a reasonable amount so I gave it to him."

"Hm? Did Sebastian do that? That's a lot of money, what does he need it for?"

"Mister Sebastian told us that he would clear off your debt, Big Brother Sila," answered Burapha.

"Huh? But my debt is 1,500,000 gold, right? Why did he take only 800,000?"

"Mister Head Butler said that he would take care of the remaining amount himself. He also told me that lessening the Master's burdens was a butler's duty," Julia plainly informed.

"Umm, Sebastian told me something like that once. Well, I have never expected that he could find that much money."

"In the case, Master, would you like me to guide you to the item maintenance room first?"

Sila and the others followed Julia for five minutes to reach the item maintenance room. Once the door was opened, everyone was agape.

Sila was also not an exception.

His previously small item maintenance room had transformed into a spacious treasure room. The consumable items and equipment were categorized into zones. They were neatly displayed on many layers of shelves like in a library. The number of items easily exceeded ten thousand.

"What is this? How can there so many items here!?" Sila exclaimed.

"All of the items in this room come from Mister Head Butler. For the record, items in this zone range from E grade to C grade. Mister Burapha can take any of them from you without having to ask for further permission. As for B grade to A grade items, they are displayed in the inner area. For those items, except for Master retrieving them himself, anyone will have to ask for his permission directly or via me before being able to retrieve any of them. Lastly, for S grade items, only Master is able to take them out."

"This is not at a level of personal item storage room anymore. It's comparable to the item storage room of a big guild," Ratri said.

"Julia, Did Mister Sebastian tell you how he got them?" Sila asked. Looking at these items, they shouldn't come from monsters but players, as most of them were weapons, sets of clothing, and medicines. Not many monster's ingredients could be seen.

"Mister Head Butler didn't inform me about that, Master."

Sila thought to himself, 'Did he obtain them from hunting the players? But, Sebastian didn't go out of my sight long enough to hunt that many players, did he?'

Only Sebastian himself knew that these items came from the players that had died in Colossia City from the Sinful Oath ability of Grass Flower Fairy. In fact, this ability only sacrificed their life. It shouldn't cause them to lose levels or any items.

Unfortunately for them, they had died within Timeless Enigmatic Magic Domain. One of the traits of this domain was that the belongings of everyone who died in the domain ended up in Sebastian's possession. In addition, Sebastian had later sacrificed their souls, causing them to lose 1,000 levels.

Of course, with that good of an ability of the domain, it came with a high risk. If Sebastian were to die during the time that this domain was active, he would lose everything on him and his rank would be demoted by two. This time, Sebastian cast it since he thought the victory against Francine was assured.

Sebastian's death magic was one of the most difficult types of magic to use. The spells of death magic were powerful and there were a lot of spells available. However, many of the spells came with high risk or a very specific condition of use.

The battle against the dragon was hard for Sebastian. He was a monster that is strong against an army. Some of his spells even had a condition that made it so he was only able to cast the spell once he killed enough opponents. As such, soloing against a dragon wasn't easy for him, especially in a restricting special space where he couldn't kill the surrounding bystanders, as he couldn't exert many of his skills. If Sebastian was given a choice, he would be happier to fight against a dragon with a thousand of its underlings than a single dragon.

His skill, Calaveras, was a skill that sacrificed souls in exchange for increasing his fighting strength. Despite that, just ten thousand souls were not enough for competing against a high-ranking dragon, not to mention that Solaria itself was also summoned by sacrificing ten thousand lives. Moreover, dragon's scales have a very high tolerance against magic power. Although Sebastian's rank was higher, the undead race is inferior to the dragon race. The only good point of the undead race was how tough it was to kill them.

The inner area of the treasure room was smaller. There were only hundreds of items being displayed. All of them were high-grade items, though. Most of them were B grade.

"And this, Mister Head Butler entrusted me to give it to Master. I haven't classified it yet since the content inside is still not generated." Julia handed Sila a trophy. It was a golden sculpture of a hand holding a small box.

"Mister Sila needs to say 'I take the reward.' The trophy of the victor of Colossia's battle tournament comes with a reward," said Noppakorn.

"Thank you, then, I take the reward." Once Sila finished the sentence, the box freed itself from the hand and landed on Sila's palm. As for the golden sculpture of a hand, it became a mere decoration, which Julia took with her to decorate the living room later.

Sila looked at the small red box in his hand. There was a rectangular screen engraved on it. The system told Sila that he had gotten Colossia's Random Box.

"Mister Sila can set filters to decide the type of item it grants, be it a sword, some armor, medicine, or an ingredient. If you don't choose, it will be completely random," Noppakorn informed again.

Sila looked at his tattered Beginner Clothing that he was wearing. It was very old and full of patches.

"I choose wuxia clothing, then." With that sentence, the screen in front of the box showed an icon of a martial artist. Afterward, Sila said, "Open."

The system announcement went off in Sila's head.

Player Sila has obtained (A) Unjust Wuxia Clothing 1 EA.

"How about it, Big Brother? What do you get?" asked Burapha.

"Look for yourself. Equip Unjust Wuxia Clothing," Sila declared. Then, his Beginner Clothing was replaced with complete black wuxia clothing. Sila didn't know what kind of fabric the clothing was made of, but it was very comfortable with his skin.

By the way, Sila thought that this clothing looked very familiar.

"grade Unjust Wuxia Clothing. Big Brother's luck is quite good to get it," Burapha said.

Sila was aware that the outcome of the randomization was likely to be decent due to Greed Card.

"It is the same one as Zero's," Lone Wolf noticed.

"Oh, you're right. They are the same." Sila finally remembered where he had seen this clothing before. It was what Zero was always wearing.

Sila read the clothing' description.

(A) Unjust Wuxia Clothing

Increases physical defense by 500 points. Increases magical defense by 1,000 points.

Increases physical attack by 20%, agility by 50%, movement speed by 50%, attack speed by 60%, and qi circulation speed by 10%.

Restriction: Knight Rank or above.

"Umm, this clothing specializes in speed. The defense is comparable to C-grade clothing. There is no self-repair option, unlike Cloud Roaming Hermit's Clothing. I need to be more careful," Sila muttered to himself.

"If Master prefers, there are many sets of B-grade wuxia clothing for Master to choose," Julia suggested.

"There is no need, Julia. This clothing is very good. I will just try my best to take care of it."

"All right. Then, the next area is the innermost treasure vault."

In the inner area of the item maintenance room, there was another door. It opened automatically once Sila went near it. Behind the door, it was a very small room. There were only three items on display. Each of them had a name written on the nameplate in front of it.

Everyone was agape while Sila needed to move closer to see what was written.

"Orichalcum, the highest rank of Soul Crystal, and the highest grade of the Dimension-Invading Device?"

Except for the Orichalcum, Sila didn't know where the other two came from.

Sila had gotten an grade Soul Crystal from killing the Snow Dragon Dorolia. The Soul Crystal is a growth-type item that will grow when the holder slays strong enemies. Since Sila had killed the Hellfire Dragon Solaria which is a dual dragon of Dorolia, the Soul Crystal underwent an upgrade and became an S-grade item.

The highest rank of Soul Crystal can be used to upgrade an equipment made of Orichalcum by whopping three ranks. It is an insanely rare material that has a very specific usage.

As for the Dimension-Invading Device, it originally belonged to Francine. She was about to hand it to Cross to utilize it during the war event. Sadly, she had died so it fell in the hand of Sebastian.

It could say that Francine was very unfortunate. Not only did she lose all the pets she had, but her rank and level were also demoted to Squire Rank, Level 1 since she was killed by Sebastian, not Sila. In addition, Sebastian's curse affected her life after death for a week. During that week, she would become temporarily immortal. If she dies, she will immediately regain 1 health point and be inflicted with the 'corpse' status condition. In the 'corpse' state, she won't be able to gain any experience points nor can equip any item. This one week of Francine was long and torturous.

Being near the Soul Crystal, as a weapon made of Orichalcum, Varee's katana flashed a pale aura without anyone noticing.

"Are you preparing yourself for a war? You even have the Dimension-Invading Device," Ratri said.

"Sebastian must be the one collecting it. I don't even know what it's used for."

"It can be used to invade a special dimension, sir." Sebastian's voice could be heard. Everyone turned their head back to see Sebastian. "Greetings again, everyone. Greetings, Mister Sila. How is it, sir? Do you like my present?"

"I heard that Mister Sebastian has talked with the banker. How about it?" Sila asked.

"Mister Chris is very happy, sir. In the beginning, he thought we're going to pay only the first installment. Never did he expect that I was there to clear the debt. Now, Mister Sila's credibility is even higher. The banker is delighted to inform you that you can get a loan of up to five million gold."

"I think I don't need that much of the money though. By the way, Mister Sebastian, where did you get these mountains of items from?"

"That's a butler's secret, sir. Anyway, Mister Sila can be at ease. I assure you that I didn't kill anyone and loot their bodies."

'Really, I don't lie. Those people die by themselves,' Sebastian inwardly thought.

Sila released a sigh of relief. "That's good to hear. I thought that I have caused a problem for others."

Actually, Sila indeed caused a huge problem to a particular player without realizing it.

"For now, I suggest us to move from this treasure room to other rooms so that all of you can get some rest. How about visiting the leisure area, esteemed guests?"

Bluebird hurriedly volunteered, "Oh, if we're talking about that area, I can guide you all to it myself. Don't worry, that area is like my home."

Noppakorn and Rattana frowned. This good-for-nothing was always lazy around in another people's place but still dare to shamelessly brag about it.

"Follow me, guys~" Bluebird didn't wait. He led the way out of the treasure room.

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