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Chapter 71: Duel Against the Snow Dragon - Last Part

Sila was very relaxed. He hadn't rested like this for so long. Sleep without having to worry, train, or think about seeking revenge.

He wasn't even interested in the system message.

The berserk state of Snow Dragon Dorolia has ended. Its level has returned to Marquis Rank, Level 250.

A pair of blue eyes stared at Sila who was sleeping on the snowfield. It knew it was previously close to losing. In the berserk state, it prioritized attack over defense. Due to the fact that its specialty didn't lay in powerful attacks but rather various fighting techniques, a level-250 version of it was more skilled than its level-1000 berserk version.

"Is this one the slime who drove me into such a corner? Except for that fairy-race girl, I had never thought there would be another one daring enough to fight against me one-on-one," Dorolia said to itself.

Ice covered Sila more and more as time passed. Dorolia was a relatively peaceful dragon. Its nature wasn't violent so it didn't deal a killing blow to Sila. It usually waited for its opponents to die peacefully without feeling pain.

Unbeknownst to it, it had made a very wrong choice to not sink its fang at the defenseless Sila at the moment.

While Dorolia was seeing around to discover its whereabout, the qi in Sila's body had stopped circulating. Bomb Lurking Psychic could never act at a better timing than this. Since Sila no longer had qi to protect his body, the pain spread throughout his body. It was very painful, waking him up from his slumber.

"Arghhh!" Sila shouted. Dorolia turned its attention back at him.

Sila's eyes were wide-opened. He instantly circulated Immortal Qi while shaking himself out of the snow. He changed the element of his body into fire again. Looking at Dorolia, Sila noticed that its behavior had changed. It seemed to be a lot calmer. Its eyes also were blue instead of the previous red, suitable to its overall beauty.

"Still haven't died yet, slime?" Dorolia said.

Sila furrowed his brows. He realized at that moment that Dorolia was no longer berserk. Sila was worried. Poluk had told him that Dorolia was harder to fight when it wasn't berserk.

"Won't you talk? Anyway, time for a second round. This time, I will not show you any mercy."

The atmosphere that was getting slightly warmer began to get icy again once the dragon's magic power spread around. Sila had to get help from the fire power of Tortured Soul to endure this level of coldness.

"Nirvana Lullaby." The Snow Dragon once again cast the spell that Sila previously couldn't resist. Its horn flashed and the souls of the women appeared one more time.

Sila didn't wait for these women to sing a song. He charged toward Dorolia.

"Soul Sealing Snow Fairies." The crystal horn flashed again. The spiritual body of the snow women emitted magic power. The ground under their feet was frozen. It seemed their body was solidified and they could directly attack Sila from now on.

The Snow Dragon knew better than anyone that its body was large so it would have a hard time fighting a tiny opponent. This skill covered what it lacked. These snow fairies were still invincible against physical damage, but now they could be more offensive.

Sila probed their ability by firing a dagger at the fairy closest to him. Once the dagger reached her, it was frozen over and dropped to the ground. A large number of the snow fairies narrowed their distance to Sila. Their movement was slow but orderly. There was no way for Sila to break through them to Dorolia.

Not only did the snow fairies approach Sila, but some of them also started singing a song.

Sila started to feel drowsy again. He gritted his teeth and took out a short dagger to stab at his left hand. He gripped the stabbing dagger within. He wouldn't damage his legs as Twelve Celestial-Travelling-Steps was currently one of his trump cards. Meanwhile, Genesis Punch could only be used via his right fist. Thus, for him, the left hand was the most useless one.

God's Cathedral was used for the first time in this fight against Dorolia. The sphere of qi covered all the snow fairies within. The flame power of Tortured Soul that he had been used on himself was spreading around.

There was no screaming, but the snow fairies started to melt away as if they were an ice sculptor. It seemed this skill of Sila was working. However, the result was very slow. He couldn't afford to wait for them to melt completely.

Dorolia exhaled and the temperature went down again. The melting process on the snow fairies was slowing down.

Sila realized that there would be no way for him to win in such a competition. His total qi wasn't enough to compete against the amount of magic power of Marquis Rank dragon.

'I need to take the dragon down as soon as possible,' thought Sila as he dashed toward the Snow Dragon.

Many of the snow fairies moved to block his way. Sila slowed down and used his right hand to hit at one of them. The female fairy was blown away several meters. Sila was glad that he was somehow able to touch the body of these fairies. It must be thanks to Orbiting Cosmos and Torture Soul.

However, even if he could touch them, it wasn't like there was no side effect. Sila's right hand was frozen in ice. Sila had to activate Ray Assemble to focus the heat into his right hand.

Presently, he was using both God's Cathedral which spread out the power, and Ray Assemble which concentrated the power. Two entirely different qi techniques were being used together.

The system sound went off.

Player Sila has mastered the God's Cathedral and Ray Assemble qi techniques, and successfully circulated them together. The two of them have fused together and become the Galaxy Eclipse qi technique.

It had been a while since the last time his skills had fused together. Even training with the teacher and dueling against Sebastian wasn't able to accomplish such feat. Something like this really depended on chance and opportunity.

Sila was now able to maintain the sphere's heat while concentrating the power into his hand to melt the ice. Both powers allowed Sila to be aware of both the external environment and the internal power within him. The name Galaxy Eclipse must refer to his current feeling. The feeling of sensing both everything around and within him. It was as if the sphere was his own world.

Sila's right hand could completely resist the coldness of snow fairies. He also melted them away at the same time regardless of the distance. Sila used Twelve Celestial-Travelling-Steps to move forward while clearing the snow fairies obstructing his path with his right hand. His left hand was still gripping on the stabbing dagger to not allow himself to fall asleep. He was steadily narrowing the distance to the Snow Dragon. Step by step.

Dorolia sensed the crisis. It wasn't proficient at fighting at close range. Its strong point was its powerful, wide areof-effect skills. It was more proficient at dealing with a lot of enemies instead of fighting one on one.

With this realization, it started flapping its wings. A snowstorm was created, blocking Sila's vision. Dorolia unleashed its magic power. Its crystal horn emitted a light and the Snow Dragon flew up toward the sky.

Sila tensed once he noticed that Dorolia had flown up. If he was Bluebird, he would fly to follow it. However, he was not.

With such a height, there was simply no way for him to reach by a normal jump. The little brain of Sila started to come up with a solution. Sila wasn't a smart person. Nonetheless, since he had entered this game, he had always been forced to solve problems using his wit.

'Damn. Flying is possible in this game but I can't do it yet. Fighting in the air will render my footwork useless too. This is clearly a scam,' Sila thought.

The Snow Dragon was still keeping itself in the air. It was continuously blowing its freezing breath below. It was only a matter of time until Sila exhausted his qi and froze over.

'A smart dragon is really more skilled than a berserk dragon. I wonder how did Mister Poluk catch it?' thought Sila. Just fighting it was hard enough. To be able to catch it alive would mean Poluk's ability far surpassed the dragon's.

"Wait. Mister Poluk has fought it, right?" Sila exclaimed.

One particular thought entered Sila's mind. He might not know the method to kill this dragon. But, Mister Poluk had defeated it before. He just needed to find Mister Poluk's method.

"If I were Mister Poluk, what would I do?" Sila asked himself.

'If Mister Poluk held back, he wouldn't use too much power. He might even use less qi than what I'm currently using. Then, what did he do?' Once Sila's right hand struck at the last snow fairy, he pulled the dagger out of his left palm.

"Formless Soldier," Sila muttered. Poluk surely used this skill.

Sila activated the light attribute of Formless Soldier to the maximum. Sila's body was now so light that he could drift by the wind current. Sila bended his knees and activated the soft attribute to increase his flexibility. Afterward, He flicked himself ascending into the sky as if he was an arrow being fired.

Sila charged at the dragon. However, his speed was exponentially dropping due to the concept of gravity. Once the distance between him and the dragon became twenty meters, his body completely stopped and started to fall down.

Dorolia was startled by the fact that Sila could jump this high. It used the chance that Sila stopped mid air to perform an attack. Its crystal horn emitted the light again.

"Hammer of Absolute Zero." A gigantic ice cube appeared in the air above Sila. Its size was comparable to the dragon. The speed of it descending down coupled with the force of gravity made it seem like an icy meteor.

Sila had no spare time to think twice. He wouldn't pull himself downward since the dragon wouldn't be kind enough to let him jump a second time. He disregarded his injured left hand and waved it at the Snow dragon while activating Universe Momentum.

Since his body was many times smaller, it was him that was pulled toward the dragon instead of the other way around. Due to him not having time to pinpoint the location, Sila's body was pulled toward the dragon's forehead instead of the heart which was its weakness. He barely dodged the falling ice cube.

The dragon was preparing to activate Freezing Universe Frosty Ice again. Sila could realize that by seeing that its eyes and its horn were glowing like it had done before.

If he was affected by that skill a second time, Sila would surely die. This wasn't a time for him to spare the number of uses of Genesis Punch. Everything would end if he died. Once Sila's left hand grabbed on the dragon's forehead, his right fist instantly threw at it at full force.

This fist of Sila was empowered by Genesis Punch, Galaxy Eclipse, the flame power of Tortured Soul, and the fire element of Orbiting Cosmos. Once it connected to Dorolia's crystal horn, a crack appeared on the flawless horn.

Dorolia's skill was forcefully canceled. The crystal horn was its source of magic power. Since there was a crack on it, Dorolia's magic power would become muddled. Its massive body, that had been floating with the help of magic power, began to fall.

Now, Sila was uninterruptedly throwing qi-reinforced punches at the crystal horn without a break. The size of the crack was expanding. A quarter of it was chipped away. The magic power pushed him upward into the air. His upper clothes couldn't take the damage anymore and was torn apart.

Sila coughed out blood in midair. Upon seeing Dorolia descending to the ground, he activated the heavier and harder attributes of Formless Soldier and dove down following it. His remaining qi power was reinforced into his body. The fire element from Orbiting Cosmos ignited Sila's body and turned him into a human meteor.

The dragon crashed to the ground, shaking it. Sila followed closely. He pulled his fist with the last Genesis Punch. The fist was thrown at the dragon's chest. The ice armor of the dragon was shattered. The powerful blow pierced through the dragon's heart.

The dragon turned into a white light and disappeared, leaving Sila laid down exhausted on the snowfield.

The system sound rang in Sila's head, but he was too tired and just wanted to sleep.

Player Sila has defeated the Snow Dragon Dorolia, Marquis Rank, Level 250. Player has received 100,000,000 experience points, 20,000 gold, (A) Snow Dragon Card 1 EA, (A) Soul Crystal 1 EA, and (S) Dorolia Sword 1 EA.

The Dorolia Sword is part of a dual swords set. The other sword in the set, (S) Solaria Sword, is already owned by Player Ginny.

Level of Player Sila has risen to 600.

Player Sila has achieved a special condition of the quest: Decolonize Slime Kingdom. Seal of Ice has been destroyed. There are five Seals remaining.

Sila didn't pay attention to the system sound. He sat and recovered his power for ten minutes until he was able to move.

His Cloud Roaming Hermit's Clothes that he had obtained from defeating the Great Millennium Ape Boss had been utterly ragged. Sila searched his item window only to find that the remaining clothes he had were the Beggar's Cloak and Beginner Clothes that he had forgotten to sell. Good grief, wearing something was better than nothing. Thus, Sila wore both of them.

He also took a glance at the Dorolia Sword and realized that he had gotten some strange item again.

Sila watched the snowy scenery in front of him. The snowfall was gently falling down. It would still keep falling until the magic power in the area decomposed.

Sila stopped and admired the breath-taking view for a while before running to Colossia City.

(S) Dorolia Sword [One-of-kind]

The sword made of Snow Dragon Dorolia's crystal horn. It contains the power of ice element. Physical attack power is 0. Magical attack power is 0.

Upon holding, user will be affected by the frozen status condition.

*The ability will be updated once it is used together with (S) Solaria Sword.

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