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Chapter 7: Who Must I Kill to Meet That Guy

The sleepy girl woke up and rubbed her eyes softly.

A couple days earlier, she had been working hard without any rest. The reason for that was her grandfather. She didn't know how he did, but Beginner Building had become an isolate place because of him. There had been rumors about you would be killed by a NPC if you're careless or about their slogan "We, wise and lovely NPC, welcome all new players." being totally fake.

She'd had to put a lot of effort into bringing players to use Beginner Building's services again. She had advertised, cleared works, planned a marketing campaign, and felt so exhausted to the point that she'd had to secretly take a nap in her player service room.

When she looked around, she was startled that there was a young man sitting in the room. She was shocked because, normally, if she didn't allow, anyone would be unable to enter this room. This actually was the main reason why she chose to nap in this room.

Soon the young man's eyes opened.

"Oh, I see that you are awake now, Miss Lucy," the man in beginner clothes greeted her.

'Hmm? This person knows me?' Lucy now pondered where she had met him.

Sila saw the woman's confused reaction and felt unsure he just mistook someone else for Lucy or not, since he had never met Lucy before.

"Are you not Lucy, Crow's niece?"

"Oh, sorry. I am Lucy. Are you my grandfather's acquaintance?"

"We once talked when I used this place's service."

Sila started telling Lucy how he'd met Crow. He also used this chance to ask for information that Crow had irresponsibly told him, "I don't know too. Go find out about that yourself" with Lucy; which she could answer them perfectly, lived up to the title 'wise and lovely NPC.'

"I should take my leave now. By the way, how can I go out of this room?" asked Sila.

Lucy waved her hand. Then, the door was opened

"It's our pleasure to serve you, sir," said Lucy with a smile.

Sila said thanks and stepped out of the room.


Sila slowly walked along Beginning Town's main road, heading toward a restaurant just as the mysterious message telling him.

'Since I have come to this game, I only acquainted myself with Miss Muay at Card Shop, Mister Crow, the man in Wuxia's clothes, and Miss Lucy, didn't I?'

He began to guess identity of the sender. Miss Muay was NPC so she shouldn't have any reason to send him a message. Crow should have been gone back to Madman Valley already. The man in Wuxia's clothes was also out of the list since they two didn't even have a proper conversation. As for Lucy, he'd just met her after receiving the message.

'I'm really clueless.'

Shortly, Sila spotted a group of people tightly gathered on the street, blocking his path. The town only had one main road, so if he planned to visit a restaurant, he would have to go through.

He peeked at the situation over the crowd's shoulders and found that there were three men cornering one young man and young woman.

Sila had a principle not to interfere with other people's business. The world is cruel like that. The strong devours the weak, the wolves hunt the rabbits. If you don't want to be hunted, then don't be a rabbit. Only strength will make us survive. Moreover, it might be another story if those two in corner were someone who couldn't fight. But since they didn't look weak, Sila had more reason to not intervene. Most importantly, this was just a game's matter.

Judging by situation, the incident would come to an end soon. The side of one young man and one young woman was badly injured. Though the people in other side were injured too, they were still getting the upper hand since they had more people.

"You two, just give up and hand us a 'Serpent Heart' obediently." The brutal man who seemed to be the boss of the side of three people said.

"My companions and I hunted for this item ourselves. We even faced a lot of casualties, so I cannot give it to you. Not to mention that we obtained it rightfully," stated the young man.

"Rightful? You are quite wrong here. Great White Serpent was a monster that our guild settled on for a long time ago. But since it wasn't fully mature, its heart wouldn't contain any special effect. We had patiently waited for it to grow up, but then your party snatched away our prey. We had invested a lot of resources into feeding it, so we are the rightful one here to obtain its heart."

"But when we said we were going to hunt it, you guys said we could take anything if we won," shouted the young woman, "then what is this? When we actually successfully hunted it down, you guys are trying to plunder our loot. Is this an action of a righteous side!?"

'A righteous side, huh? Are these bandit-looking guys really being considered as a justice side?'

Sila couldn't imagine these guys to be good men no matter how he looked at them, either appearance-wise or action-wise.

Sila kept waiting but both sides were still shouting at each other, stating they were righteous by various reasons. However, Sila knew well that both sides were trying to recover themselves in secret; they all were looking for an opportunity to strike. Although the conversation was ongoing, if one side scrambled, that side would be attacked immediately.

Since he couldn't go through this crowd anyway, Sila then inquired the situation from the man in front of him, "big bro, could you please tell me what's going on here?"

The mob turned their head to Sila. They saw Sila in Beginner Clothes and comprehended that Sila wouldn't had known the stories in this game and about this incident. They then enjoyably explained many things to Sila.

Sila could summarize all gamers' explanations as followed: The group of three bandit-looking men had planned to hunt Great White Serpent together long ago. But since it'd been still immature, they'd decided to feed it. The feeding here meant making it through a fight to increase its abilities and growth. They'd let it fought against several Squire Rank wolves in level 20 by catching the wolves and releasing them in Great White Serpent's territory.

Nevertheless, this morning, the party of those two currently cornered people, which their group originally had consisted of seven people before, had traveled to Great White Serpent's territory and met with the savage men group.

The group of savage men had inspected the newly arrived group's level and found that all members in this party were only level 50s. Their group had been so sure that this party couldn't possibly kill the Great White Serpent, which was a monster in Squire Rank, level 250; so they'd let this arrogant group passed through.

However, contrary to the savage men group's expectation, with well-coordinated fighting method of this team of seven people, Great White Serpent had been killed. Then, the savage group had rushed into the battle field to loot dropped items, and been able to slay five persons of the opposite team since they had been all exhausted from the previous fight.

The team of seven, which their members had been reduced to two, used Returning Scroll to escape to Beginning Town. But the savage gang had gone after them. In the end, the fight continued in this place as Sila now witnessed.

Sila could hear one person saying that Serpent Heart was an item that can promote one's rank from Squire to Knight if one's level reach 1,000.

About Rank, Sila had heard from Lucy that, in Monster Soul, both player and monster had rank. The ranks were ranged by strength from Squire, Knight, Marquis, Lord, to Emperor Rank. Each rank had level cap at 1,000; and when one was promoted, one's level would be at 1 of the new rank.

With the ability to promote rank, Serpent Heart was considered a very important item. Its market price was whopping 30 gold coins. It's no wonder why both groups tried to claim their right to get it.

Now, Sila was more interested in these onlookers. It's one thing for him that he had a principle not to interfere in others' affair, but why these people just stood here and did nothing? If Serpent Heart was truly that precious, there should be many people here who wanted to snatch it themself. In fact, it shouldn't be weird at all if someone was consumed by greed and shamelessly engaged into the battle.

Sila stated this curious opinion out, and there's someone answered him.

"Little bro, it's normal that no one would dare to interfere in the affairs of Heaven Dragon guild."

"Heaven Dragon guild?" Sila frowned. He thought he had heard this name before.

"Those bandit-looking men are members of Heaven Dragon guild established by Montra, the one who entitled as Magic Emperor, one of Four Emperors."

Sila's face changed to be an expressionless one. If there's someone who truly knew him here, one would immediately realize that this was a Sila's symptom of trying to suppress the anger inside of him.

The crowd saw Sila became silent and misunderstood that maybe Sila didn't know about Montra and Heaven Dragon guild since he was a new player. So they started explaining.

"Montra is held up as the strongest player in the game. Because in War Event last year, Four Emperors; which consist of Montra: Magic Emperor, Lone Wolf: Qi Emperor, Zero: Shadow Emperor, and Cross: Sword Emperor; clashed, and the winner of that event was Montra. Since then, Montra is hailed as the strongest player, and his Heaven Dragon guild became a mighty one. Heaven Dragon guild is a large guild with many members; it's also the most influential guild in the game as of now. It has been claimed as guild of a righteous side and maintains for game's balance and peace."

Sila had listened enough. He circulated "Qi of Little Fish" and magically passed through the crowd as if he's a little fish swimming through a fishnet.

Finally, he entered the battle field, receiving everyone's attention.

Sila now was wearing a Beginner Clothes in Chinese style that had long sleeves down to both hands, covering all his arms to fingertips. If ones didn't look close enough, they wouldn't notice that his right-hand fingertips weren't looked like those of a human.

This outward appearance of Sila now was due to Lucy's recommendation. He had consulted with Lucy how to hide his right arm that many people often glance at it.

Lucy told him that although Beginner Clothes had a starting form of a short sleeve shirt with long pants; since Monster Soul Online had no occupation system while some player wanted to get a feeling of being a swordsman, mage, priest, etc.; Beginner Clothes then had a trivial feature to change its original form to another three forms: leather clothes for an adventurer, silk cloak for a mage, and long-sleeve cotton clothes for a Wuxia; which Sila was now wearing.

Sila turned his back to the man and the woman, gazing longingly to three savage men.

Now that he's close to them, he could spot that the collars of these men's clothes were embroidered with white Chinese dragon, so he assumed that this was a symbol of Heaven Dragon guild.

"Who are you?" asked the boss of the savage men group.

"Where is that bastard Montra?"

Sila didn't answer but asked back in cold tone.

Those around him panicked, 'who is this man to dare calling Magic Emperor without respect in front of Heaven Dragon's guild member?'

The leader of savage men group shouted at Sila:

"Kid! Not only you are interfering with our Heaven Dragon guild's matter, you also called our guild leader without respect. You are done for today."

And when his subordinate whispered something to him, the brutal smile was formed.

"Hahaha, and you are just a newbie with level 3."

Sila was a little surprised that his opponent knew his level, but he didn't change his expression.

Actually, there was a way to inspect another player's level. In fact, this could be done by upgrading one's System Window. Naturally, Sila's level had been inspected by most players since he had entered into the battle scene.

Inspecting the other's level could only be performed when the inspector's System Window grade was equal to or higher than the one who was inspected. With Sila's F Grade System Window, anyone could easily inspect his level.

Although the level was unimportant in this game, the savage man totally thought that Sila was an easy opponent.

With level 3 and wearing Beginner Clothes, Sila looked truly like a newbie. Not only that, his outward appearance was that of a Wuxia who tends to use qi. In this game, player in qi type could start training "Basic Qi" only when one's level is above 50. So, with that logic, Sila was only viewed as an easy prey for them.

The cornered young man behind Sila also inspected Sila's level and concluded the same. He then told Sila with concernedness.

"Little bro, this is our matter. I know that you have good intention, but you shouldn't be involved in this affair. Please step back."

Sila didn't even look back, "I'm not here to help you. I just have my own business with Heaven Dragon's guild members."

The woman felt angry upon hearing Sila's conceited voice. Her friend had been trying to help just now, but instead of Sila thanking them, he even didn't care.

"Hey! You! Big brother Tiger was trying to help you just now. Not a word of thanks was bad enough, but you even rejected his kind deed."

Tiger saw his friend misbehaved so he turned his head to talk to her, "don't be like that, Alice."

While three of them was busy talking, one of the savage men group's subordinate saw a chance and rushed toward them, his target was Sila. Now many onlookers closed their eyes since they didn't want to see the scene of someone dead.

"Dies! Your weakling!"

Sila's only glimpsed at attacker's assault. Compared to level 80 Black Wolf, this attack looked rather slow. He struck his blue-light glowing hand to his opponent. Although his hand's movements looked slow, it's actually fast.

In a flash, his opponent was bounced off. He then was caught by his teammate.

'Unexpectedly, it works. Who knows that "Qi of Little Fish" can be used to attack as well? I always thought that it could only be used for dodging.'

Sila gazed his left hand while imaging how he could utilize his qi further.

Now, everyone was stunned and stared at Sila … everyone here included the crowd, savage men, and Tiger and Alice as well.

"... Kill him first."

Three of savage men had eye contact, and then attacked Sila simultaneously from three sides. In their hands were thick swords, they're coming at Sila from different directions.

Sila dodged to the left, and then hardened his right hand while circulating "Qi of Little Tiger" into it. Sila used his hand as though it's a sword; he thrust it into one of his enemies' chest. Palm sword stabbed through the heart, which is undoubtedly a vital point. His opponent couldn't even scream before he turned into the light and disappeared.

Sila's two other enemies turned their head to witness the sight of their friend dying. The anger was intense than fear; their boss, who was nearest to Sila, thrust his sword to Sila's back.

Sila span his body to the left while concentrating "Qi of Little Fish" into his left hand. He used it to grab his opponent's wrist and then harshly twisted it, making his enemy cried in pain.

Sila's last opponent saw his boss being held tightly. Thus, he immediately casted "Lightning Arrow" spell toward Sila. It's one of the low-tier spells that require no cast time.

Sila felt pain as soon as he was hit by a lightning arrow. He had learned from Lucy that one can't evade magic unless one had a really very high level, used special item, skill, or card. Thus, magic arrows were very popular among players. Even players that didn't intend to be magic-type player usually possess some magic skills, especially magic arrows, which didn't have cast time.

The system sound suddenly rung.

Right Arm of the Sealed One has received lightning-element energy, the special skill: Electromagnetic Field is unlocked.

Sila didn't listen to sound of the system. He was busy focusing on circulating "Recovering Qi" to relieve his pain while putting more forces into his grasp to make thick sword fell out of enemy's hand that he'd locked.

Next, he quickly concentrated "Qi of Little Tiger" into his right foot and used it to kick the dropping sword toward the enemy who just had hit him with magic.

The sword was spinning so fast that Sila's opponent couldn't properly react. It soon cut his head off, resulting in the fountain of blood, which was a very terrible sight for all onlookers. Fortunately, a few seconds after, this frightening scene turned to be a white light and disappeared.

Meanwhile, Sila hadn't finished his attack yet. His right foot didn't stop for just kicking a sword but went further and kicked at his opponent's knee mercilessly. His opponent screamed in pain and lay down helplessly.

After that, Sila's figure was looked like a grim reaper. He crossed his arm behind his back and stood still as if all of these series of event weren't related to him. This was a stance that Sila imitated from Lone Wolf. Sila thought it looked cool so he did the same.

All events had happened and ended too quickly. Even Tiger who tried to interfere in a helping manner was stunned. No, it's safe to say that the same thing was applied to the entire crowd as well.

"Where is Montra?" slowly asked Sila.

"I-I don't know where the leader is, really! He always keeps practicing in secret. I am just an underling so-"

"Then, who knows?"

"T-Two Monarchs or Five Warlords would know. But except for Sir Black Star Warlord who stations at Alkedia, I don't know where the others are."

Sila listened quietly then spoke with a loud voice.

"Go tell everyone in Heaven Dragon guild this: tell Montra to get his ass out and meet me.  If he not, I will definitely crush everything related to Heaven Dragon guild until he come out."

After declaration, Sila concentrated "Qi of Little Tiger" on his foot and kicked his opponent's chest heavily, sending him to an afterlife. He then walked toward a restaurant while the crowd backed off from his path unconsciously.

At that time, Tiger and Alice were still in shock. They could only stare blankly at Sila walking away without anyone dared enough to give him their thanks.

T/N for Thai readers: you might notice that "Rank" was ordered differently than the original novel (changing from Marquis -> Knight  to Knight -> Marquis.) This is due to the fact that author wrote about this when he mistakenly believed that Knight has a superior nobility than Marquis (which he realized his false later and decided that it's too late to change it since reader had become accustomed by it.) Thus, me and author had consulted each other and decided to change it in translator version so that we can give an easier-to-understand reading experience to worldwide reader.

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