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Chapter 30: Star Swallow Skill

The more Sila played with Lookhin, the more it became docile. Sila thought it wasn't a mistake to buy it.

Lookhin was hovering around. Although it wasn't that fast, it was obviously quicker than normal bird. However, Sila's eyes were keener than normal people, so he didn't notice this different.

"Do you want to try flying outside?" said Sila.

Lookhin landed itself on Sila's shoulder and used its head to rub Sila's cheek gently. Sila was charmed by its loveliness so he decided to go out although now was currently 2am.

Sila went out of the room and found himself in the bank. Although It was still opening, there were not many players using its service right now. There were only two people that upon Sila going out of the bank, they started whispering something.

Sila had to be surprised when he got out. There were more than ten players wearing armor blocking his way. Sila stopped his feet in front of the group, ten meters away.

"Excuse me, could you please let me through?" politely said Sila.

"Are you Sila?" said the man in red armor.

Sila frowned. He observed these guys and found that there was a symbol of two swords crossing, making an X shape, embroidered on their collar. It was not a white dragon symbol so they were not likely to be Heaven Dragon's guildmembers.

"Yes, that's me. What do you want from me?" replied Sila.

Then, that man made an eye contact with others. Their group began to spread in a circle around Sila.

Sila realized that a battle was likely to occur so he wanted Lookhin to flee; then, it flew away without him having to speak his order out loud. It flew to land itself on a sign post that wasn't far away from him.

"You have no room to talk, your bastard. For a toad that wants to eat goose's meat like you, we'll teach some manner today for our leader's sake." That man said while all of them took their weapons out.

T/N: 'Toad that wants to eat goose's meat' is a proverb, referring to someone who overrates oneself. It's mostly used to say to an average man who aims to go out with pretty woman. 
Sila still didn't understand. This man's words were so nonsense. He also didn't know why this man had to tell something in proverb. Sila didn't sure since he hadn't heard this proverb before, but it seemed like this man was accusing him for eating something he shouldn't eat. Sila couldn't remember himself snatching somebody's food to eat. Even if he did that, it was just a food. Do these guys have to assemble and gang up on him over it?

Sila couldn't tolerate this nonsense. He circulated "Tortured Soul" qi technique throughout his whole body. His eyes shone mysteriously. They looked just like the eyes of an evil spirit.

The opponents realized that Sila was trying to resist. Seeing that, they laughed.

Is this new player trying to resist them? Shouldn't he get on his knees and beg for his life instead?

"Arrogant bastard! Do you think you can defeat us?" said the guy who seemed like a leader of the gang.

Sila didn't answer their question. He stood firmly like a rock, waiting for his opponent to make first move.

One of the opponents came forward alone. In his hand was a flame red sword that was so sharp and might even able to cut the metal off easily.

The rest of them were still waiting watchfully. They all came from Main Continent. Although they were underlings, they all thought that beating the crap out of single new player should be a child's play. Based on what they had seen, this guy even had to be pulled onto the stage by Goddess of Purified Water. This meant his ability was poor. The reason he was a winner of the event must have been due to Varee's ability alone.

They are low-leveled players of Royal Armament Guild.

By the way, Sword Emperor, their guild leader had been persuading Varee into his guild for a long time. However, Varee kept rejecting his offers.

Since he didn't want to forcefully make her to join his guild, he gave Varee a time to reconsider; hoping that someday she would change her mind and join it.

Then, one day, he had heard that Varee had brought her lover into the game. Sword Emperor was among the top players in the game with high reputation but he lost to a no name new player. This thought irritated him. However, as expected of the Sword Emperor who was a guild leader, he didn't panic and just calmly ordered his men to gather information of the player named Sila.

Nevertheless, his men's thought had gone one step further. They wanted to kill Sila few times to please their leader, so that they might be promoted to higher position in the guild. Fame and money would come later. Killing a single newbie would net them a lot of benefits. They would be a fool if they didn't take such an easy job like this.

They had waited for Sila and Varee to separate. After that, once they had seen Sila entering a bank, they gathered friends to ready to gang up on Sila. By the way, they had gathered only around ten people since it would be easier for them to distribute the shares.

These guys expected for the best result. But there was an obstacle that they weren't aware of; it was a fact that Sila wasn't a new player that cannot put up a fight. Actually, they could already anticipate it from the fact that his bounty hadn't been claimed yet. However, everyone here ignored that fact.

Meanwhile, Sila was disappointed. He noticed that his opponents were full of confidence and wore not bad equipment. Sila had thought that they would be strong, but it was a letdown for him to see that the opponent running at him was so slow and full of opening.

"This is Millennium Flame Sword, an item in B grade that the one who got slashed by it will get a burning wound. You will feel torture without a way to cancel its effect until you die. Hahaha, you will have to get on your knees and beg me to end your life." He said all that while running forward. The way he was able to say this long sentence indicating how slow he and his sword were.

The sword was aimed at Sila's forehead. Anyway, Sila was bored. After a fight at the beach, these minor fights didn't cause him to feel excited anymore. He didn't even have to use "Qi of Little Divine Beings." He just moved his body slightly to cause the sword to barely miss his shoulder.

The sword sank into the ground. Sila then used his foot to step on it.

"Whether it's steel sword or wooden sword, if it doesn't hit a target, its power will become useless anyway. Shame on you to have such a great sword."

That man's face was distorted by anger. He was about to pull the sword back to slash at Sila again, but he couldn't lift it up. Not only that, he couldn't even let his hand go of his sword.

Sila was using "Universe Momentum" to chain this man's hand with the sword, while using his own weight to press it.

"If your guys' abilities are only this much, can you all just suicide? You're wasting my time here." Sila provoked all of them. Even if he was sure to win this fight, he would gain an upper hand if the battle became tussle. It would be faster for him to end the fight too.

His provocation worked. The rest of them were all coming at him. Sila didn't wait to use "God's Cathedral" of 10-metered radius. His hand gesture in circular and pull all of them to the center before changing his power to become "Tortured Soul" empowered by "Qi of Little Tiger." Immediately, more than ten of them became buried in an iceberg.

Sila then decreased his power to let these guys' bodies left in an iceberg without them dying. He wanted to plant this terrible image in their mind so there wouldn't be these weaklings to disturb him in the future.

"Stop right there!" shouted the man who didn't hit by Sila's "Tortured Soul" skill.

Sila turned his head to the voice. He found that there were two of his opponents that were still safe. One of them was the one who had just shouted, while the remaining one was holding something.

Sila glared at the hand of that person. When he realized the object in that man's hand, his fury surged. It seemed like he had been too kind to them.

"If you don't want this bird to die, you have to surrender now." That guy said. His grip was about to break Lookhin.


An anger emotion surged within Sila. And this feeling was instantly linked to Lookhin.

Although it was just a cute bird, its eyes flashed brightly with green light, the pressure around it become heavy. People around it started to feel uncomfortable. Even Sila, its owner, felt a little pressured. Needless to say, those two guys who were closest to it suddenly became so scared.

"What are you doing? Die!" The one who hold Lookhin tried to squeeze it, hoping to kill it before it did something.

However, no matter how hard he had squeezed, Looking didn't die. It was just Level 1 brown sparrow but its skin was harder than a diamond. He squeezed it so much that his hand felt painful. In the end, he had to release his grab.

After Lookhin flew of his hand, it just made a sound and then many sharp rocks emerged. They pierced through all players there and change this place to become an execution area. Their bodies were torn into pieces. There was only one of Sila's opponents left. He was now watching the situation with the eyes that couldn't believe all this.

Even Sila had to avoid these rock spikes. When he noticed that there was one survivor left, he grabbed Millennium Flame Sword and threw it at that guy. With this, that guy writhed in pain full of burning sensation for a while without a way to cancel its effect before he died. It was just like what the sword's owner had said.

All the noise attracted people to come and see the situation. Sila didn't want to stand out so he used "Qi of Little Bird" to soared along the roofs. He also didn't forget to give his thought for ordering Lookhin to follow him.

As soon as he arrived to north side of the town, he stopped. Sila chose this direction because if he went further this way, he would reach the harbor. He wouldn't plan to enter the town anymore.

Lookhin flew following Sila. Sila was surprised that it could keep up to his speed. But after the second thought, Lookhin is a bird, so it shouldn't be weird for it to be able to follow him who used "Qi of Little Bird."

"How could you do that before, Lookhin? Didn't the shop's clerk tell me that you couldn't fight?" said Sila.

Lookhin stood on Sila's palm. It didn't say anything and only tilted its head like it didn't understand his question.

Sila didn't know what to do so he opened his system window to check its status. What he saw caused him to shock.

Pet Status: Lookhin   Level: 1
Race: Brown Sparrow            Rank: Squire
Health Point: 20 / 20 Magic Point: 0 / 0      Qi Point: 0 / 0 Psychic Point: 0 / 0
Satiety: 65 / 100         Love Degree: 31%
*Brown Sparrow cannot accumulate experience point

Active Skill:
(S) Star Swallow
Player can feed B-gradedor higher grade Card to Brown Sparrow as an alternative to normal pet food.
*Upon using, there is 0.1% chance that Brown Sparrow will receive the experience point equal to the experience points received from the monster of that card.
*Upon using, there is 0.00001% chance that Brown Sparrow will gain the skill of the monster of that card.

Obtain Skills:
[Qi type]
[Psychic type]
Special Skill: Mind Concealing (Blue-Scaled King Merman)
Can conceal the mind to attack without system notice.
Can conceal true basic stats from player.
-        True Status
Pet Status: Lookhin   Level: 850
Race: Brown Sparrow            Rank: Squire
Health Point: 250,000 / 250,000       Magic Point: 243,000 / 300,000
Qi Point: 2,000 / 2,000                       Psychic Point: 95,000 / 150,000
Special Skill: Mind Connection (Blue-Scaled King Merman)
Can share feeling between itself and owner's.
Can change its psychic point into mental oppression. The strength depends on the maximum amount of psychic point.
[Magic type]
Special Skill: Granite Spear (Earth Dragon)
Create spikes from the ground. The number of spike is not fixed. The number of spike and its strength depend on the amount of magic being used.
Special Skill: Earth Dragon's Scale (Earth Dragon)
Strengthen the body to increase the physical defense. The strength depends on the maximum amount of magic point.

The more Sila read, the more he thought that Lookhin development was too fast. Anyway, he was curious. The success rate of "Star Swallow" skill is only 0.1% and 0.00001% respectively. So why did it seem like all his cards that had used to feed Lookhin ended up in success?

Then, the word of his in-game teacher about his lucky trait come in his mind. With that thought, Sila read the detail of Greed Card again.

(S) Greed Card - Level 7
Increases the minimum drop rate of all items to 30%.
Increases the minimum drop rate of cards to 50%.
Increases the minimum chance to come across a special situation to 35%.
Increases the minimum chance to encounter a hidden boss monster to 20%.
Increases the minimum chance to end up being benefited from any randomness to 80%.
Player will earn 1.5 times more money when defeat the monster.
Player has a 0.02% chance of encountering Mammon - Demon of Greed.
Player will earn only 10% of all experience point from now on.

Sila frowned. The card's level had increased and its abilities were better. However, the probability of being able to encounter the demon of greed sounded quite unlucky here.

Sila looked at Lookhin that almost got hurt and realized that; although he didn't want it to fight, as long as he couldn't keep it away, it would have a chance for it to hurt from stray bullet. Thus, he changed his mind and decided to make Lookhin to be potent enough to take care of itself. However, it seemed like the self-defense by Sila's definition is slightly higher than the standard.

Actually, this brown sparrow had been created by Monster Department with well thought. Not only this monster isn't strong, cannot gain experience point through normal means, but its skill "Star Swallow" is also awkward. No sane person would feed a card to it since the probability of success is just 0.1% and 0.00001%. It is like wasting a tremendous amount of money on a monster that has no hope of getting stronger.

But there was one single insane person here who didn't regard the tremendous value of the card. This person was now brought out grade Great Millennium Ape and handed it to a brown sparrow.

"Lookhin, uses "Star Swallow.""

At the end of his sentence, brown sparrow's body emitted out light full of qi power. Its eyes were shining the mysterious green lights.

The legend of a cute yet scary monster started here. Sila had just created a first pet of Monster Soul that could use qi, psychic, and magic at its disposal.

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