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Chapter 285: 285

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Victor Frankenstein is a fictional character in one of Mary Shelley’s famous works written in 1818 . He is a scientist who creates a hideous sapient creature in an unorthodox scientific experiment due to his hunger for knowledge . It was an old novel built around elements of the gothic genre and the romantic movement, and eventually inspired a subgenre of horror stories .

Strangely enough, most people think of the nameless creature created in the experiment, who was simply referred to as Frankenstein’s Monster, instead of the doctor when they hear the name Frankenstein . This is due to the fact that his creation has gone on to become more well-known .

Sila first heard the story of Cinderella when Bow mentioned her not long after he started playing Monster Soul . His lack of knowledge regarding literature naturally included an old classic like Frankenstein . As a result, he didn’t get the meaning behind Joshua’s codename . He simply thought it was a weird name .

If Joshua had revealed his identity in the past, Sila would have already made his move . However, Sila did nothing but sit in place . “Is that so?”

Joshua went back and sat down in his chair . He was rather surprised that Sila was calmer than expected . “That’s all?”

Sila nodded . “Teacher Mora trusts you . Kimon also trusts you to the point where they were willing to tell you the secret recipe of their tonic . That means I can place my trust in you . ”

Witnessing Sila’s unusual composure, Joshua couldn’t help but be amazed . “Although I may appear to be calm on the outside, I’m actually very surprised that you are not shocked by my true identity, you know?”

“Even though I’m not shocked, I still want an explanation of how you ended up being one of the Six Executives, Mister Joshua . I have heard that each member of the organization is a hideous criminal wanted by many countries . ”

Joshua showed a mild smile . “You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, Sila . Even though I’m not directly taking lives and you won’t see wanted posters of me anywhere, I have a higher kill count than anyone else in the organization . I’m talking on the scale of millions of people . ”

Sila was shocked . He didn’t expect a polite-looking person like Joshua to have been involved in the deaths of millions .

“For the sake of achieving my ultimate wish, I pushed forward every scientific possibility to its limit while disregarding morals as a researcher . I created innumerable monsters from my creations, using the entire world as my lab . Every step closer to my goal meant I lengthened the trail of death and destruction . It was the reason why I was invited by them, and I accepted without hesitation . ”

The more Sila heard about it, the sicker he felt . He even felt slightly disgusted . “Why?”

“Money . That’s all there is to it . My research requires funding, and the organization possesses seemingly endless wealth for me to spend . They didn’t even ask what I was doing with the money . Though, in exchange, I have to produce works that are beneficial to them from time to time . ”

“And? How could a person like you be approached by the association?”

“I have a relative who is in the association,” Joshua replied without identifying that said relative was none other than Sila himself . “That’s why Mora asked for my help . He wanted me to use the organization’s money for the association while reducing and slowing the release of my creations to them . Killing two birds with one stone . ”

Sila understood Mora’s idea . By recruiting Joshua, not only would the association get free funding, but it would also help them acquire intel about their enemy . He was curious about something though . Regarding the organization’s tremendous amount of money provided to Joshua, what was the source of it?

“How exactly does the organization make money?”

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“I honestly don’t know . Since they have never asked me what I spent their money on, similarly, I have never asked how they obtained it . ”

Sila gave it a thought, while Joshua took out a computer disk, similar to what Zero used to record his video files, and offered it to Sila . “About the organization, we can talk all day but our conversation won’t even end by then . This disk contains the same information I gave Montra . Please take it and study its contents yourself . ”

Taking the disk from Joshua’s outstretched hand, Sila asked, “Does Montra know about this matter as well?”

“He only found out recently, like you . It’s the reason he is in seclusion, as he is studying this information . Otherwise, there would be no way you could infiltrate his workspace so easily, Sila . ”

Sila finally understood why his raid was easier than he had anticipated . This disk could only be read in the game . Montra must have wanted to avoid distractions, so it was likely that he rented a room outside of his guild . The more he thought about it, the more it made sense as it was what Sila would do . They both desired to know more about the organization threatening the association .

Joshua poured himself some tea in a new cup, replacing the previous one that had broken . He lifted it up, smelled the tea, and slowly sipped it . “Does this conclude everything you wanted from me?”

“No . The association’s matters are important, but I can’t take care of them if I don’t win the war . Therefore, this is more urgent . ”

“Is that so? What exactly do you want to know from me, then?”

“First things first . There are people wanting to meet you . ” Sila extended his hand and focused on calling his partner . Soon, a black shadow appeared on the ground before Sebastian emerged from it, standing politely .

The butler had always wondered what he would say to Joshua when they reunited, yet no words came to mind the moment he saw his old master .

“Hello, Sebastian . It’s been a while . ”

“It has been very long, Master . I’m glad we can meet again . ” Sebastian bowed .

Sila’s right arm flashed once, then Ramiel in a white butler uniform made an appearance . His face was brimming with joy . He turned to Sila and bowed, thanking Sila for making his wish come true .

“Truly, thank you . ”

Sila nodded lightly, telling Ramiel to not mind it . Both Sebastian and Ramiel’s bodies emitted a faint glow . New objects were soon added into their hands . In Sebastian’s left hand was a transparent scythe, seemingly made of glass or crystal, making Sila wonder if it would break when used for striking . As for Ramiel, a marble shield engraved with gold was attached to his right arm .

“The Demonic Armaments . Soul-Reaping Scythe and God-Saving Shield . With this, you two have already regained your genuine forms . Congratulations,” Joshua remarked .

“My power exists solely for you, Master,” Ramiel replied hastily, unlike Sebastian who somehow fell silent .

Joshua nodded at Ramiel, shifted his gaze to Sebastian, then turned to Sila . “Thank you for bringing these children back to me, Sila . Do you want a reward?”

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Sila nodded . The he from before would have neglected receiving gifts . However, he now realized how far behind he was compared to Montra . Joshua was an important figure in the game, the pinnacle of NPCs to be exact . Sila’s action should have counted as completing a quest, so it wouldn’t be a problem for him to expect a reward .

“I want to win against Montra in the upcoming war . Is there anything that can help me?”

Joshua pointed at his head, then his heart . “Possessing these two is enough, and you already have both . I guess I don’t have to give you anything else . ”

Sila gaped . Joshua turned out to be a cheapskate when he least expected it . To think that Joshua would shamelessly tell him to rely on his head and his heart . . .

Cynthia lightly pinched Joshua’s arm . “Sweetheart, don’t tease him . Look at Sila . He became very shocked . ”

“Haha! Sorry, sorry . I saw you always be apathetic, so I wanted to tease you a little,” Joshua laughed . He coughed once and continued, “Sila, you already have a shot of winning against Montra as you are now . However, there are two areas in which you are clearly inferior . ”

“What are they?”

“The first is a weapon . The strength of a weapon made of Orichalcum is comparable to a Demonic Armament, equipment of the highest tier . Well, Orichalcum-based weapons were originally made in order to make up for the very few Demonic Armaments . ”

Sila tapped his own armor . “In that case, I need Lucifer’s blood . I have the Mechanical Evil God’s Protection similarly made from Orichalcum . It will reach Emperor Rank that way . ”

Joshua didn’t seem to agree with Sila’s statement . “That won’t do . Montra’s Sky-Splitting Dragon Magical Spear purely excels in attack power . Saying this may sound quite disrespectful to Mister Orpheus, but it would have been better if your armor was made by Mister Zeref . ”

It was Sila’s turn to disagree with Joshua . “Mister Orpheus’ creations are very good though . I don’t think my armor is that lacking . ”

“Sila, the strength of weapons and armor is determined by the damage they can inflict and the damage they can reduce,” Joshua explained, “Mister Orpheus’ armor has too many gimmicks, resulting in the loss of defensive capability . On the other hand, Zeref’s spear preserves the spear’s simplicity . Attack power takes first priority while the rest of the options pale in comparison . Its offensive capability is not to be taken lightly . ”

Sila had yet to say anything when Joshua continued, “And what you really need is not armor but a weapon, Sila . You may have your heart set on the Chaos Emperor Dragon’s old weapon, but I have to warn you that the Demonic Armament, Blade-Sharpening Dragon, is more complicated than you think . I won’t deny that there is a possibility that you will be the first player after Xian Hu to acquire the Demonic Armament . However, acquiring it is one thing . Being able to use it or not is another matter—”

Suddenly Joshua touched the corner of his right eye . He displayed a mischievous smile as if he were a kid stumbling upon a satisfying toy . “Interesting, Mammon . I didn’t expect this to happen at all . ”

“What is it?” asked Sila .

“It’s nothing . Pardon me for losing my focus . I’m ashamed . ” Joshua bowed mildly . “Fortunately, this event just happens to be able to fix our problem . ”

“Wait, what? I’m confused . ” So far Joshua was the only one talking and concluded things by himself, making Sila lose track of the flow of the conversation .

“Let’s stop talking about this for now . The other area in which you are inferior to Montra is that the magic in his possession is extremely powerful . Though this problem is rather easy to solve with the skill you already have . ”

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“I think I know . Lucifer’s Omniscient Evil God Qi . ”

It was a given that Sila could correctly identify the solution to the problem . Lucifer was the absolute figure standing at the pinnacle of qi-type creatures . Despite the fact that he should be vulnerable to magic power due to the nature of the three energies, he has overwhelmed magic-type beings time and time again using his Omniscient Evil God Qi . It was a law-defying qi, symbolizing Lucifer—the Demon of Pride .

“You got it right . We can even safely say that this qi is essentially magic-oppressing qi . None of the gods in Heaven stand a chance against him . However, I think you have found a problem regarding it . ”

Sila nodded . “Yes . I have tried cultivating by circulating it through my veins several times, yet it showed no signs of movement at all . Even eating a black baby manta ray didn’t work . ”

Sila had once tried to take a shortcut in an attempt to stabilize Omniscient Evil God Qi by eating a black baby manta ray . He had ordered Kuroha to bring it to him during his stay in Belacia City . However, not only did it not succeed, but it also had no effect whatsoever on his body . It was unusual since black baby manta rays normally have the ability to stabilize any kind of qi, including Qi of Little Divine Beings .

“That’s because you have eaten too many black baby manta rays in your lifetime, Sila . The system determined that your body developed an antibody against its benefits . Even if you were to eat a thousand of them, they won’t do anything aside from filling your belly . ”

This was the first time Sila had ever heard of this reason . It wasn’t strange as this phenomenon had never occurred to anyone else . The opportunity to eat a black baby manta ray was not something a lot of people got . Getting to eat it once was already a great fortune . On the other hand, Sila had eaten it three times already, so the fourth time didn’t work .

“Fortunately, all of your problems can be solved by a single thing,” Joshua said as he took out a small test tube . Within it was the strangest liquid Sila had ever seen . It sometimes made ripples after the tube was moved, yet it sometimes hardened from the same action . Its color also changed depending on the time and angle he looked at it . He could hardly describe its characteristics .

“Oh, since you brought both of them back, I’ve got to give you two tubes . ” Joshua took out two tiny glass bottles before carefully pouring three drops of the liquid into each . He then handed the two bottles to Sila .

Sila accepted the gifts and inspected them through his system window, yet it showed no information .

“The first bottle is for you to use it yourself . Mix it with your own blood once you have acquired the Blade-Sharpening Dragon . As for the other, you have to use it to negotiate with Mammon in front of Clute . Be menacing, yet compromising, so that you may obtain the Soul Crystals and the dragon’s egg from those two . When all of this is done, you will no longer be inferior to Montra . The victor then will be decided on this and this . ” Again, Joshua pointed at his head and his heart .

“I have my own Soul Crystal though . I don’t see any use from it . ”

“The one in your possession is different from what Mammon has, Sila . Don’t underestimate the Demon of Greed . He naturally has ways of hiding items from you . There are Soul Crystals that you have to get your hands on in his collection . Get them together with the dragon’s egg . Prepare everything before you step into the Valley of Immortals . ”

“Is this liquid Lucifer’s blood? My armor will be evolved to Emperor Rank with it?”

“No, it isn’t . Sorry to inform you that, through this method, your armor won’t ever reach Emperor Rank . It’s the law of equivalent exchange . However, I guarantee you that the item you trade them for will surely be able to oppose Montra’s magical spear . As for the identity of the liquid, Mammon will tell you later . ”

Sila nodded before turning to Sebastian . “Sebastian, as promised, I have brought you to your original master . My last order is that you’re free to do whatever you want . Farewell . ”

“Farewell, Mister Head Butler,” Julia added .

“Julia!!” Sila exclaimed . “That surprised me . Where have you been?”

“I was here from the start, Master . My presence must have been too thin for you to notice . . . ”

“Erm, I’m sorry . ”

Julia was an item, emitting no power . Without directly looking at her, Sila’s profound sense would identify her as an inanimate object . It seemed he had totally forgotten who had been standing behind him .

Joshua touched the corner of his right eye again . “You better hurry . The room’s owner is coming . ”

Sila understood Joshua’s meaning instantly . He stood up and bid everyone farewell . Ramiel politely bowed at him in response while Sebastian stood silently and motionlessly even after Sila left the hut .

“How about it, Sebastian?” Joshua placed his hand on Sebastian’s shoulder . “It seems I have become your master once again . ”

“Master, you always have been, and always will be, my true master . This won’t ever change, sir,” replied Sebastian .

“Is that so? Can I order you to do something, then?”

“Your wish is naturally my command, Master . ”

“Great! Just now Sila said his last order was for you to have freedom, in that case my first order is for you to follow your desires, Sebastian . ”

“What does that mean, Master?”

“You are free to choose what you want to do, Sebastian . You are your own boss . Just follow your desire . You can come back to me when you are bored . ”

Sebastian showed a delightful smile . As expected of his master, to be able to see through his mind .

“Thank you, sir,” Sebastian bowed his head, “I’ll surely return your grace . ”

Joshua waved his hand . “You may go . You can return my favor by making the world become more fanciful . ” He pointed at his right eye . “Lately I have been forced to watch lame shows about friends and justice . I’m bored to death . I want to see new things . ”

“Is that so?”

“Oh, my favorite color is red, by the way . ”

Sebastian showed a sly smirk like he usually did . “Please be at ease, sir . That’s my favorite color too . ”

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