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Published at 6th of September 2019 04:57:15 PM
Chapter 202

Chapter 202: Lucky or Unlucky

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Alkedia City a . k . a . the Magic Kingdom . . .

Inside the guild leader’s private room, Revin was walking around restlessly . He was worried about Montra who had finished investigating the Sword Prodigy’s return three days ago, yet had said nothing about it . Instead, Montra blocked all communications and couldn’t be found even though his online status was green .

“Ah~ I hope he is not crying alone in frustration,” Revin said while making a sad face .

Kawin, who was sitting on a chair nearby, frowned . “Are you sure you are talking about the Montra we know?”

“Haha, I was just kidding . ”

“Montra must be taking time adjusting his plan . The Sword Prodigy’s return is a huge variable . ”

It was at that moment that Kawin noticed a letter icon flashing in the corner of his eye . Once he saw the sender’s name, he immediately opened it .

Revin came near Kawin, trying to take a peek even though he was fully aware that it was impossible .

“Who sent you the message?”

“Montra . . . He told us to meet him in the guild’s training room . He is there . ”

“What? Has he come back? It’s just three minutes by walking . He should have come and greeted us first,” Revin complained .

Kawin stood up from the chair and walked away without caring about Revin . Getting no response, Revin quickly followed him . “Oi~ Wait for me . ”

Together they walked to Montra’s training room, which no one could enter without Montra’s direct permission .

Revin pushed the door open, not bothering to knock .

“Done complaining? I thought you wouldn’t come,” said Kawin .

“I just— Oi . . . ? That’s—?” Revin pointed his finger at the center of the room . Kawin followed the finger’s direction and his expression abruptly changed when he saw the sight in front of him .

In the center of the room, Montra was sitting cross-legged . His entire body was embraced by an intense white light full of magic power . The space behind his back distorted, clearly connecting to another dimension . The white aura from the other dimension was pouring into Montra’s body .

“Dragon Ritual . . . ? How is it possible?”

“Dragon Ritual! Cool! I finally get to fight Montra at full power . ”

“Shouldn’t it take another week for Montra’s Dragon Ritual to finish?” Kawin wondered .

“Montra must have done something, I guess . Just ask him, pal . ”

Montra continued absorbing the magic power from the other dimension . His skin became radiant, shining like he was a deity .

On the other side of the dimension, the sparkling magic particles grouped together and formed into an indeterminable shape . There was one pair of eyes gently looking at Montra for a brief moment before the dimension closed and the space returned to normal .

A system notification rang inside Montra’s head .


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You have achieved a certain condition . You have completed the Dragon Ritual of the Dragon Empress Infernee, the Heavenly Dragon .

Your level has risen to Level 1 Lord Rank .

You have achieved a certain condition . Your racial skill, (B) Dragon Scales, has evolved to (A) Heavenly Dragon Scales .

You have achieved a certain condition . Your racial skill, (B) Dragon Ritual, has evolved to (A) Dragon Domain: Abode of the Angels .

You have acquired a new racial skill: (A) Dragon Soul .

You have obtained the right to learn Infernee’s spells .

***There are many spells available for you to learn . Please find more information in your system window .


Montra stood up and briefly read his newly acquired skills .

Revin and Kawin approached and congratulated him .

“Haha! Since you have completed the Dragon Ritual, let’s fight to our hearts’ content! I won’t hold back like before . ”

Kawin seemed to be more interested in another thing . “Montra, how could you complete the ritual earlier than the appointed time?”

Montra closed his system window . “I didn’t do anything . That was the exact time . I just intentionally declared a slightly wrong time in order to trick a spy in our guild . ”

“There’s a spy in our guild?” Revin asked, surprised .

Kawin replied, “Rather, it will be weird if there isn’t . Using a spy is common . Who are you suspecting, Montra?”

“Excluding Zazae, I believe at least one among the remaining four Warlords is a traitor . ”

“One of the Five Warlords? How can you be so sure?”

“I’m basing this off how our raid of the Wicked Union’s gathering party went . Their ability to cope with us was too good to be just luck . They could separate each warlord in a way that gave them the advantage, commanded combined forces that were established on the spot, and had a way to detoxify the Energy-Dissolving Poison prepared . ”

“They might just be coincidences, right?” Revin nonchalantly asked .

“On the other hand, they might not be coincidences . It’s better to be safe than sorry . ”

Actually, the reason why the Wicked Union could manage to properly separate the Five Warlords was due to Sebastian’s help . The reason why they could unite and join forces was due to Tiger’s ability . As for the poison, it was just luck that Franz was there at the party .

In conclusion, it really was a series of coincidences, just like Revin said .

However, Montra was pessimistic, so he suspected that someone among the Five Warlords had leaked their plan . Inevitably, Montra’s wariness put Yardpirun’s standing at risk .

“What should we do, then?” asked Kawin .

“Leave the matter about the spy to me . I have a plan . There is something more urgent . Revin, Kawin, what progress have you made regarding Triple Sky Energy?” 

Revin took out a heavy sword, feeling delightful . Meanwhile, Kawin circulated his power throughout his body once .

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“We have gotten the hang of using it . Well, I will have to spar or fight with other opponents to understand it more,” replied Kawin .

“Are we going to fight? Let’s start with me, ‘kay? Kawin, go and sit over there . Shoo, shoo . ”

Montra shook his head . “No need for that . Come at me at once, both of you . However, we will fight for only one minute . ”

Kawin and Revin looked at each other . Even though Montra was called a genius, their levels of strength didn’t differ that much . He had left the dojo to train by himself and until recently, Kawin and Revin were still disciples there, with Revin polishing his skills alongside the others while Kawin was the main disciple, receiving direct guidance from Sanon . Not enough time had passed for the difference in strength to grow to the point where Montra could take on the two of them with confidence .

Even though he had left to train by himself, once in a while Montra would come to consult with Sanon . Regardless of their learning methods, they all called Sanon ‘Teacher . ’

Montra spun the spear in his hand, pointing the tip forward . His eyes were declaring that he wasn’t kidding .

“Sure . Be careful though,” Kawin warned .

Revin and Kawin took a few steps back while circulating Triple Sky Energy . Although the power they used was the same, all three of them had their own ways to utilize it depending on their personality .

Revin’s Triple Sky Energy was like a warm cluster of flames . However, it was a cluster that could erupt at any moment to reduce his enemy to ashes .

Revin was skilled at exploding his power in an instant; changing a seemingly small attack into a deadly one with thrice the usual power .

Explosia Sword, Revin’s new heavy sword, was resting on his shoulder . It was a sword with no sharp edge and at the end of the blade it was flat, with no tip . It was a thin yet lengthy sword, even longer than Montra’s spear .

Revin wielded the sword tightly, showing a serious expression .

Meanwhile, Kawin used Triple Sky Energy to endlessly block attacks, heal his wounds, and recover his energy, elevating his body to become an impenetrable mountain .

There were no gaps or openings shown . His power was surging silently within, enhancing his defense .

His stance was firm, as if he were a tree and his feet were roots that went deep inside the ground . At the same time, both of his hands slowly drew curves in the air .

Lastly, Montra unleashed Triple Sky Energy out of his body as if it was an invisible armor .

The dragon eyes buried in his spear’s handle shone brightly . The power emitting from Montra was so strong that people could see his emitted power with naked eyes .

A white aura enveloped both Montra and the spear in his hand, creating a surreal pressure on Kawin and Revin .

Revin was an offensive type, so he was the first one to make a move .

From motionless to accelerating . From a cluster of flames to a firestorm . Revin exerted his full power as he knew that Montra possessed the Dragon Heart skill which could prevent him from dying .

“Take it!” shouted Revin .

Flame Phoenix Sword Art — Widespread Phoenix Wings .

After numerous sparring matches against Kawin, Revin was better at spotting an opponent’s opening and could pour his attacks on it in an instant .  

Sword energy made of fire spread out and engulfed Montra from every direction, leaving him with no room to escape .

Montra liked spears the most . Among all the weapon arts he had studied so far, the spear was the only weapon he didn’t have to spend any time learning a style for in order to unleash its full power .

Brandish, block, parry, and thrust .

These four simple actions were the foundations of how to use a spear . Four basic moves that could be used in various ways .

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Montra thought that utilizing a spear was even easier than utilizing bare-handed martial moves .

He had always been dedicating himself to practicing . He trained so hard that his sweat almost turned into blood . He repetitively continued to thrust a spear thousands of times each day over the course of ten years .

It could be said that the spear had become a part of Montra while Montra had become a part of the spear .

All martial moves were pointless . Only the simplest and most natural actions could effectively exert the true might of the spear .

In the last three days, Montra had secluded himself and organized his ideas, polishing and scrutinizing the spear’s simplicity that he had been honing for ten years into his own profound weapon art: God’s Realm Spear Art .

It wasn’t about martial moves or inner force . It consisted of only the core actions of how to use a spear .

Montra narrowed the distance and moved closer to Kawin while disregarding Revin’s sword energy . His spear gave off a silent roar when it traveled to Kawin’s abdomen at incredible speed .  

Nevertheless, Kawin had already predicted that Montra would target him . Although Montra’s thrust was exceedingly fast, it was so direct that Kawin had no problem reading the attack .

Relying on Six Moon-Grabbing-Claws, Kawin slowly moved, intending to parry the spear tip away using his arm guard . Furthermore, he borrowed the momentum and pushed his power at Montra’s chest .

Similarly, Montra could read what Kawin would do from the start . He released his left hand from the spear’s handle and exerted more strength into his right wrist .

God’s Realm Spear Art — Spear Thrusting Shemao .

T/N: “Shemao” a . k . a . “Snake/Viper/Serpent Spear” is a signature spear wielded by Zhang Fei, a general who served Liu Bei in “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” .

As the Heavenly Dragon Spear was about to be parried by Kawin, it slightly curved as if it was a living creature . The spear tip stabbed into Kawin’s shoulder and spun with great force, widening the wound . Fortunately, Kawin retreated just in time so the attack wasn’t too deadly .

‘What kind of move was that? To think that it penetrated both Python’s Dragon Scales and Triple Sky Energy…!’ Kawin thought as he stepped back .

Revin was displeased by the fact that Montra ignored him and approached Kawin despite being surrounded by his sword energy . He ignited his power once again and rushed at Montra . The sword was ready in his hand .

Retracting has to be done faster than thrusting .  That was a core concept of using a spear .

Montra rolled over on the floor while brandishing the spear backward . He aimed it so Revin had no choice but to stop his attack and block .

God’s Realm Spear Art — Spear Brandishing Sattaloha .

T/N: “Sattaloha” is the name of the spear in Thai folklore “Chalawan” . It’s the spear that was forged using seven magical metals and possessed mystical slaying power .

The power imbued in the spear was so intense that it could split the sea apart . Revin didn’t dare to take it on directly, so he held his sword diagonally .

Nevertheless, the powerful strike still had enough force to spin Revin’s body around in mid-air .

“Uwahhh~ My head is spinning~”

Because Montra was busy attacking Revin, it was a chance for Kawin to act offensively . He summoned several Earth Spears from the floor and ordered them to fly at Montra .

Seeing that, Montra lost his chance to defeat Revin . He had to take care of Kawin’s attack first .

Montra clad the end of his spear with his power and bumped it heavily against the floor .

God’s Realm Spear Art — Spear Shaking Gungnir .

The impact created a shockwave and an earthquake . All the Earth Spears shattered, and Kawin lost his balance before being pushed off the ground from the force .

Montra spun his spear, pointing the end of the spear forward instead of the spear tip . He thrust his spear at Kawin, sending him flying .

It implied that if he had attacked Kawin with the spear tip instead of the spear’s handle, Kawin would have died .

Montra quickly turned his head to see Revin who was about to land himself on the floor .

Montra injected his power into the spear, cladding it with magic power reinforcement . He placed the spear on his shoulder momentarily before throwing it violently .

God’s Realm Spear Art — Spear Throwing Mokkhasak .

T/N: “Mokkhasak” is the name of the spear in Thailand's national epic literary work “Ramakien” which was derived from the Hindu epic “Ramayana . ” It’s the spear which contains the power of a god . Whoever got pierced by it would die if they came into contact with sunlight .

This was one of the most powerful moves in Montra’s possession . Once he used it, the spear would leave his hand . Therefore, he wouldn’t use it unless he was confident that he could end the battle .

The spear pierced the floor near Revin’s feet before the imbued power within it exploded outward, causing the walls surrounding the training room to crack .

Revin’s body was blown back by the explosion and crashed against a wall .

“How about it? My new art,” Montra asked .

Revin swept the dust off his clothing, hoisted his sword, and walked over to Montra . “Oi . One more time . Let’s go at it again . ”

The wound in Kawin’s shoulder had already healed, and he approached the two . “You have become stronger yet again, Montra . ”

Montra shook his head . “That’s not it . I set the time limit so that it would be beneficial for me . You two were trying to determine my intentions in your mind, so you weren’t fighting at full strength . We should actually be about equal to each other . ”

“I know! That’s why we should have a rematch . This time, I will fight solo,” said Revin .

“I spent all of my power without keeping any in reserve . This is God’s Realm Spear Art’s weakness . Prolonged fights are too exhausting . Let’s do it next time . For now, I will entrust you with an entertaining job . ”

This time Kawin spoke . “Speaking of jobs . . . Because you went missing, our raid on Grea City was delayed . Anyway, our men have already infiltrated the city . They can immediately cause a ruckus as soon as you give them your command . ”

“Those guys are so lucky that you went missing . Well, it’s okay to start a little bit late,” said Revin .

“No, although it’s just one day, Cross must have already finished their preparations . Anyway, I want both of you to travel to Belacia City, and try to recruit the people living there . In the case that you fail to do so and find any that are likely to become threats in the future, you should get rid of them before the Wicked Union can recruit them . There are only strong players living there so it will be a good training place for you two . ”

The Wicked Union’s plan was something anyone could come up with . There were many strong players in Belacia City . They would become either great allies or formidable foes . As such, there was no way Montra would overlook this city .

“Even though both of you are the Heavenly Dragon Guild’s members, you don’t have any guild-related duties . In some sense, you guys are like individual players so you should have no problems entering the city . Bring Zero with you since that guy knows the city’s rules well . Nevertheless, please be wary of him . Zero entered our guild with some hidden agenda . Even if he won’t betray us, we still can’t fully trust him . ”

“What about Grea City? Will we leave them like that? Cross must have received some funds from the Wicked Union . He can rebuild the Royal Armament Guild again, you know?”

“No need to worry . I will go there personally with the Five Warlords . I will use this chance to figure out exactly who the traitor is,” Montra assured them .

Previously, Montra would usually only send the Five Warlords to handle such a large-scale raid . That’s because he was afraid that he might die and his Dragon Ritual would be for naught .

Even though he possessed Dragon Heart, there were still many ways to render the skill ineffective . For example, dying to the Dragon Killer Sword . He didn’t want to take unnecessary risks .

However, Montra was now ready to personally participate in a raid .

If the Wicked Union had been lucky many times, their luck was now running out with Montra’s return to full power .

Monster Soul was undergoing a great change in an unexpected direction

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