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Chapter 982 – Zhao Hai's Action

When the Councilman's words were heard, the people inside the room were stunned. Then everyone began to discuss the issue. The proposal wasn't immediately refuted because many people felt that the idea was feasible.

It might sound laughable, not asking Shan for help in persuading Zhao Hai, yet agreeing to having Shan ask help from the Thunder Clan and the Barbarians. Although it might sound contradictory, it actually wasn't.

To state it clearly, the Winged Pegasus were afraid of Zhao Hai, but not Shan. If not for Zhao Hai, Shan wouldn't have reached his current position.

At this time, a General suddenly said, "But will Shan agree? Moreover, what is stopping him from talking to Zhao Hai right now?"

Fenglei's eyes narrowed as he said, "Rest assured, Shan wouldn't. It had been so long yet he still failed to bring our people into Zhao Hai's Space. What face does he have to talk to Zhao Hai? If we ask him to talk to the Barbarians and the Thunder Clan in order to save our people, judging by Shan's character, he will definitely do it. As long as we can solve the clan's situation, Shan certainly wouldn't tell Zhao Hai about this matter."

As soon as the people in the room heard this, all of them stared for a moment before looking at Fenglei's smiling face. There weren't any mistakes in Fenglei's words. With Shan's character, he would surely place importance on the clan's matters. As long as he invites the Thunder Clan and Barbarians, then the Winged Pegasus clan won't be afraid of dealing with the O'Neal family.

Fenglei looked at the people and said, "One or two people doing this surely wouldn't be good. If everyone goes and pressures Shan, he will definitely go no matter what."

The people in the room nodded. Then Fenglei stood up and loudly said, "Everyone, let's go look for Shan. Let's see if he can help."

Then after he said that, Fenglei stood up and left the room first. At the same time, the other people quickly followed-up. Everyone went to Speaker Fang's mansion to find Shan.

Before long, the crowd arrived right outside Speaker Fang's mansion. At this time, there were no guards outside, the entire mansion appeared cold and static. The originally bright and lively mansion now looked like a bleak and haunted place.

Fenglei knew where the study was, so he immediately led everyone over there. Upon arriving outside the study, the group saw two Winged Pegasus guards. Fenglei recognized these two men, they were the most loyal subordinates of Speaker Fang. Their presence dictates that Shan and Speaker Fang was also here.

When the two guards saw Fenglei and the others, they couldn't help but look at each other. However, they didn't make any noise. Upon arriving by the door, Fenglei immediately said, "Tell Shan that I'm here." From the expression on Fenglei's face, one could see that he didn't have even an inch of respect towards Shan and Speaker Fang.

When the two guards saw Fang's expression and heard his words, a flash of anger went by their eyes. Then then one of them proceeded to reply, "Vice Speaker is unlucky, the Master is currently not in his room."

Upon hearing that the title of 'Vice Speaker' was emphasized, Fenglei's expression couldn't help but change. But he immediately recovered as he looked at the guards and said, "Is he really not in?"

The two nodded. Then Fenglei coldly snorted as he went to push the door of the study. Normally, the two would stop Fenglei's action. But today, the two didn't actually move, they just allowed Fenglei to push the door open to see that there was nobody inside.

Upon seeing the two guards not moving, Fenglei's expression changed. Then he turned to see the empty room in front of him.

Fenglei's temper almost flared up, then he calmed himself as he turned to the two guards and said "Where did they go?"

The guards looked at the study and shook their heads at the same time. A flash of cold light appeared in Fenglei's eyes. He knew that this was a life and death matter of the Winged Pegasus Clan, so he stopped being polite as he looked at the two guards and said, "Tell me where Shan went, or else you can't blame me for being impolite."

The two looked at Fenglei before one of them shook his head and said, "The Young Patriarch and the Master were just discussing inside the study a moment ago. But then they suddenly disappeared. We didn't see them come out, it's possible that they went to Mister Zhao Hai's Space."

When Fenglei heard this, his expression changed. What he was most worried about was Shan talking to Zhao Hai about this matter. Therefore he immediately said, "What did Shan say before leaving?"

The two guards shook their heads once more, then one of them said, "We'll be unfair to Sir Vice-Speaker, we really don't know. What we knew is that the Young Patriarch angrily smashed a table and then had us change it to a new one. After that, they disappeared. We aren't really sure where they went."

Fenglei didn't suspect the guards of lying. With how the study room was made, even if one stands outside the door, it would still be impossible to hear what was going on inside. Therefore, it was normal for the two guards to not know anything."

At this point, Fenglei's face had an ugly expression. He looked at the two and said, "If your Master comes back, then immediately go and inform me." After the two gave a simple nod, Fenglei and the others turned around and left.

When Fenglei's group left, the two guards couldn't help but smile. Since they were loyal to Speaker Fang and Shan, these two didn't suffer any less discrimination. It was good that their families had already entered the Space. They had also entered to take a look. Upon seeing that the Space had a good environment, the two of them felt relief.

Because they had been extremely ostracized in the past few days, the two of them were really fed up. So after seeing Fenglei and the others retreating, the two of them couldn't help but feel extremely good.

Fenglei and the others' faces were very ugly upon leaving Speaker Fang's mansion. When they returned to the hall, nobody spoke a word. Their faces were very difficult to look at.

Fenglei looked at the eyes of those present and said, "It seems like Shan is already aware of what happened in the front lines. I just don't know what he is doing inside Zhao Hai's Space. In the worst case scenario, Zhao Hai already knows the family's situation and is ready to intervene. The best case is if Zhao Hai already knew but is not prepared to intervene. We just don't know  which is which."

Those present didn't say anything. They were truly unaware of the current situation.

Fenglei scanned the people inside the room and continued, "Since this is the case, then let's just assume that Zhao Hai already knows about the family's situation. No matter what, the only thing we can do right now is go back and support the battle until Shan shows himself. But until that time, we have to block the enemy with our own effort."

As soon as the people inside the room heard this, their expression changed. But nobody said anything as they gave Fenglei a salute before leaving the hall.

Fenglei was also clear that it was impossible to block the O'Neal family just by using the Winged Pegasus Clan's strength. What they could do right now is to do their best in the battles and then find a way to ask Shan to invite the Thunder Clan and the Barbarians for help. If they do well, then maybe they can invite Zhao Hai.

Fenglei was clinging to his power and influence, but he was still sane. He knew clearly that the Winged Pegasus Clan had met their biggest crisis. If this wasn't properly dealt with, then the clan would be in danger of being exterminated. If they weren't eliminated by Zhao Hai, then they would be eliminated by the O'Neal family.

At this moment, Fenglei discovered that his authority wasn't that important to him. Whether it was Zhao Hai or the O'Neal family, if they want to control the Winged Pegasus Clan, then they would first deal with the clan's high-level members as well as those who opposed them. The more influential the person was, the more likely they would be dealt with first. So if the two parties wanted to control the Winged Pegasus clan, then Fenglei wouldn't have a good time.

After thinking about this, Fenglei gave out a sigh. He finally understood the truth. In the face of absolute strength, these small plays that he was doing was merely him courting death.

At this time, a spatial crack suddenly appeared in front of Speaker Fang's two guards. Then Shan's voice was heard, "You two come in here. It isn't safe there anymore. You two can stop guarding the study." The two stared before they obediently entered the Space. But after going through, they discovered that Shan wasn't on the other side.

The two looked at each other before they shrugged their shoulders and returned to their home. To be honest, they were already used to the mysticisms of the Space, so they stopped questioning everything that was happening inside.

Just like the two guards, the other people who were loyal to Speaker Fang and Shan had also been invited back into the Space.

Naturally, this wasn't an ability that Shan's command token could do. Instead, it was Zhao Hai who did it. Zhao Hai had been looking at the Winged Pegasus Clan's situation. After seeing Fenglei and the others' expressions, Zhao Hai knew that he had to act. Therefore, he immediately took Speaker Fang and Shan's loyal people back into the Space.

The reason Zhao Hai did this wasn't because he was afraid of them betraying Shan and Speaker Fang. Zhao Hai discovered that as long as a person entered the Space, then even if they went back out, they seem to still be disinclined to put the Space in a disadvantageous position.

Zhao Hai didn't know if this situation was the Space's doing, but he knew that it had something to do with it. In any case, Zhao Hai wanted these people back into the Space because he didn't want them to have an accident.

Just like Shan said, Zhao Hai was a person who heavily valued sentiment. As long as a person was on his side, then even if the person makes a huge mistake, he would still be inclined to forgive them. This was also the case for the Divines.

The Divines have already been sent into the Space. In the beginning, Zhao Hai was full of hatred towards them, he even wished to eliminate them all. But after his feelings calmed down, Zhao Hai didn't make any action, he couldn't bear to make a move on them.

Chapter 983 – Winged Pegasus Clan's Final Hope

Another reason why Zhao Hai took those people back into the Space was because he didn't want to receive any threats. Zhao Hai dislikes being threatened. And if Fenglei and the others reach a dead end, then it wouldn't be difficult for them to take those people as hostages. When the time comes, not only would Zhao Hai be troubled, Shan and the others would be as well.

Zhao Hai didn't want to intervene in the current matters of the Winged Pegasus Clan. He wanted to see if the Winged Pegasus would enter the Space if they were forced to into a corner.

If the Winged Pegasus Clan were like the Thunder Clan, being annihilated yet still not entering the Space, then Zhao Hai would give them his admiration. However, he still wouldn't help them.

If they want to be heroes, Zhao Hai wouldn't stop them. They would have Zhao Hai's respect, but not his sympathy.

The second day after the O'Neal family attacked the defensive line, The O'Neal family began to advance into the Winged Pegasus Plane. Their speed of advancement wasn't very fast, but it was steady. They left the Winged Pegasus Clan with no chance to counter-attack.

The Generals of the Winged Pegasus Clan were doing the same attacking tactics as Zhao Hai. They were doing guerilla warfare.

However, the Winged Pegasus were quick to discover that their methods were simply useless against the O'Neal family. The magic armors were quicker than them. Moreover, the skies didn't have any obstructions unlike the ground. If they want to get rid of each other, then speed was paramount. If the Winged Pegasus couldn't grasp the speed advantage, then they would just be courting death in front of the O'Neal family.

The next day went along this situation. The Winged Pegasus launched sneak attacks that resulted in no benefits. The civilians could only retreat and fall back city by city.

When this situation was recalled over to Fenglei and the others, their expressions were difficult to look at. Guerilla warfare was the final hope of the Winged Pegasus Clan. If this tactic was unusable, then they can only fight using normal methods. But in these base battles, the Winged Pegasus clan would still suffer losses in front of the cannons and war tanks of the O'Neal family.

The next day quickly arrived, the O'Neal family was still taking city after city. But each place they visited didn't have any people present.

This time, Axe wasn't thinking of enslavement. They knew too little about the Winged Pegasus Clan. Therefore, Axe was planning on killing them all!

Axe's plan might be too much, but to Axe it actually wasn't. They want the land but not the people. If they keep the Winged Pegasus alive, then they would have to station people here in order to keep the Winged Pegasus Clan in check. This would slash numbers from the O'Neal family's army. Therefore, Axe was intent on cleaning the place up, not even chickens and dogs would survive.

Axe wasn't afraid of the Winged Pegasus Clan's retaliation. To be honest, he even hopes for the Winged Pegasus Clan to send out powerful soldiers their way. This would make Axe assured that the Winged Pegasus were at least decent. If the Winged Pegasus can provide good resistance, then Axe's heart would be settled. Axe could still remember the undead that they faced in the beginning. Their fighting strength was exceptional.

Although those undead were very strong, in the life and death moment of the Winged Pegasus Clan, they actually didn't appear. For Axe, this situation was a significant hidden danger.

Axe knew that those undead were controlled by a person. If he couldn't see those undead here in the Winged Pegasus plane, then this means that the person was hiding all along. That person's threat to the O'Neal family was too big.

Although the attacks of the family were formidable, it was impossible for pilots to stay inside their magic armors all the time. And once they go out of their magic armors, the strength of the pilots would decrease by several folds. In this case, if an army of undead suddenly appeared during the time when pilots were not inside their magic armors, then the O'Neal family would suffer a huge disaster.

Axe was no longer the naive boy who had just gained an army to command. After the past few days, he had matured and was now able to think about problems ahead. Therefore, Axe greatly valued information regarding those undead.

Upon receiving more information, Fenglei and the others immediately went back to Speaker Fang's mansion in order to look for Shan. However, they were unfortunate since, not only Shan, but even the guards on the study room were gone. Upon seeing this, Fenglei's heart turned cold. He didn't know what Shan was doing. However, this also meant that Fenglei and the others could no longer use those people to threaten Shan.

It was just yesterday that they found out about Shan and Speaker Fang entering the Space. Upon returning to the hall, Fenglei thought about various ways on how to solve their problem. The only thing they need to do right now was to have Shan contact the Thunder Clan and the Barbarians for help.

That evening, Fenglei finally decided on catching everyone loyal to Shan and use them as a bargaining chip. But now, it seems like that method couldn't be used. Everyone who was still loyal to Shan, as well as those who were on Speaker Fang's side, had vanished. Now, Fenglei had no means to threaten Shan.

In the face of this outcome, Fenglei didn't know what to do. Then he suddenly discovered that if Shan couldn't help them, then the Winged Pegasus Clan would be finished.

In the past, Fenglei and the others felt that Shan was just spouting nonsense in order to scare them. But now, they found out that it was actually true. If they don't enter Zhao Hai's Space, then the Winged Pegasus Clan would likely be annihilated.

However, this realization came too late. Fenglei knew that counting on Shan at this time would be impossible. But there was still another choice, the foreign races.

After thinking about this, Fenglei immediately took his messenger fish. This fish was connected to a foreign race member that he was previously acquainted to. As Fenglei held his messenger fish, he said, "Elder Ness, Elder Ness, are you there?"

This Elder Ness was a Beastman race elder who was also the Elder in charge of keeping in contact with the Winged Pegasus Clan. He was Fenglei's last hope in order to save the race. Just as Fenglei was about to repeat his call, Elder Ness' voice was suddenly heard, "Speaker Fenglei? What's the problem?"

When Fenglei heard Ness' answer, he couldn't help but let out a long breath. Then he quickly replied, "Elder Ness, good day. This Fenglei has something to tell you. A new race has appeared in the Divine Realm. They use some sort of iron giant to fight. These iron giants are very strong. They can fly in the sky and their attacks aren't lower than any God-rank expert. At this time, they are attacking the Winged Pegasus Clan. I hope that the foreign races would help us. As long as you save us, then the Winged Pegasus Clan would pay any price."

The Winged Pegasus Clan paying any price wasn't something that a Vice-Speaker like Fenglei could say. But now that Shan and Fang weren't present, Fenglei had no choice.

When he heard Fenglei, Ness paused for a moment. This caused Fenglei to become uneasy. After a while, Ness said, "Fenglei, I seem to remember Zhao Hai having a good relationship with the Winged Pegasus Clan. Why didn't Mister Zhao Hai help you this time?"

Fenglei couldn't help but smile bitterly, he didn't expect the other party to bring up the matter of Zhao Hai. Moreover, it seems like the other party was respectful towards him. This caused Fenglei to feel awkward.

He tried his best to say that he didn't want to be ruled by Zhao Hai. However, it seems like everyone has a good relationship with him. For the Winged Pegasus, this was a huge blow.

Naturally, Fenglei wouldn't speak the truth. He immediately said, "Elder Ness, this is what happened. Our Winged Pegasus Clan has a person named Shan, he's the only one who can reach Mister Zhao Hai. However, he's not in our family this time and went to visit the Barbarians and the Thunder Clan. Since we couldn't find him, then we couldn't look for Mister Zhao Hai for help. Therefore, I want to ask the foreign races to help us go through this ordeal."

Fenglei's words were nothing less than smooth, moreover, he spoke with great care. He never made his request as the Patriarch of the Winged Pegasus Race, so even if the foreign races agree to help and drive off the O'Neal family, the Winged Pegasus Clan still has the chance to withdraw from the agreement since the request bore no authority They could just say that the Patriarch didn't give his agreement to the request, this should buy them time.

As soon as Ness heard Fenglei, he turned silent. Then after some time he said, "Speaker Fenglei, I couldn't decide on this matter myself. The clan would need to have a discussion. Please wait for some time." Right after that, Ness didn't speak anymore.

Fenglei's heart couldn't help but sink. He was afraid that Ness wouldn't care about them. If this was the case, then the Winged Pegasus Clan is finished.

But what Fenglei didn't know was that his request had caused a debate among the Foreign Races. The Foreign Races was almost divided into two sides, those who wanted to offer support and take the opportunity to absorb the Winged Pegasus Clan, and those who didn't want to help in order to prevent offending Zhao Hai.

The worries of the Foreign Races were within reason. This was because they understood the situation with the Winged Pegasus Clan. At the same time, they also knew about their relationship with Zhao Hai.

Chapter 984 – The Foreign Races' Decision

Solomon, Leir, and Yerd were currently inside the Beastman Race's palace. There were also other tribal groups present inside the room. The people in this room were the decision makers of the three races. If someone were to come here and kill everyone present, then the entire Foreign Races would certainly fall into anarchy.

But the reason why these people were here was for discussion. They will decide on whether they should send troops to help the Winged Pegasus Clan. For the foreign races, the implications of this decision were quite heavy.

Solomon looked at the people inside the room and said, "Everyone should already know why we're here. So, how do we decide on this?"

Whispers were quickly heard inside the hall, everyone was discussing amongst themselves. However, nobody actually talked out loud. Everyone was just sitting there talking with those close to them.

When Solomon saw this situation, his eyes couldn't help but contract. He didn't think that this simple thing, when connected to Zhao Hai, would turn into a complex situation.

Solomon turned to Leir and the Yerd and said, "How about you two? What do you think about this matter?"

Leir smiled faintly and said, "Let's listen to what everyone says first. I still can't decide on what to do with this matter."

Yerd didn't make any noise but she nodded, indicating her intent. She didn't want to express her view at this time.

Solomon already expected this response, but since this matter needed to be resolved, he looked at the two and said, "You two, why are you making this difficult? Why don't you just say what is on your mind?"

The people under them had also noticed the actions of the three leaders. Therefore, the discussions began to turn quiet until everyone was now turning their attention to the three.

The smile on Leir's face disappeared and a trace of anger flashed by his eyes. He didn't think that Solomon would force them to this point. He discovered the Solomon had become more and more overbearing in the recent days. It seems like he looks at Leir as though he was his subordinate. With Leir's temper, this was completely unacceptable.

Leir was a Dwarf who were good-natured people and liked to handle things in a low-key manner. But no matter what, Leir was still a Patriarch, holding the same status as Solomon. How could Solomon treat him in such a manner.

Leir looked at Solomon and said, "How about we send people to find Bingya and the others first? Once they come here, then they may give us a better suggestion. After all, they had been with Mister Zhao Hai for a long time. They should understand Zhao Hai's temperament more than us."

When Leir said this, nobody objected. They knew that Leir was on point. Now that Zhao Hai had dealt with the Supreme Elders, the people didn't regard Bingya and the others as important as they used to be. However, it seems like their opinion was still very important.

Bingya and the others have been with Zhao Hai for a long time, so they should have a good understanding about Zhao Hai's style. Because of this, their opinion should be significant to the discussion.

Solomon didn't say anything. To be honest, he didn't really care about Zhao Hai right now. They had already obtained the 12 Ultimate Weapons. Although one had been taken away by Zhao Hai, it wouldn't affect their strength too much. Solomon believed that their present strength was already enough to deal with Zhao Hai. Don't forget, Zhao Hai didn't dare to face the nine Supreme Elders. At that time, Zhao Hai wanted to ask the foreign races for help.

By looking at this point, it was enough as long as five to six Supreme Elders collaborate to deal with Zhao Hai. There's no need to say about 12 Supreme Elders. These 12 ultimate weapons would certainly deal with Zhao Hai. Killing Zhao Hai with this number shouldn't be impossible.

Because of this thought, Solomon advocates to support the Winged Pegasus Clan. He wanted to use this opportunity to seize the Winged Pegasus. For Solomon, Zhao Hai was no longer worth worrying about.

Leir's thoughts were the direct opposite to Solomon's. He wasn't in favor of sending support. Leir knew a lot about Zhao Hai from Ryder. He came to know that Zhao Hai had means to know what's currently happening to his people. Therefore, it's impossible for Zhao Hai to be unaware of what was currently happening to the Winged Pegasus. If Zhao Hai knew about the Winged Pegasus Clan's situation and didn't make a move, then this means that Zhao Hai has his own plans. Because of this, Leir believes that they shouldn't dispatch troops, lest they disrupt Zhao Hai's plan.

Leir didn't want to do wrong with Zhao Hai. He believed that Zhao Hai had helped them so much and had even given the ultimate weapons to the Foreign Races. With this sincerity, the Foreign Races should be supporting Zhao Hai.

Meanwhile, although Yerd was still on the fence, she was leaning on the decision of sending troops. The Elves had always thought that they were the most noble race between the heaven and the earth. They had been suppressed by the Divines all these years which made the Elves feel aggrieved. Now that the Divines had disappeared, then it was natural for them to show their strength.

Yerd's idea about Zhao Hai was similar to Solomon. In her mind, they now have the power to deal with Zhao Hai. Even if Zhao Hai couldn't be killed, he would still have problems facing 12 Supreme Elders. Most importantly, Yerd was thinking that Zhao Hai was about to ascend!

Zhao Hai informed them that he was about to ascend. Although this shows Zhao Hai's strength, it also represented his weakness. This meant that Zhao Hai couldn't stay at this plane for too long. As long as they drag Zhao Hai on for a while, then their shackles on the Foreign Races should disappear once he ascends.

Because of this information, Yerd agreed to sending troops. However, she still needed to be careful and wanted to listen to Yehta's opinion.

Before long, three people came in from outside. These were the three people who went to look for Bingya, Ryder, and Yehta. When these three people came back, Solomon's spirit couldn't help but shake, he immediately said, "Did Bingya and the others arrive? Make them enter quickly."

Among the three people, a beastman immediately replied, "Answering to the Patriarch. I didn't find Captain Bingya. I went to his home and found out from his neighbor that after returning, his family suddenly moved out. As to where, nobody knows. Also, it wasn't only them who moved out, those with close relationship to them were gone as well."

Solomon stared before his expression changed. Then he turned to the Dwarf and the Elf, but their report was the same, Yehta and Ryder had also moved out at fairly the same time as Bingya. Moreover, just like Bingya, the people who had close relationships with them were gone. They didn't even leave behind any clue.

When he heard the reports, Solomon's mood sank, then he roared, "Absurd! They certainly ran with Zhao Hai, I'm sure of it!"

Leir's expression had also turned frigid. However, he wasn't angry, instead he was worried. This was because he found out that things were more serious than he thought. Zhao Hai seems to know something, thus prompting him to make such an arrangement.

This information made the people inside the hall look at each other. They didn’t know what to say. At this moment, Solomon turned to everyone and said, "Forget it. Everyone, let's talk about what to do with the Winged Pegasus Clan."

Upon hearing the whispers once more, Solomon actually frowned. To be honest, he disliked this sound, he disliked discussion. However, he couldn't change the situation..

After a short time, a Beastman suddenly stood up and bowed to Solomon, "Your Majesty, I think we should dispatch troops. At this moment, the most powerful group in the Divine Realm is the Foreign Races. The Winged Pegasus Clan is our ally, so we should send troops to help them. At the same time, we could also absorb the Winged Pegasus, this way they won't provide a problem for us in the future. We shouldn't be passive in this matter."

This was a Fox Beastman. The Fox tribe were famous for being sly. His words were representative of their nature. He first said that they were now the most formidable force in the Divine Realm. Although the Winged Pegasus were their ally, his words wanted to remind those present that they were now the rulers of the Divine Realm. It was time for them to expand.

After that, he also said that they should absorb the Winged Pegasus Clan. In other words, since they weren't part of the Foreign Races, then they might become their enemy in the future. Because of this, they need to make a move towards the other party first.

Although it was only a short string of words, it relayed many things. One could see from this point where the reputation of the Fox tribe being sly came from.

His words caused another burst of murmurs inside the room. After the Divines were dealt with, the Foreign Races found themselves with a inflated sense of confidence.

At this time, a Dwarf stood up and said, "I don't agree to sending troops. Everyone should be aware that the Winged Pegasus, the Thunder Clan, and the Barbarians were Mister Zhao Hai's first allies. Mister Zhao Hai had already taken the Thunder Clan and the Barbarians to another place, meanwhile, the Winged Pegasus Clan had been dragging on and refused to go. Because of this matter, Mister Zhao Hai even killed the Winged Pegasus Patriarch. It's impossible for Mister Zhao Hai to be unaware of the Winged Pegasus Clan's situation. It's also not possible for Mister Zhao Hai to not make a move despite knowing about this matter, this simply isn't his character. This only means that Mister Zhao Hai intended to refrain from sending troops, he has his own plan. If we rashly meddle in his business, then we might offend Mister. This wouldn't be good for the Foreign Races."

The Dwarf said a lot of words, he also pointed out the downside of meddling in this situation. From what he said, it can be seen that they had some connections inside the Winged Pegasus Clan, making them aware of the clan's matters. They knew that something must have happened between Zhao Hai and the Winged Pegasus Clan. If they dispatch troops at this time, then they might greatly offend Zhao Hai. There were a lot of people in this room that didn't want to offend Zhao Hai. This was because they had firsthand experience with Zhao Hai's fighting prowess.

At this time, another Beastman stood up and said, "What are we afraid of? Don't forget, we now have the Divine Realm's 12 ultimate weapons. This is an unprecedented degree of strength. So what if we offend Zhao Hai? He wouldn't be able to do anything to us."

This statement gave no consideration nor face to their previous alliance with Zhao Hai. However, there were a lot of people inside this hall who had the same idea in their mind, especially the Beastman and the Elves.

Then as a retort, another Dwarf stood up, "What are you talking about? Don't forget how much Mister Zhao Hai has helped us. But now, you're thinking about dealing with Mister Zhao Hai. You are being ungrateful!"

The Beastman coldly snorted and said, "Ungrateful? Did Zhao Hai really help us to deal with the Divine Race? Don't forget, he also has great hatred towards the Divine Race. Then after that, he only gave us the 12 ultimate weapons, the most important part, the Star Disk, he kept for himself. And why do you think he did this? It's because he didn't regard us as an ally from the beginning. Why should we be hospitable to such a person? Why would we be ungrateful if we decide to deal with him?"

The Dwarf replied, "No matter what, if not for Mister Zhao Hai, our Foreign Race wouldn't have conquered the Divine Realm. It would have been impossible for us to obtain 12 Ultimate Weapons. At the very least, we should feel some gratefulness towards him. We shouldn't be thinking about dealing with Mister Zhao Hai."

The Beastman sneered and said, "Is gratefulness really more important than the improvement of our race? This time, we'll be sending troops to the Winged Pegasus Clan in order to absorb them into our fold. This will strengthen the Foreign Races. With such a good opportunity, why shouldn't we send troops? Zhao Hai dealing with the Divines can be said to be his good will toward us. However, that wasn’t completely because he wanted to help us. He dealt with the Divines because he has enmity with them. If he really dealt with the Divines completely because of us, then I will be grateful. But now, hehe."

The Beastman said exactly what was inside Solomon's mind. Just like he said, they had no sense of gratefulness towards Zhao Hai. This was because, in their minds, Zhao Hai dealt with the Divines because they offended him. Him helping the Foreign Races was just a fortunate secondary result.

Chapter 985 – Shan Moves

Solomon, Leir, and Yerd were just sitting there as they listened to the ongoing argument. One could see from both sides of the argument that the Beastmen were on the side of sending troops to the Winged Pegasus Clan. Meanwhile, the Dwarves opposes the idea. This was also in line with the ideas of both Patriarchs of each race. On the other hand, the Elves stayed quiet. But from their expression, it seems like they were more inclined to the idea of sending troops.

Leir looked at his people and couldn't help but sigh deep inside. The Dwarven temperament is too straight. Because of this, they would always owe something to other people. Even the straightforward Beastmen had taken advantage of the Dwarves. After all, the Beastmen had people like the Fox tribe, meanwhile the Dwarves did not.

In Dwarven culture, grace was grace while enmity was enmity. Zhao Hai dealt with the Divine Race, and in the process helped the Foreign Races. Therefore, how could the Dwarves not acknowledge this contribution? This made Leir feel that the Beastmen were too shameless in their current action.

Solomon also felt terrible. Although Leir didn't express any opinions about this matter, the attitude of the Dwarves showed Leir's temperament. It seems like Leir didn't want to dispatch troops.

Solomon had some understanding with regards to Leir. He knew that Leir was very fond of Zhao Hai. It was because of this that Leir didn't want to participate in this action towards the Winged Pegasus Clan.

Yerd was also looking at the argument happening below. She couldn't help but frown since she knew the implications of this scene. At the same time, she can see the Beastman  race's dominant behavior. Although she resented such attitude, Yerd understood that the Foreign Races couldn't afford an internal fight. Once they split, then they wouldn't be able to dominate the entire Divine Realm.

The current Divine Realm no longer had the Divine Race, the strongest party occupying it right now were the Foreign Races. But if some internal discord happens within the Foreign Races, then the three races would be diverged. In this case, they wouldn't be able to suppress all of the vassal races.

Additionally, the vassal races had just separated themselves from the control of the Divines. If the Foreign Races wanted to suppress them and rule them at this time, then they would need unsurpassed strength. The vassal races surely wouldn't give up the freedom that they just gained.

It can be said that there was currently a power vacuum in the Divine Realm. And the Foreign Races were the best contender of occupying this void. Because of this, the Foreign Races needed to stay together.

After thinking about this and seeing that it was still noisy, Yerd made a soft cough. Although it wasn't very loud, everyone in the hall actually heard it. Almost at the same time, everyone inside the hall turned silent.

Yerd's identity was special with her being the Elven Race's Queen. At the same time, she was also the least spoken person among the three leaders. She seldom expresses her opinion. Generally, it would be Solomon or Leir who talked while Yerd would listen and would say some words during critical times. Regardless of Solomon or Leir, to them, Yerd's opinion was very important.

This time, Yerd actually intended to speak first. This was beyond everyone's expectations, which in turn made the entire hall extremely quiet.

After looking at everyone, Yerd said, "Everyone, arguing wouldn't solve anything. In my opinion,  we should send troops to the Winged Pegasus. This is also an opportunity to test Mister Zhao Hai's attitude. He said that he would leave the Divine Realm since he would ascend. If this is the case, then he wouldn't care about us sending troops. Otherwise, he would be lying. It's possible that he's the one who sent the attack to the Winged Pegasus Clan using these magic armors. These things didn't appear in the Divine Realm before. His attacking strength is formidable, so he may pose a threat to the Divine Realm. Our Foreign races need to survive. Therefore, we need to understand our enemies. And we need to dispatch our troops in order to do so."

Yerd spoke her thoughts one by one. As soon as he heard Yerd, Leir couldn't help but frown. He knows that sending troops this time was inevitable.

Then Yerd turned to look at Lier and said, "We need to dispatch troops and solve this matter at the shortest time. Therefore, I want four Supreme Elders to act along with 20 million troops. Among these four elders, two will come from the Elves while two will come from the Beastmen. The Dwarves doesn't need to send anyone. After all, we still need enough experts to defend the foreign race territory."

Yerd's words made Solomon's eyes turn bright.  He immediately understood why Yerd did this. Solomon was very much in favor to Yerd's approach.

Although Solomon loved being powerful, he wasn't a fool. He knew about the foreign races' situation. At this time, the Foreign Races couldn't afford any internal dispute. And it was for this reason why he didn't immediately say that they should send troops. Instead, he initiated a discussion between all three races.

However, Solomon didn't expect Yerd to be so formidable. Solomon thought that his plans would be ruined, but who would've thought that Yerd would provide a solution. Moreover, it was the best approach they could follow right now.

The Foreign Races would dispatch troops. And since the Dwarves didn't want to, then they wouldn't be forced. As the matter stands, how could the Dwarves oppose?

After thinking about this, Solomon turned to Leir. Upon meeting Solomon's eyes, Leir nodded and said, "I agree with Queen Yerd's suggestion." Solomon relaxed and nodded, "Alright, then we have reached a decision. We'll proceed to discuss which troops to send."

At this time, Zhao Hai was inside the Space looking at what was happening. When Zhao hai went to the foreign race territory, he also made maps for the Space. One shouldn’t forget that Zhao Hai didn't reach the Dwarven territory first. Instead, he actually arrived at the Beastman territory. At that time, Zhao Hai released his staff to map the Beastman territory. Because of this, he can now monitor the Foreign Races at will.

Laura and the others were sitting beside Zhao Hai. Their faces were scrunched up as the foreign races discussed which troops to send. Then Laura coldly snorted and said, "These group of ungrateful things. Brother Hai, we must teach them a lesson this time."

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, "Teach them a lesson? Why? Isn't this what we wanted? Now that they had dispatched troops, we will be able to see how the O'Neal family would deal with them. Presently, I'm afraid the magic armors wouldn't be able to deal with the Supreme Elders. When the time comes, the O'Neal family would surely send more formidable magic armors. We need to pay attention at that time."

Laura still coldly snorted and said, "We should still teach them a lesson. Aside from the Dwarves, I'm quite tired of looking at the smug faces of the Beastman and the Elves."

Zhao Hai slightly smiled and said, "Don't worry, that time will come for sure. However, that time isn't now. Don't worry about this anymore. Let's go tell Shan about the situation and then have them prepare."

Laura nodded before immediately calling Shan. She knew how useful the current situation would be for Shan. Now that the O'Neal family had invaded the Winged Pegasus Plane, the clan's impression of Shan underwent a subtle change. Shan would be able to make good use of Fenglei's request for help from the foreign races.

Shan was currently staying inside the Space without worry in the past two days. He intends to make his clansmen anxious. Otherwise, they would never appreciate what he has done for the clan.

At this moment, his messenger fish sounded out. Shan looked and saw that it was Zhao Hai's messenger fish. Shan immediately took the call and heard about the Foreign Races' troops from Laura.

Upon hearing Laura, Shan immediately knew what the Foreign Races intend to do. He didn't expect Fenglei to resort to such a drastic option.

Shan's face was ugly as he he put his messenger fish down. Then he turned to Speaker Fang, Fei'er, and Ding. They were currently inside Fei'er's villa and had also heard what Laura said.

Shan looked at Fei'er and the others as he smiled bitterly and said, "My clansmen really doesn't fail to make me worry. Fei'er, what do you think?"

Fei'er forced a smile, "I have some ideas, but I couldn’t meddle in this matter. Otherwise, it would only cause resentment from your people. I also feel that Mister told you this information so that you can make use of it."

Shan gently frowned. He understood what Fei'er wanted to say. However, he has no confidence in his clan. He can use this news but with his people's attitude towards him, who knows how much it would be valued.

Speaker Fang looked at Shan and said, "I think we could use this very well. With the O'Neal family's invasion, the tribe is now aware that we weren't lying. And now that Fenglei had asked the foreign races for help, the clansmen would surely resent him. Don't forget, we had just been liberated from the Divines. It wouldn't be long before our clan would oppose the control of the Foreign Races. Compared to the Foreign Races, our people would rather accept Mister Zhao Hai."

When he heard Speaker Fang, Shan's eyes lit up as he said, "Right, then we'll do that. This time, even if we can't get everyone to the Space, we can still find more ways for others to get in. Even those who wouldn't want to come will have to join in."

Chapter 986 – Acting Out A Play

Fengling's recent days weren't very well. She was a vegetable farmer selling her produce to the Speaker's mansion. During the time when Shan asked Zhao Hai to kill the Patriarch, she was enraged. She stopped supplying the mansion with food. Although this significantly reduced her profit, she didn't mind.

To Fengling, Shan asking Zhao Hai to kill the Patriarch was an act of betrayal. Because of this, she decided to go against what Shan stood for, to the point where she wouldn't give Shan any food to eat.

Although Shan said that there were invaders coming and the clan would need to shift to a safer place, Fengling was just like the other Winged Pegasus, she didn't believe.

But when the O'Neal family arrived, Fengling began to believe Shan's words. However, when she returned to the mansion, she discovered that it was devoid of people. Nobody knew where Shan and the others went.

Fengling began to feel regret. Because of this, she kept returning to the mansion every day. She was hoping to meet Shan and apologize. She also wishes for Shan to request Zhao Hai to help the Winged Pegasus to pass this time of difficulty.

However, in the following days, Shan didn't appear. Fengling soon began to feel despair. On this day, just as usual, she went to the mansion. The mansion was currently bleak, there was no sense of vitality in it whatsoever. This caused Fengling's mood to turn awful. She could still remember the time when the mansion was still very lively.

Fengling unconsciously began to walk throughout the mansion. At the same time, she thought back to how she treated Shan before. Fengling regretted her actions very much.

At this moment, Fengling suddenly heard people speaking inside the study room. Fengling stared for a moment before her face lit up with happiness. She immediately stepped forwards and went to the mansion's study.

There were no guards outside the study. Fengling slowly approached the door until she heard the words being spoken, "Speaker, is this true? Did Fenglei really ask the Foreign Races to rescue the clan?"

Fenglei could never forget Shan's voice. But what shocked her more was the content of the conversation. Fenglei asked the Foreign Races for help?

Although these seem to be ordinary words, it made Fengling think about the time when the Divines still ruled the Winged Pegasus Clan. Fenglei began to feel shock, then she continued listening.

At this time, it was Speaker Fang's voice who spoke, "It shouldn't be wrong. Mister Zhao Hai is currently not in the Divine Realm, so he didn't have the means to help us. However, he's still worried about the situation here. When you informed Mister that people had invaded the clan, he immediately wanted to come back. However, he became caught up with something, so he has no way to return. But Mister still had contacts within the Foreign Races. Mister Zhao Hai has some relationship with Bingya and the others. Now that the three of them have great status in their clan, they were able to find out that Fenglei had asked the Foreign Races for help."

Fengling was quietly listening. However, she lamented deep in her heart about two things. First was her prior prejudice against Shan, and the other was hatred for what Fenglei did.

Fengling had three children, and her eldest son was a Winged Pegasus soldier who died while fighting against the Divines. Because of this, Fengling deeply cherished the Winged Pegasus Clan. It was precisely because of this that Fengling opposed to entering the Space. This was because she thought that Zhao Hai would rule over them. She wouldn't allow her son's sacrifice to go in vain, this caused her opposition to be very strong.

However, it seems like Zhao Hai wanted to help the Winged Pegasus Clan from the very beginning. The only thing that Fengling knew was Zhao Hai killing the Winged Pegasus Patriarch. This caused her to dislike Zhao Hai as well as the idea proposed by Shan.

But even then, her resentment towards the Foreign Races was bigger. The Winged Pegasus were keen on education. Because of this, Fengling wasn't a fool who didn't understand anything. Upon hearing that Fenglei had asked the Foreign Races for help, she began to feel terrible. Wouldn't the foreign races use this opportunity to control the Winged Pegasus Clan?

Just as Fengling was thinking about this, Shan's voice was heard, "So what is the Foreign Races' response:? Are they going to send troops?"

Speaker Fang replied, "Yes. Bingya already told Mister that the foreign races are ready to dispatch troops. They would send four Supreme Elders as well as 20 million people."

Shan 'gawked', "Four Supreme Elders? What do they want to do? Rule the Winged Pegasus Clan?"

Speaker Fang replied, "The Foreign Races had already discussed it. Among the three races, only the Dwarves strongly opposed to this idea. This was because they knew about Mister Zhao Hai's good relationship with us. However, the Beastmen and the Elves supported sending troops. They want to do this in order to test Mister."

Shan proceeded to ask, "Test? What do you mean?"

Speaker Fang replied, "Right, test. Ever since Mister Zhao Hai helped them deal with the Divine Race, the Foreign Races began to believe that they are now the strongest in the Divine Realm. Moreover, they think that all other race should submit to them. However, they still haven't found a reason to move against the other races. At this moment, the Divine Realm is in a delicate state. All vassal races had just obtained their freedom. Because of this, the Foreign Races couldn't just rashly invade. Otherwise, they would risk being attacked by all vassal races. They would need a good excuse to make a move. But now, with Fenglei's request, the Foreign Races gained what they want, an excuse. And because of Mister Zhao Hai, the Foreign races entered a discussion. In the end, they decided to send troops. If they send troops and Mister Zhao Hai intervened, then they would just say that it was Fenglei who asked them for help. And if Mister Zhao Hai didn't arrive, then they would occupy our Winged Pegasus Plane. With their Supreme Elders present, it would almost be impossible for us to counter-attack. In the end, the Winged Pegasus Clan would turn into a vassal race for the foreign races."

Boom! Fengling's heart couldn’t help but jump upon hearing Speaker Fang. And just as she thought about this, Shan broke the table.[1]

Sure enough, Shan's angry voice was soon heard, "They dare! Mister Zhao Hai will not let them off!"

Speaker Fang replied with a hint of helplessness in his voice, "We have to accept that Mister couldn't take care of us forever. You should be aware that the 12 ultimate weapons are now in the hands of the Foreign Races. Even if it is Mister Zhao Hai, he still would have a hard to dealing with them. This time, the foreign races are just going according to Fenglei's request."

The room turned quiet for some time. Then after a short while, Shan sighed and said, "I really don't know what everyone in the clan is thinking. They don't know the current state of the Thunder Clan and the Barbarians inside Mister Zhao Hai's Space. The two clans doesn't need to worry about eating or drinking anymore. They can do whatever they want to do. I've already asked Fei'er whether Mister Zhao Hai meddled in their affairs. Fei'er told me that Mister Zhao Hai didn't do anything to them at all. They just went on like they used to. Why would everyone stay here and defend against the Foreign Races instead of living well inside Mister Zhao Hai's Space?"

Speaker Fang replied, "It is because of power. Yifei wants to be the King of the Winged Pegasus Clan and rule the entire Clan alone. So he fought heavily against entering the Space. Think about how many times you have asked him. Did he listen? In the end, you had to ask Mister Zhao Hai to kill him. You only thought of best for the clan. But after Yifei died, his camp still survived, falling under Fenglei's control. When I went to fight against the Divine Race, it was Yifei and Fenglei who went and won the Councilmen over. This caused me to be pushed out. At this point, I have no influence to stop them. This caused the Winged Pegasus Clan to be in a dire situation. We need to think of a solution to solve this."

Shan sighed and said, "I have the method to make the clan enter the Space, but they didn't enter. I've also asked the Thunder Clan and the Barbarians to help in these past few days. However, the Thunder Clan had been severely crippled by what happened before they entered the Space. On the other hand, the Barbarians have yet to settle inside. This made it impossible for them to dispatch troops. Now, our sole means is to convince our clansmen to enter the Space. However, the Clan doesn't listen to me. I've done all that I can."

Speaker Fang's voice replied, "Let's go inside the Space once more and see if the Barbarians could send troops. After all, this involves the life and death of the Winged Pegasus Clan."

Shan's reply came in, "Alright, let's give it another try." Then after that no other sound was heard.

At this time, Fengling opened the room's door. However, the only thing she saw was the broken table. Upon seeing nothing, Fengling couldn't help but feel regretful.

However, her eyes suddenly shone with light. She heard the conversation between Shan and Speaker Fang and came to know many things. More importantly, these information were very important for the Winged Pegasus Clan. She needs to spread this information to the others.

One shouldn't underestimate a woman's skill in spreading news. In less than one day, an entire city was able to hear rumors that the Foreign Race troops that were coming over weren't here to help them, instead it was to conquer the Winged Pegasus Clan. Even if Fenglei flew to this place, it was already too late to hide anything.

Moreover, the rumor was still spreading fast. This new wave of information expanded in all directions. In just a few days, all of the Winged Pegasus Clan knew about this matter.

But how could Fengling think that what she heard was just a play that Shan and Speaker Fang performed?

Again, Shan the table-destroyer
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