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Du Lei stood in front of the door of the stone hall, his face dark and uncertain. Many guards of the Dragon Lizard Clan were gathering around him. Most of them had relatively high realms.

"We must use our life energy to conceal the aura inside. We have to ensure that Singh can't find the commotion here!" After a while, Du Lei let out a low shout.

At this moment, Singh was in the area where the Dragon Lizard Clan accommodated the warriors from many clans. He was raking around and trying to use his Soul Consciousness to find the Heavenly Eye Clan members. He wanted to pull the murderers who killed the Earth Ghoul Tribe warriors out of their cave.

Du Lei knew that Forefather Dragon Lizard was trying his best to get rid of the Soul Clan's Soul Refining Cauldron. For the time being, he couldn't come out to solve this problem.

Now, they had to ensure that Soul Clan, Audrey, and the others were alright. Right when Singh began his search, he immediately came to this hall to take Shi Yan and Audrey out of Dragon Lizard Star.

However, Yvelines told him that Shi Yan and Audrey were cultivating and they were at the critical moment of their breakthrough. They couldn't be disturbed now.

Troubles came together. Du Lei had a terrible headache. He didn't have any solution better than calling the experts at his realm to this area.

"Du Lei, I heard that Forefather wants to attack Singh?" Di Feng, who was also at Second Sky of Immortal Realm, asked with a fierce, bloodthirsty countenance. "I've endured those bastards of the Earth Ghoul Tribe for long enough. If our Forefather has made up his mind, I'll be the first one to attack them!"

"Don't say such nonsense. We have to take care of the main business first! We can't let Singh discover this area. Otherwise, we can't answer Forefather's questions!" shouted Du Lei.

Di Feng threw a glance at the hall behind him and said disdainfully. "Will our Forefather be irritated because of the members of the Heavenly Eye Clan and the two kids at Incipient God Realm?"

"One of them has Dark Energy. He talked to Forefather. Forefather asked us to ensure that he won't get murdered!" Du Lei screamed. "Don't babble. Do it quickly. It'll be a lot of trouble if Singh comes here."

The warrior who controls Dark Energy?

The warriors of the Dragon Lizard Clan at Immortal Realm became bewildered from listening to Du Lei. They turned around to look at the door of the room Shi Yan and Audrey were cultivating in, their faces odd.

Right after that, the Immortal Realm experts put on serious faces when the life energy emitted from their bodies like mist that naked eyes could observe. Slowly, that mist shrouded the entire stone hall.

Du Lei's team was using their life energy to create a barrier that could prevent Singh's Soul Consciousness from searching.

They had to do that because their realm wasn't great enough to prevent Singh from searching. If they wanted to stop him, they had to use their life energy with their Second Sky of Immortal Realm.

After they had successfully set up the barrier, they all looked weak, sitting and guarding the stone hall.

The other members of the Dragon Lizard Clan stood and waited, protecting their precursors. They were afraid of an unexpected situation.

Now, Singh took his Soul Clan warriors and moved around the accommodations of the other clans on Dragon Lizard Star. They had created a loud commotion, indeed. He had used his Third Sky of Immortal cultivation base to check around and search the members of the Heavenly Eye Clan.

Singh didn't really want to take revenge for Barago. He wanted to find the Fascinating Divine Eye, Tu Shi Qi and his wife from the Mysterious Sky Clan.


Inside the stone hall.

The members of Heavenly Eye Clan Yvelines, Adams, and Masha were sitting in a triangular formation right in front of Shi Yan's door. They were also alertly waiting as they were very afraid that someone would disturb them at a critical moment.

Inside the training chamber, soul energy twirled around Audrey with many soul filaments. Her body reflected brilliant illusions.

A flow of pure soul energy circled her for a while and then slowly entered her soul altar.

Her mental state slowly steadied. Her God power Ancient Tree was filled with surging energy. Then, dim light rays emitted from her body and made her illusory.

Shi Yan was sitting across the yard. His body was flashing continuously. Brutal energy shot out from his body. When he reached the Immortal Realm, negative energy in his acupuncture points discharged to keep his body clean. Wisps of negative energy hovered and scattered around the training yard.

When Audrey urged her power Upanishad, the wisps of her soul also fluttered. When they contacted with the negative energies, they became restless and uneasy, so they began to swallow the beams of negative energy.

The departed souls and spirits she got became more sinister and brutal after they absorbed Shi Yan's negative energy. Audrey's soul altar was also affected by Shi Yan's aura. She could feel a deeper connection with him.

Time flew hurriedly.

Inside Shi Yan's head, besides the Primal Chaos Scared Flame, the other flames were fusing with each other and turning into a vast sea of fire.

The wonders of chilly to the bone coldness, flashing lightning appeared one after another on Shi Yan's body. It looked like he had mastered many different power Upanishads.

When Shi Yan's heaven flames finally fused, a burning light column shot out of Shi Yan's head and rocketed into the sky.

The dome above the training court burned and melted. The heaven flame shot up into the sky and burned a hole on the barrier that Du Lei's team had used their life energy to create. The heaven flame continued to burn the cave and got out, shooting into the sky.


Water Tribe's accommodation.

A scorching flame shot out of the lake where they stayed.

Yuan Mo changed his visage. Many members of the Water Tribe around were panic-stricken. They gathered as they didn't know what had just happened.

The voluptuous, masked woman of the Phantom Clan emerged like a spirit above the lake. Her dark eyes gazed at the scorching light column. "What a formidable Original Flame! Only Absolute Beginning creatures could control the Original Flame. What's going on? Has something magical happened to Forefather Dragon Lizard?"

She pondered for a while and then shook her head. She mumbled, "Nope. It's not true. Lizard didn't cultivate Original Flame, and Original Flame can't be inherited. How could he get it?"

She was frightened when a possibility popped up in her mind. "Is there another Absolute Beginning creature on this planet?"

Her beautiful eyes were surprised as she said. "You guys stay here. I'm going there to check. This situation is strange, indeed!"

Yuan Mo nodded.

At the same time, Singh was down because he couldn't find the Heavenly Eye Clan members after searching for a long time. When the heaven flame column pierced through the barrier and shot through the lake of the Water Tribe, Singh was hovering above a cluster of clouds made of departed souls and ghosts. His eyes brightened immediately and he laughed evilly.

He immediately stormed to the stone hall.


The lava pond underground.

Forefather Dragon Lizard and Tu Shi Qi also felt a tremendous commotion. Tu Shi Qi closed his eyes to sense for a while. He got frightened immediately. "It's that kid's aura. However, it's obviously the Absolute Beginning creature's Original Flame!"

"How could it be?" Ya Yun was dumbstruck. "He refined Desolate, didn't he?"

"I don't know," Tu Shi Qi forced a smile. He didn't understand it, either.

Although Forefather Dragon Lizard didn't know much about Dark Energy, his precursor was Lizard, so his understanding of the Absolute Beginning creatures was much more profound than Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun's. He contemplated and then confirmed. "It's a soul wisp of the Absolute Beginning creature fused with his Soul Seal to create a second soul. His second soul has some magical powers of the Absolute Beginning creatures!"

"I think all the experts on the Dragon Lizard Clan have recognized such a tremendous commotion. Singh will come soon. What should we do now?" asked Ya Yun.

"Are you okay?" Tu Shi Qi looked at Forefather Dragon Lizard.

Suddenly, Forefather Dragon Lizard burst out laughing crazily. "It's time for a festival. You guys are going to witness me change Dragon Lizard Star!"

Then, the screeching and howling that could shake the entire place came from the scorching lava pond.

From outer space, Dragon Lizard Star was like a massive throbbing heart. So many pieces of broken stars and asteroids began to move. The entire Dragon Lizard Star was like a giant magic cube that was changing continuously. An area suddenly emerged as if some force had dragged it up.

The massive pits where the third-class and second-class alien tribes lodged scattered around Dragon Lizard Star where there were previously intact asteroids. Now, they were detaching from Dragon Lizard Star as if the planet was dissolving.

From the Sea Domain of Nihility's point of view, Dragon Lizard Star was like a globe where everything on it was moving. Dragon Lizard Star slowly became a flat continent.

It was now a flat continent created by so many broken stars and asteroids!

The members of different clans staying in different areas now emerged on different sections of the continent, which all faced the palace in the center.

The light column of the Original Flame shot out from that palace. Du Lei's team was still guarding the front of the stone hall.

However, they all grimaced.

"Sigh, Forefather has chosen this moment to hold the festival. I don't know what he has in his mind. When Dragon Lizard Star turns into a continent, it can't hide anything. Our whereabouts are exposed. Singh will come here soon," Du Lei forced a smile.

He knew that Dragon Lizard Star wasn't a real planet. It was formed by countless pieces of broken asteroids. When Forefather Dragon Lizard's real body had some commotion, the entire star shook. When he moved the pieces of broken stars and asteroids to turn Dragon Lizard Star into Dragon Lizard Continent, it was the time of the festival and the worshipping of an ancestor.

However, his timing wasn't right. Right now, the warriors of the second-class and third-class clans had seen the Original Flame in the center so they were congregating.

Those warriors had sensed the Absolute Beginning creature from that Original Flame. They were so excited and they stormed like clouds of grasshoppers. They were so curious.

The woman of the Phantom Clan wanted to get deeper into the lake to check what was going on down there. However, when the entire planet changed, she came with the members of the Water Tribe to the stone hall. Her beautiful eyes shot out strange light.

"The aura of the Absolute Beginning creature! Haha, it's the aura of the Absolute Beginning creature!" Singh roared. His body floated above the massive mountain made of souls and ghosts as he stormed forward and stumbled people in his way.

"The members of the Heavenly Eye Clan are there too! Excellent! I want to see how you can hide now!"

He walked to Du Lei's team, his face dark and sinister. He looked at the ground and shouted, "Hey old friend Dragon Lizard, the earth and sky are shaking. You should come out and watch! Yeah. I want to know if you still consider me your friend."

"Friend? Haha, you're a really good friend!"

Forefather Dragon Lizard's voice was like thunder that came with tremors. His clone appeared with a red face and waves of terrifying energy.

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