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Chapter 407 “The Visitor from North Qing”

Ever since the death of Nie Feng Hang and Ye Huang Yu, the entire Tiger Wolf Army have thrust into a grief ridden atmosphere. Therefore, to find the pair back again safe and sound, it’s not hard to imagine how immensely grateful they are to see this outcome.

“General, Ye Huang, it’s so great to see both of you back with us.” Several of the captains were crying like children’s in order to express their emotions. In particular was Chen Zhong (chipped teeth). To show his happiness, he actually went ahead and hugged the general and woman without realizing he’s made a huge mistake.

Taking this warm scene in, Ling Yue can finally drop the baggage in her heart. She can tell her mother was very happy right now. But more than that, the girl can also see something has truly changed inside her mother. It wasn’t just the double-headed python that’s been removed today, the pain that’s been plaguing the woman for all these years have truly been removed.

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Perhaps, maybe this time upon their return to the capital, Ling Yue might just hear the grand news of the pair being wed!


How did it become like this…. Those that should be dead is alive, and those that should be alive is now dead. And to make this even more damning, they also got the head of the double-headed python!

Despite the final examination confirming the snake was in fact not a true peak level creature of the ninth rank, it’s still a ninth rank nevertheless!

Now combining all the merits accumulated thus far by Ye Huang Yu, this woman in disguise have officially earned enough points to warrant a position as a general. Regardless of how unwilling Hong Fang was, he had no choice but to personally pen a letter to the Court, asking them to bestow the position upon his enemies.

Sure enough, a few days later the reply finally came. According to the will of the king, Nie Feng Hang and Ye Huang Yu are to return to the capital immediately for their reward while Hong Feng remains in the Northwest in search of Xia Hou Hong’s corpse.

This edict definitely sent a huge blow to Hong Fang’s mental wellbeing. The order may not have been direct, but anyone can see the king had no intention of letting him return anytime soon and was likely very angry too. After all, the prince may be a sicko in and out, but he’s still the king’s son on the surface.

With everything set in order, sending her mother away and the village safe, Ling Yue and her group soon returned to Moon City with the snake carcass in toe. However, the good atmosphere didn’t last long because Hong Fang’s men had coming knocking again.

“What? The people of North Qing’s Dan Palace is demanding the carcass of the ninth rank python? So I’m supposed to just give it up because they ask for it? What kind of rule is this?” Ling Yue was very upset with the order.

Sadly, no matter how unwilling they were, none can refuse the Dan Palace. Like the Alchemist Tower of Da Xia, that was the gathering hub of all the alchemists in North Qing, thus making it only slightly inferior to the royal family. Take the king of Da Xia for example, even he would be forced to keep up a face in front of those people, let alone Hong Fang who was a coward in front of the strong.

And there’s also the excuse they used to make the demand.

According to the ambassador of the Dan Palace, this ninth rank python was in fact a pet raised by them and has been constantly fed with numerous medicine herbs of exceptional quality. If not for the feeder making a mistake a month ago and allowing the snake to escape, there’s no way Ling Yue would’ve been able to slay the creature in the first place. Or so that’s what they claim anyways.

“Ambassador, thank you for your understanding! Please, allow me to apologize for the Dan Palace’s loss.” Warm in his reception, Hong Fang was in every way a dog right now. Sadly for this man, not even that was enough to save his face when the reporting soldier rushed in to bring him the big bad news. “WHAT! How ridiculous. She is but a Chief Alchemist of some city, how dare she refuse my order.”

Not missing anything from the conversation, the ambassador also chimes in: “General, is there a problem with retrieving the python’s carcass?”

“No Ambassador, there’s just a little issue I need to iron out, nothing major. Remember when I told you about who killed the Dan Palace’s python? It’s that very same girl. That vile witch actually have the audacity to refuse the request. I will definitely report her to the Court for this.”

Since Nie Feng Hang and Ye Huang Yu are no longer around in the Northwest, this bastard figured it’s the perfect opportunity to clean the girl up.

Since Hong Fang was the master here, it’s only normal that he be embarrassed by the display. After all, his authority was being challenged right in front of his guest.

Slamming the table, he roars out: “Chief Yue, you got quite the nerve there. You actually dare to refuse the Dan Palace’s request when they are willing to overlook your crime of murdering the creature. Know your place!”

“It’s you who said it Commander, I didn’t say that.” Casting her eyes around, Ling Yue’s sight soon fell upon the elderly alchemist sitting across the table.

A nine cauldron alchemist! So it’s as the rumors says, a simple ambassador from the Dan Palace is already at this level. No wonder our Da Xia is so frowned upon in the north.

However, that’s not what this elderly alchemist was most focused on, it’s the fact that Ling Yue managed to incur a Dan dragon miracle with the Blood Cauldron a while back. And from further investigation, he’s gotten word from his sources that the original family whom raised her was also of the Ye name!

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