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Published at 23rd of March 2020 09:35:07 AM
Chapter 999: 999

Upon seeing this, and hearing what she said, the Third Young Master looked helpless: “I, I had sent a messenger to take the news to second brother, he should arrive home today . Second brother has many ideas, he will surely be able to come up with a plan . ”

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Over here, he was comforting his mother in the room, upon seeing this sudden mutation, he hadn’t known how to respond . He had originally sent someone to ask his second brother to come home because he was taken advantage of and hoped that his second brother would come up with a plan to help him take revenge . However, he had not expected to get beaten up the day before and today something like that would happen to his mother .

There were sounds of constant crying coming from the Western Courtyard and the mood was low-spirited . On the other side was another family from the same city, Song Ming’s mother clan . After his grandfather and the rest of them had received the information from the Black Market and read through it, their faces were like thunder and sent someone to the Song family house .

Song Ming’s mother clan was also a large family clan in the city . Although it was not comparable to the Song family’s status in the Eight Great Empires, their power and status in the city was now low either .

That’s why the second wife had been unable to become the main wife after over ten years and her son was just a child of a concubine . Now that they have found out what had happened years ago, they were extremely angered and had brought men to the Song family home .

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Because they were people from the eldest Young Master Song’s mother clan, and were related to the Song family . Therefore, even though he had barged in angrily with men in tow, the doorman was unable to stop them .

“Where is that woman? Get her out!” The one leading was Song Ming’s mother-in-law’s father, also his grandfather, the elder of the Liu family . Ever since he had abdicated his position, he hadn’t been this angry in a long time .

Almost immediately after they had entered the Song Residence, Song Ming’s personal servant ran to the Southern Courtyard to inform the Eldest Young Master who was locked up .

The housekeeper of the Song Residence and a few other people saw that the situation seemed serious and also went off to inform their Master, the Elder and Clan Elder . After all, even the Elder of the Liu family had come out, something must be wrong .

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However, the Eldest Young Master hadn’t caused any trouble, so why were they so angry? They looked like they could kill, what on earth happened?

“Go to the Western Courtyards and bring that woman out here!” Elder Liu sat in the front hall and instructed his son, the head of the Liu family, the two Nascent Soul cultivators and four elders that had come with him .

Upon hearing the news, the head of the Song family had come rushing out and saw his father-in-law and brother-in-law with angry faces sat in the hall . Even the few Elders from the Liu clan had come, he couldn’t help but be surprised . He quickly bowed courteously to Liu Elder and his father-in-law .

“Father-in-law, what’s the matter?” He asked with a puzzled expression .

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Old Master Liu’s face was somber as he slammed his hand heavily onto the table and glared at him angrily: “The so called good woman that you have!”

Master Song was startled by the sound of his hand slamming the table, and before he had time to recover from his shock, he heard those words and asked in confusion: “What does father-in-law mean? What’s happened?”

“What’s happened? Don’t you know what’s happened? If someone hadn’t sent the information to us, we wouldn’t have known what had happened over ten years ago!”

Old Master Liu scolded as he retrieved the information from within his sleeve and threw it right in front of him: “I want to hear what explanation you Song family have to say for yourselves today!”

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