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Published at 23rd of March 2020 09:35:07 AM
Chapter 996: 996

After Duan Ye and Ning Lang took a quick look at Feng Jiu, they came to the table and sat down . They ate the breakfast she brought back while pondering .

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Going to the Song family to watch the bustle? What would she do there?

Full of curiosity, they ate breakfast much faster . After finishing their breakfast in haste, they wiped their mouths and stood up . “We’re done eating, let’s go!”

Feng Jiu patted Cloud Swallowing Beast’s head and stroked its soft fur . When she heard the two, she glanced at them and saw them standing up with their gazes directed toward her . She smiled . “Don’t be so anxious, sit down! I’ll take your pulse to see your condition after taking the medicine . ”

Hearing this, they immediately sat down and stretched out a hand to put on the desk . She put her fingers on their pulse . Looking at the fair and slim fingers, their hearts stirred .

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Why was her hand so thin and so fair? The pointed fingers were just like the delicate lily-white hands of a woman .

They didn’t dare show their thoughts on their faces . If they said that she had a pair of women’s hands, they thought she would get angry . After all, no men would be willing to be regarded as a woman .

Feng Jiu took their pulses . After some time, she retracted her hand and nodded . “Mm, the toxin is originally latent and will not burst out at once, so it is easier to clear it up . ”

She moved her sleeves and took a medicine bottle out of the space and poured out two pills . “Here are two Blood Clearing pills . You can take them before going to bed tonight . ”

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They reached out and took the pills . Duan Ye put one away, while Ning Lang took a pill in his hand and asked, “Can’t I eat it now? Isn’t the effect faster if I’m taking it now? ”

“You just took the potion in the morning . You can’t take them together, so they won’t repel each other . You can take it before going to bed tonight . ” While speaking, she looked up at the sky outside and smiled . “Let’s go! It should be about time . ”

So, the three people and one beast went to the Song mansion .

At the same time, in the West Courtyard of the Song Mansion, the Song family head woke up in the early morning and instinctively touched the person in his arms . The fragrant and warm fine jade was in his arms which should have felt very comfortable, however, he seemed to touch something parched and rough . He was stunned, opened his eyes in doubt, and looked down at the person in his arms . The sight scared him to exclaim in shock .

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While screaming, he jumped out of bed instinctively . He got out of bed with a cloth wrapped around his waist with a frightened and horrified expression . His face, which was usually dignified, was filled with shame and rage .

“Who are you! Get out!”

The woman on the bed woke up startled and looked bewilderedly at the person who stood in front of the bed and glared at her . With a confused voice, she asked, “Master, what’s the matter?”

However, as soon as the voice came out, even she was stunned . She opened her mouth and instinctively lowered her head . At this time, when her gaze caught sight of the wrinkly skin on her hands, she immediately screamed .


The sharp voice carried panic and fear as well as incredulity . Her eyes were wide open and her body trembled uncontrollably . She looked at her hands, stretched them out to touch her face and the white hair that fell on her cheek .

“How, how can this happen? How could this be? ” She crawled out of bed in panic and came to the dresser .

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