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Published at 21st of February 2020 10:50:07 PM
Chapter 938: 938

“You are a Foundation core cultivator and so won’t be able to catch the peak level sacred beast by yourself . I assume that you would have had at least two Nascent Soul cultivators accompanying you?”

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Upon hearing this, Duan Ye was shocked and asked warily: “You can see my cultivation level?”

“Yes I can! Why wouldn’t I be able to?”

“How is that possible?” He couldn’t believe it .

She grinned and reached out to pat him: “Why not? My cultivation level is higher than yours to begin with anyway . ”

“Higher than me? Can it be possible that you are at the Golden Core stage?” He sneered and eyed Feng Jiu up and down: “Great Spirit Master peak level?”

“Hahaha!” She laughed: “It’s been concealed by me, otherwise it’s too conspicuous . ”

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“Don’t tell me that you are a Golden Core cultivator . ” As soon as he had spoken, he saw Feng Jiu smiling like a fox and couldn’t help but exclaim: “You’re really a Golden Core cultivator? How is that possible?”

“Low-key, low-key . ” Her eyes narrowed as she smiled: “You can just pretend that I am a peak level Great Spirit Master . I’ve only just advanced into the Golden Core stage in the last few days . ”

As he looked at Feng Jiu’s complacent expression, Duan Ye’s mouth pouted as he asked: “Are you really from a Seventh Grade Country? Have the cultivation levels of the people from Seventh Grade Countries become so abnormal?”

His cultivation level within the Second Grade Countries was already ranked at the top, but this guy was even better than him and he only looked like he was a year or two older than him . And he has already condensed his core?

He nudged the young boy beside him with his elbow: “We’ve chatted for so long, but you still haven’t told me your name . ”

“Feng Jiu . ” She said with a smile .

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“Feng Jiu? Are you the ninth sibling?”

The corner of her mouth raised as she replied: “Who stipulates that if you’re called Feng Jiu it means that you’re number nine? My name is just Feng Jiu . ”

“It’s not very nice . ” He frowned as he replied .

She glanced at him silently then patted the dirt off her robes and stood up .

“Are you leaving?” Duan Ye asked hurriedly .

Feng Jiu glanced at him and asked: “Do you know Hell Mountains?”

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“Hell Mountains? I’ve heard of it, but never been before . It is said that the Hell Mountains here is connected to the Hell Forest in the Eight Great Empires . There are treasures everywhere but it is also very dangerous . Moreover, people from the Eight Great Empires go there to practice sometimes . ”

When he finished speaking, he looked at Feng Jiu, his baby-face dignified as he asked: “Why are you asking about this out of the blue? Don’t tell me you have nothing better to do and want to go and take a look . ”

“You’ve guessed it . I do want to go and take a look and practice a bit too . That’s why I want to gather a few people to go there together . Do you dare come with me?” She frowned as she looked at him .

He stared at Feng Jiu and exclaimed: “Do you not care for your life? No one has heard of a Golden Core cultivator entering that place and leaving alive before . Very few of us here would dare to enter . ”

“Others may not dare, but it doesn’t mean that I won’t dare! So I’m asking you, do you dare to come with me?”

She stared at him, she had no intention of telling him that she was a Two Star Academy teacher . She had only intended to abduct him and go to that place to practice on the way . She felt that even if your strength would not have improved after leaving that place, at the very least your skills and resilience would have improved . After a year’s time, she would then just bring the students back and that would be enough .

As Duan Ye thought about it, his baby-face wrinkled up . After a long time, he finally asked: ” Just the two of us?”

When she heard this, Feng Jiu laughed and looked at him meaningfully: “Of course not, we are still short of three people . ”

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