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Published at 10th of February 2020 10:35:06 AM
Chapter 901: 901

The students from the other academies didn’t move . However, the students from the Three Star Academies came out when they saw those students surrounded . The breath from each one of them was pulsing: “What? Want to compete? Okay! We are also itching for a fight!”

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“Okay, shall we go out to the empty field?” Feng Jiu said with a crooked smile . She had never been one to be afraid of a fight .

“Okay, let’s take a look and see what you Six Star Academy students are made of!” The students from the Three Star Academy said cooly and turned around to go to the field outside . The rest of the students also followed suit .

When the students who had been sat down chatting saw this, they also gathered around to watch the show .

Nie Teng glanced sharply at the students and stepped forward: “How do you want to fight?”

Ouyang Xiu also had a cold expression . He was not going to allow others to bully them . It was just a fight after all, he’s not afraid .

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Xiao Yihan was excited . He had long wanted to compete against Three Star Academy students and see what was different between them .

The others also felt the same, they wanted to use this opportunity to test their strengths and find out how good these Three Star Academy students were .

It was only Feng Jiu who was itching for a fight . She didn’t care what stage they were at . No matter how strong they were, they wouldn’t be a match for a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator . She only wanted to move her limbs at this point and give these people a warning . She believed that after this fight, no one would dare cause any trouble for them .

So what if they were from a Six Star Academy? Who stipulated that students from Three Star Academies were stronger than them? Well, maybe their strength was quite good . Aside from the last few of the ten of them, the top five were pretty good too .

When she heard Nie Teng’s question about how they want to fight, she couldn’t help but smirked as she glanced at him: “Do you still need to ask them how to fight? Of course it will be a scuffle . The quicker we finish fighting, the earlier we can go back to rest . We can’t possible fight them one on one slowly . ”

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Her lips were upturned as she twisted her fist, and she shouted: “Doesn’t matter how we fight, as long as we defeat them!”


One of the Three Star Academy students hadn’t expected Feng Jiu to attack out of the blue and was caught off guard . Bam, he got punched in his eye and staggered backwards .

He held his hot, painful eye and glared at Feng Jiu: “You rascal, it was a sneak attack!”

Feng Jiu snorted and beamed with pride: “What sneak attack? I was standing right in front of you when I punched you . You can’t blame me if your reaction is too slow . ”

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“Hateful!” The student shouted angrily and rushed forward with his fists out .

Upon seeing this, the others also joined in the scuffle . In an instant, the empty field was overrun by them . Loud yells and sounds of fists bashing, followed by yells of pain . The students watching were stunned by the scene .

Because this wasn’t a regulated fight, fists were bashing about wildly, where one punched, another kicked . Someone had even grabbed hold of another student’s leg . Some of them also bashed their faces together . Onlookers were dumbfounded .


“Hey! Damn it! Who kicked my ass?”

“Ssss, look before you punch! Don’t hit your own people!”

“Ah! Dammit! You rascal, stop hitting my face!”

Feng Jiu was beating up a Three Star Academy student, he wasn’t able to retaliate and could only use his hands to protect his face .

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