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Published at 13th of January 2020 02:40:49 PM
Chapter 849

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Little Hell's Lord glanced at her and said: "He just wants me to tell you not to fool around and be rid of those rotten peach blossoms . Don't let them hang around you so much and don't get too close to men . "

Feng Jiu was stunned for a moment, then she laughed: "Little rascal, do you know what rotten peach blossoms are?"

He turned away without speaking .

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"Okay, let me tell you, you can go anywhere you like within the palace . If you want to go out of the palace to play, you need Leng Shuang or Leng Hua to accompany you . Don't run around by yourself and get taken by traffickers . "

"What about you? What are you going to do?" He asked, frowning slightly .

"There is an Alchemy Conference in March in Yi County, I heard that the prizes are very generous . While I am home, I am going to use the opportunity to refine a pill and take it to the conference to participate . "

She smiled as she continued speaking: " I will go back to Feng Residence to refine the pills . Do you want to stay in the palace or come back with me? But let me make it clear, I won't have time to look after you in Feng Residence, and you can't disturb me while I am practising alchemy . "

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"Well, I will go back to Feng Residence with you . " He replied .

"Okay, I will go and let Daddy know and we will leave shortly . " She took his hand and walked towards the palace hall .  

In the following days, it was as Feng Jiu had said, she was immersed in her alchemy work . However, Little Hell's Lord hadn't disturbed her as he was also cultivating . In a blink of an eye, half a month had passed by .  

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On this day, the fifteenth of the month, a loud bang had sounded from Feng Jiu's alchemy room . The strong aroma of medicine spread through the air .  

After the air flow had dissipated, she took the three elixirs from the alchemy room and looked at them . Two of them were brownish-red, the patterns and the spirit breath were within that or a normal elixir . It was not quite a fifth grade elixir, because it was in fact not a fifth grade elixir . The other elixir was an orangey red pill . The scent of the pill was completely different from what was recorded in the elixir recipe . She tested the elixir with a silver needle . Once the needle touched the elixir, it had turned a weird black colour .  

"Very poisonous?" She was dumbfounded . The recipe used was the same, how did one of them become poisonous? Bewildered, she kept the pill away carefully and placed it into space with other poisonous pills .  

"The fifth grade elixir has been refined according to the recipe . . . But I wonder if the effects are as magical as said . " She looked at the pill as she murmured to herself, her eyes full of curiosity .

She had found the fifth grade elixir recipe in space and not left to her by her master . It had belonged to the original owner of that space . She was surprised that she had been able to refine the elixir by following the steps of the recipe within two months .  

"Those who have spiritual roots are able to cultivate to become immortals . The spiritual roots were passed down the generations of the immortal families . Ordinary people who want to possess spiritual roots were one in ten thousand . If the Five Elements Pill is just as described in the recipe, then it really is an elixir with infinite value . "

She was extremely excited and kept the elixir then walked out of her alchemy room . She saw Leng Shuang organising the medicinal herbs in the courtyard and asked: "Leng Shuang, where is Leng Hua? Tell him to come here now . "

Leng Hua stopped what she was doing and looked at Feng Jiu: "Leng Hua is outside . Mistress, sit down and have a rest while I go and call for him . "

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