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Published at 9th of January 2020 07:35:07 AM
Chapter 844

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Feng Jiu smiled gently . "Grandmother, be at ease, it's nothing . Only, the fetal position is not right and the umbilical cord is wrapped around the child's neck . Even if it is to shift, I'm afraid it will be too late . I have a way . I want to give you a Caesarean section to help take out the child . "

Su Xi didn't comprehend at all what Caesarean section was . At this time, her head was muddy . She was so tired that she couldn't even open her eyes . However, she knew that she meant that the child could survive, so she agreed . "It's alright, as long as the child can survive . "

After she got her consent, Feng Jiu cut a piece of thousand-year-old ginseng from the space and let her hold it in her mouth . Then she dismissed all the people in the room . When she heard Leng Shuang coming back, Feng Jiu asked her to come in and lend her aid .

Seeing that Feng Jiu let the midwives and palace maids out, the Old Patriarch and Feng Xiao had no idea what she was going to do, but they put their trust in her and didn't ask . They just waited outside uneasily and nervously .

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"Grandfather . " Feng Jiu stood at the door and looked at him .

"Little Feng, how are things?" Old Patriarch Feng promptly inquired .

"Grandfather, I'm going to give my grandmother a Caesarean section, which is to take the baby out of her stomach . " She said . It's normal in modern times, but here it sounded a little scary .

Hearing this, his face turned white and beads of sweat, as big as a pea, dripped from his forehead . He asked nervously, "What, what? Caesarean section? Take the baby out of your stomach? Can the adult stay alive?"

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"She can stay alive . " She smiled, speaking gently . These simple words came out of her mouth, calming the old man's heart .

"If she can stay alive, do it . Grandfather trusts you . " Even if he had never heard of it, as long as she said Su Xi could live, she would surely live!

Feng Jiu nodded and explained that nobody could go in until she came out . Then, she returned to the room and started the surgery to cut the abdomen open .

With the piece of thousand-year-old ginseng to replenish her strength, Su Xi, who was about to fall into a coma, returned to consciousness . She only sensed that Feng Jiu made her drink some medicinal liquid and then her body couldn't move . She was just lying there, unconscious, but was still clear-headed .

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In her ear, a faint voice was heard . Feng Jiu was asking her, what's the name of the baby after it's born? What's the nickname? Did she prefer a boy or a girl?

Su Xi could not see what Feng Jiu was doing, only knew that she was busy . But she still looked at her from time to time, showing a smile of encouragement . Unaware of the passage of time, Su Xi had no idea how long the time had passed . In a trance, she seemed to hear the sound of a baby crying . After hearing the sound, she fell into a coma and lost consciousness


In the deep of the night, just before midnight, a loud baby cry spread in the night . It broke the heavy atmosphere in the palace and brought a gleam of hope and a touch of joy . . .

Outside, when he heard the crying of the baby, the old man was stunned . He grabbed Feng Xiao's hand, and his body trembled slightly: "It's born . . . it's born . . . Su Xi has given birth to a child . . . "

As soon as his surprised and excited voice fell, he thought of Su Xi and then quickly stepped forward to have a look . However, before he went in, Feng Xiao pulled him .

"Father, don't be anxious . Little Jiu said to wait until she comes out . We can't get in . "

"Yes, yes . Little Feng said that we can't go in . We can't go in . " He walked around anxiously and nervously, expecting the door to open .

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